I can still remember when I was a child, I never had a chance to spent quality time with my parents because they are both working abroad and only my Auntie Ayie stays with us. Only clothes, chocolates, and toys are being sent to us, yes we are happy but the feeling is totally different and felt we are missing them so much instead of those presents.

And I know I am missing a lot. I kept a promise to myself if I will get the chance to get married and had the chance to have children I will make sure I will find time to go the extra mile and smile for them. Let my husband provide and God will do the rest to keep our family survive.

How do we go extra mile and give them that extra smile in their face?

My daughter once told to his brother, let’s create memories Kuya and they took a picture. A lesson learned from my 8 year old daughter. WE always create lifetime memories by taking a photo of every moment may it be small or big event in our lives. That is one of the precious thing we can give them and hopefully they will remember until they grow old. For we know those toys and presents we buy, those are just temporary and can be forgotten. But the memories lingers on as times goes by. Instead, we spent time traveling, having our family trip, embracing the nature and let them be children. Truly, spending quality time with them is such a treasure for a lifetime and what would be best if you hear them say “Thanks mom and dad for making us happy and smile. Such a blessing.”


My kid’s favorite brand of Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste

We promise that we will give them that “Hapee smile” as long as we live. Parang Hapee Tooth paste lang, they bring happiness every brushing time. Pwede ding maging bonding moment ninyo ng mga bata. Let’s spread happiness and #GOTHEEXTRASMILE 🙂

Mommy Heart

Mommy Heart

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Mommy Heart


  1. Filipina Canaling says:

    I grew up without my mom by our side.
    She’s also an OFW like your parents but she’s a single parent. (Oh…I miss my mom!)
    We really learn from our experiences.
    That is why those intangible things that my mom was not able to provide, I make sure that I will give it to my kids…time and lots of happy memories.
    And like my 4 year old Kuya Tyson always said, “Mama, picture-picture tayo! “

  2. Chin Enriquez says:

    I can actually relate about making brushing time a bonding moment ^_^ My son is one year old. Bumili ako ng chewbrush nya tapos sinasabayan ko sya mag toothbrush to show him how to use it. ^_^

  3. Berlin says:

    Nice entry, Mommy. I must admit we forgot to take photos na of our family. We are just too tired for that already. But I got your point here. Thanks for reminding me to keep memories in mind and in photos.

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