This is how every Mom and a Woman should fight!

When we are in pain, we should deal with it. Cry if we have to. Find ways to recover. If you need to go out and be alone do it.

How to fight back?

Love yourself more! Make yourself free from any stress. Bring your life back like when you don’t have a family yet. Start eating healthy and bring back the sexiness in you.

Go get some exercise and make yourself exhausted but with purpose. Stay sexy in mind, body and soul.

Most importantly, pray fervently. Pray, pray and pray. If you are asking yourself why, you are not alone. Many women cries all night and facing struggles. But they are choosing to be silent and praying to God for guidance and strength. Talk to the Lord and ask for strength and guidance. We cannot do it alone. We need someone who can understand and listen to every words we will say. Pray for those people who have hurt you.

Have fun and go with your friends more often if you can. Spend time to laugh and forget whatever problem you may have.

Go and do something you love and make yourself busy that way you forget all the pain you have. Like doing your craft, going back to your hobby or going back to school but don’t forget to laugh.

Do not dwell on the past. Let go and Let God.

Forgive and forget. But don’t forget to love. “If You Really Love Someone, You’ll Never Stop Fighting To Make It Work”. Love will always be worth fighting for.

Mommy Heart

Mommy Heart

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Mommy Heart


  1. Kat | Petite Momma says:

    “We will never know how strong we are until that is all that is left to do.”

    I agree that this how every mom should fight: positively. We make use of our setbacks as an opportunity for a major comeback!

  2. Maria says:

    For others its easy to just move forward. Honestly hindi ako galit sa ex ko pero tuwing naaalala ko ang nangyari samin nasasaktan ako, maybe because naiwan ako sa ere. Umikot ang buhay ko samin lang. Mas ok na ako na kmi lang no gimik basta kasma ko sila ng daughter nmn ok n ko. Pero God surprises me, and nagmukmok talaga ko for 1year di ako nakikipagusap, ayokong pag usapan kung anong pinagdadaanan ko, lagi lang ako work,-bahay work bahay. Dinaan ko sa pagkain ang sama ng loob ko kaya eto madyubis 😅 mag ten years na pero dq padin alam y sa dinami dmi ng makakaexperience ng broken family bakit napabilang ako? Pero naniniwala ako me dahilan lahat y it happen, dq pa lang alam sa ngaun. 💗

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