Why Every Household Needs an Emergency Supplies Pack Ready?

Here in our country, we are vulnerable to natural and environmental disasters like earthquake, flash floods, fire, and volcano eruptions. All these and other factors in our community which to say most of us find it hard to cope because of lack of essential things needed at home or not prepared on this situation.

Question is, how prepared are you? I believe storing emergency packs at home is now essential part of our family to be safe in every situation. And it is true that if you’re in panic situation you won’t be able to put things in order and might neglect choosing what needs to be in your emergency bag. Black out might be experience and causing water interuptions. Home will not be safe for you especially when you have children and possible evacuation during extreme weather conditions and you all may suffer from serious injuries where emergency bags are most needed for immediate treatment and attention to needs.

Glad I found Lifekit, sharing stories behind this product and company:

What is Lifekit? They are the Trusted Brand of Survival Kits. The Preferred Choice of Both International and Local Corporations, Organizations and Establishments.
Lifekit’s Mission: They hope to be able to do our part in helping to save both the lives of your loved ones and the life of your very own. Nothing else in the world matters more than that.
Man Behind Lifekit:
Sir Eric Yam, Founder & Project CEO at LifeKit. He is very passionate about helping other people through managing Lifekit and he really have a heart for every Filipinos. During his first visit in Manila he saw and had an experience with Yolanda Typhoon which killed too many lives not to think of the physical damage to our country. Sir Eric helps private and many government organizations promoting to have an emergency kit at home as well as in workplace. And having survival kit ready is one of the first step forward preparing for any emergencies. 

Please take a look below product Lifekit offers: They have every bag for every situation that will surely beneficial for you and for your family, or employee. 

Basic Bag for First Aid Kit Preparedness


FA BASIC KIT   Fire Preparedness Bag


GP Sling Kit for Earthquake, Survival & General Preparedness Sling Bag

Flood & Typhoon Preparedness Float Kit


FP SOLO KIT for Fire Preparedness

What makes them unique among others?

  • For every kit or bag you’ll get, there is an extra pouch that you can use for anything important that you need to add especially for documents.
  • You get what your money’s worth, anything inside the bag is functional.
  • Lifekit packs are cheaper compare to others yet quality of item is not compromised.
  • They are prompt answering all your queries.
  • Great customer support 🙂

Grab your LifeKit Pack now:

Facebook Page

Address:  G/F Savana Commercial Building 3, Venecia St., cor. Metropolitan Avenue, Brgy Sta. Cruz (10.85 mi) Makati 1203

Highlights info row image 0917 890 5030

Contact Person: Christopher Santos, OPERATIONS Manager– LifeKit

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