Your family might be one who are Malnutrition Trapped!

I am guilty that sometimes our family are being malnutrition trapped. I didn’t realized such things like those. My boys are petite and thin. Nasa genes namin ang payat sa pagkabata kahit nakain ng tama sa oras and I make sure na healthy naman yet it’s very important to know na hindi dahil sapat ay healthy na lahat. May tamang sukat sa when it comes to portioned meals.

Chicken Tinola with Papaya and Sayote in Chili leaves

And because breakfast is a very important meal of the day let’s not skip any of it especially for our children. Lalo na if you are a rice person, they say anything sobra is not good for our body. ‘Wag tayong maging “unlirice” family. You’ll see why below.

Meron palang tinatawag na, “puro carbs and mababa sa protein” thought of I am giving enough kasi I am following the food pyramid somehow. Thankful sa Ajinomoto Community because they are here to help solve the concerns of every Filipino family.

Filipino family facing underweight and overweight

Yes for more than 20 year we are facing such dilemna. The World Health Organization (WHO) defined this phenomenon as the “Double Burden of Malnutrition” or the“prevalence of both under nutrition and overweight in the same community, nation, or region.”

Break Free from #MalnutritionTraps

Philippine Government Solution

Pinggang Pinoy®, an easy-to-understand food guide showing proper food group portioning per-meal basis was launched in 2014 and also reflects the principles of moderation, variety and balance or called (MoVaBa) to promote healthier eating habits. Hoping that this could solve the problem.

Solving Double Burden’s of Malnutrition

And because this is a long term concern, upon giving the solution to solve the Philippines’ Double Burden of Malnutrition, it should be a collaborative effort between the public and private sectorsas it is not an easy feat. In line with this, Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation partnered with government agencies to conduct education programs to raise awareness and promote the practice of Pinggang Pinoy® in malnutrition hotspots, where incidences of Double Burden Malnutrition are high. This training was given to homemakers/mothers who have malnourished (underweight, stunting, wasting, overweight and obese) school-aged children”.

The Final Result

“The pilot run resulted to improvements of the knowledge & attitudes of households related to the practice of PinggangPinoy® within target areas. However, behavior changes towards healthier eating habits remains to be a challenge. The program uncovered a number #MalnutritionTraps that some Pinoy households easily fall into”.

“The following#MalnutritionTraps provide a picture of how unhealthy eatinghabits may lead to Double Burden of Malnutrition”.

1. Overconsumption of carbohydrates: Voracious rice eaters can easily fill half of their plates with rice. Others have pandesal & noodles as regular meal deprived of other nutrients derived from a well-balanced meal.

 2. Under consumption of vegetables and/fruits: It is common for some to be content with rice & meat to satisfy their hunger and skip/take insufficient amount of vegetables/fruits. Fact is, the variety of colors found in Glow foods are important sources of vitamins & minerals to sustain our energy & keep us from getting sick.

3. Overconsumption of protein: Typical Filipino “SILOG” mealsinclude double serving of proteins (e.g. Tapa+Itlog, Tocino+Itlog, Longanisa+Itlog, Bangus+Itlog). Eating different kinds of protein is fine for as long as they are taken in moderation. We must also avoid protein dishes served high in fat, cholesterol and sodium. 

More stories about #MalnutritionTraps can be referenced from these documentary videos.

Puro Carbs

Breakfast Skipper

Kulang sa Protina

Pamilya Unlirice

And because moms are the busiest person, we sometimes neglect to check if the meals we are preparing are properly portioned for our kids. Glad to share that Ajinomoto’s Culinary Nutrition Team prepared easy to do, healthy, delicious yet affordable meal for our family. Say for a family of 5, it will only cost you 250/day. This is to help many Filipino families be saved from #MalnutritionTraps.

