Surviving Broncho Pulmonary Dysplasia

I never thought this would happen to my third baby. Me and his dad is physically and emotionally drained, hurt and down because of what happened to my baby boy, Yvan. Loot at his picture below,

I could never imagine my baby will suffer like this. :'( But many people helped us pray for my son to be healed. It breaks my heart, but as I share with you along on how to deal with this syndrome, yes, it melts my heart, my brain and it breaks all of me. But, one thing I want you to do, STAY STRONG AND KEEP YOUR FAITH UP HIGH.

We’ve done so many research about this.

Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, chronic lung disease. Babies who are born prematurely and who experience respiratory problems shortly after birth are at risk for BPD. It can be serious condition requires intensive care. My child is not born with BPD. It has developed as a consequence of prematurity and progressive lung inflammation.

Above-mentioned site us our guide on how to deal this situation.

As we encounter this kind of sickness for our baby, being a mother, I want to share you guys what we’ve been through as we face Yvan’s condition everyday. There’s a small percentage of this happens to a child. You have to have this traits or thinking.

1. Acceptance. It has never been easy to accept why this happens to my child, at first I don’t believe it happened. But God showed us that it is really happening and yet He never gave up on my son. Accept the situation and God will do the rest.

2. Be emotionally prepared. Emotionally draining yes it is. But what we need to be strong for our son. God gave us something to be prepared of. It hurts to see my son suffers like this everyday. So we gave it all to the Lord. I feel like dying everyday. I keep on crying that I don’t want Yvan to see my tears. It will hurt him more. My husband stays beside me all the time. works even more hard, to the point he’s working straight 16 hours a day and will just go home to take a bath. My husband’s comfort help me well.

3. Be financially prepared. We are not fortunate enough to have so many money at the moment though Daddy Andre push to strive more harder at work and so we are able to face all of this, but I may say we are rich with so many people who was then helped us to fight this battle. It’s not easy that everyday we need to have P 1,000 a day to give his medicine, P14,000 monthly just for medical oxygen refill, expenses for all medical supplies monthly like, neonatal canulla, nebulization kit with nebule (asmalin, combivent, duavent) 500 monthly check up with different Specialist, Pedia-pulmonologist, Pedia-Cardiologist (doing his 2D echo cardiography) worth P3,500-4000, cbc worth P200+, Ap Lateral Xray worth P 500, that we have to undergo for the first year. Vaccines needs to be administered accordingly. Sunod-sunod kasi low birth weight siya so we need to wait for the right timing and yun nga dumating ang time na nadagdagan siya ng weight 🙂 tuwa lang namin ni tatay. And gusto ko idetalye lahat ng gamot na ginamit niya up to now na may maintenance siya. Soon 🙂 pag nacompile ko na lahat dito sa pc

4. Be medically equipped and inclined.  Kami ni daddy Andre, we both finished us studies with degree but not in medical in profession. So nawindang talaga kami nung nasa ICU na kami since government siya they would not pay attention mismo palagi sa patient, kung hindi kami gagalwa ni tatay Dre walang mangyayari sa bunso namin. Anyhow, I am so happy and proud we are able to get familiarize sa karamihan ng medical terms not all but I may say I’ve been an expert with this condition 😉 Kudos for me and for us ni Daddy Andre I think 🙂 Sa case na ganito ni bunso, hindi namin kinailangan magaral ng medical course but we are able to learn something we can be proud of and I may say the doctor congratulates us for doing this so well. Nakaktuwa din in a way may maliit na clinic kami dito before kasi may medical oxygen machine, medical tank, nebulizer kit, and some medical supplies we need. Unti- unti nababawasan na yung medical stuff kais improving naman si bunso. 😉

5. Never say Never. God never failed to give up on our baby. He always provide what we need everyday.  Kaya we give it all to the LORD. We sometime say never and give up na kami, pero that never happens. God really showed us the way.

6. Magiging broke talaga. Hindi ko pa man napapanganak si bunso, nakapagipon kami sapat sa pambili sana ng sasakyan or pambayad sa dp ng bahay. Pero sa nangyari sa anak namin hindi namin kailanman panghihinayangan na zero na kami ngayon. What’s more important, buhay ang anak namin and nakakaraos kami sa araw-araw. Broke man kami financially, punong-puno naman kami ng pagmamahal at blessings.

I will post some more updates soon pag may time na ulit ako 🙂

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