PinggangPinoy® Recipes are downloadable through

Want to hear and know more about Mag-Pinggang Pinoy®? visit and


The Ajinomoto Group is a global leader in amino acids thanks to its advanced bioscience and fine chemical technologies. Its products cover a range of fields such as seasonings, processed foods, beverages, amino acids, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

Since discovering “umami” (the fifth basic taste, created by glutamic acid, a type of amino acid) in 1908, we have been scientifically pursuing the possibilities of amino acids, and supporting the healthy lives of people all around the world. Based on our corporate message “Eat Well, Live Well” we aim for further growth and continuous contribution to greater wellness for people by creating value with communities and society.

The Ajinomoto Group has offices in 35 countries and regions, and sells products in more than 130 countries and regions. Its sales were 1.1502 trillion yen (10.3 billion U.S. dollars) in fiscal year 2017. To learn more, visit

Mantra Home Service Massage Review + Giveaway!

Are you a working mom or a stay at home like me? Do not have much time going out to relax? Truly, if I would choose I prefer a good home service massage so I won’t feel the hassle of traveling after and just sleep right away.

Being a full time mom is not an easy task and all pressure is often unbearable. We moms deserves a break, we tend to put ourselves lasts before our kids and l can’t think of anyone who deserves a massage more than a mom. And a regular massage can help in many ways.

Why is it beneficial?

Massage helps reduce stress. Stress comes from different angle and it carries within our muscle which can manifest body pains and aches. A proper massage helps those stiffed and tense muscles to relax, might not be for long but it will let you feel relaxed.

Massage helps regulate your mood swings. Taking care of our children takes a lot of effort and patience. Admit it, kids drives us crazy from time to time. Massage can help you deal with moods better.

It gives comfort and relaxation you need.

It reduces anxiety and depression.  Depression alone can lead to many serious health conditions and a good massage can help at least eliminate depression because it relaxes all your muscle tension.

These days there are spa’s who offer home service massage and glad to share a review on this spa named, Mantra Home Service Spa.

About Mantra Home Service Massage

Mantra Home Service Massage is a home service spa for women, man and even kids here in Cavite. They will come and visit you anywhere here in Cavite: Bacoor, Imus, Kawit, Dasmariñas, General Trias and Trece Martires.

Services Being Offered right at the comfort of your home:

Our therapist, Maribel Mesia.

My final say about Mantra:

  1. Our therapist Maribel is very friendly and excellent in her profession.
  2. They can customize the massage to focus on stressed part of your body. Mine was reflexology service.
  3. Their massage technique are so good and calming.
  4. My kids loved the green tea oil and mine was Sampaguita oil which gives a relaxing smell that goes to your senses right at the moment you smell it.
  5. They are right on time.
  6. They also offer body scrub, ventosa, hot compress and ear candling.
  7. Customer service are outstanding when it comes to responding to inquiries.
  8. They have specialized massage for your kids, which is gentle and my kids loved it. It lasts 30 minutes for only P125.00. Please see a review written by my daughter.
  9. They have lactation and postnatal massage. Perfect para sa mga breastfeeding mom.
  10. All services are affordable yet it won’t compromise the service.
  11. They offer gift certificates that you can share to your loved ones.
  12. All massage therapist are licensed and experienced.
  13. NO hidden charges. Might be wondering why ang mura pero promise you get what you pay for.
  14. Lastly, it is done right here at home. I was able to sleep right away and no hassle of travelling.


Hopefully they can cater sa ibang location like Laspiñas or ibang place in Manila. Surely, they will attract more clients. Wish they also have other spa services like eyelashes extension, bleaching and brow waxing.

Diana’s review on her massage. Surely same like my son, Yuriboy!

Nevertheless, me and my kids enjoyed and we highly recommend Mantra Home Service Spa.

Please be in touch with them via mobile:
0927-555-5880 l 0998-239-1669 l 0917-967-7761 l 0947-741-6777


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Jolly University Year 5 Grand Cook Off was a blast!

Lucky those students these days that they are able to share their talents when it comes to cooking. Show casing how they Innovate, Create and Share their culinary expertise. Truly, I witnessed how kitchen skills and creativity of all challengers were tested and how they bring out the best dish creations during the Jolly University Grand Cook Off.

Wherein, Jolly University (JU) is a program which began in 2013 which encourages diversity as well as the collaboration across and beyond academic borders while effectively transferring key skills to talented young students. Serving as a springboard to prepare aspirants in their future careers, the highly successful campus-wide competition nurtures cooperative relationships among students and institutions in promoting culinary excellence and food business innovation in the Philippines.

JU has grown to become a prestigious campus-wide cooking competition that is deeply committed in harnessing young students’ talent in cooking, pushing their creative boundaries.

Grand Champion: Lemuel Ty of University of Santo Tomas 

Grand Champion’s Winning entry: Hainanese Chicken Binakol Noodle Soup (mushroom & young corn stuffed chicken roulade with egg noodles, vegetables and coconut shreds in creamy coconut broth) 
 1st runner up: Richmond Joseph Suntay of University of Santo Tomas
Winning entry: Shepherd’s Rendang 
2nd runner up: Patricia Ong of Chiang Kai Shek College
Winning entry: Thai Pork Mushroom Longganisa, Suman with Crispy Shallot-Garlic Latik and Coconut Cream Foam served with Fried Egg and Green Mango Salad  

For Year 5, greater social media engagement was achieved via the Golden Ticket mechanics wherein two of the chosen top 20 JU finalists can advance immediately to the final round during the cook-off. The two contestants who automatically earned the final slots are Richmond Suntay of UST for whose dish photo garnered the Most Likes and Shares on FB and Ria Arugay of San Sebastian Recoletos for the Most Jolly Canned Vegetable Product Labels Collected.

Jolly University Year 5 Grand Cook-Off is made possible with the support of event sponsors: St. Scholastica’s College, Masflex, Fujidenzo, Whirlpool, Tecnogas, UCPB, Jolly Cow, Lotus Biscoff, Doña Elena, May Sparkling Grape Juice, and Good Life.

About Fly Ace Corporation. Fly Ace Corporation is one of the leading food and beverage consumer goods companies in the country today. Propelling limitless multiple-category growth by bringing the best of the world closer to Filipino consumers, Fly Ace Corporation’s portfolio of food and beverage products includes house brands and exclusively distributed brands. To learn more about Fly Ace, visit

About JOLLY.  JOLLY is a canned fruits and vegetable line marketed and exclusively distributed by Fly Ace Corp. For more updates, visit or like its official Facebook fanpage or follow via Twitter and Instagram (@jollyeatsph).

Alaskan Malamutes Open for Stud Service

Big Borg is now open for Stud service, PCCI Registered, Red/White wooly giant.

With my girls, Alectrona (Black Female Malamute) and Lucille (Red/White Female)

2x mating and free backstud

Price: P15,000.00

Location: Molino, Bacoor, Cavite

We accept board and lodging (bring own food) or puppy share for approved bitches.

For faster transactions:

Please send me message via sms – 0999-8811-565

Be Fire Prepared: Safety Tips to Help You Build a Fireproof Home

Bakit nga ba ang March ay ang buwan ng Fire Prevention?

“As per Proclamation No. 360, s. 1989, and Proclamation No. 115-A, s. 1966, March is Fire Prevention Month and Burn Prevention Month. As the month when, according to Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), temperature and humidity start to rise. March is also the month where the risk of fire becomes a very real concern.”

Source: E Compare Mo

They say, mas maigi na talagang manakawan ka kesa masunugan ka. It’s like starting again the basics of starting a home and painfully most of the time lalo na sa residential areas, fire explosion ang nagiginf cause ng death.

Sa tamang kaalaman and precautions, we can always help prevent damages from any of these fire explosions and make our home fireproof.

  1. Make it a habit checking gas leakages especially before leaving the house and make sure it is tightly closed after using it.
  2. Regularly seek electrician to check your electrical appliances. Lucky, my daddy and husband checked these things for us.
  3. If you can avail fire smoke detectors and have it installed. The easiest and fastest way you can protect your family and detect fire the soonest.
  4. Equipped your house a fire preparedness kit. That way a fire extinguisher is handy, always ready and other helping survival will be available upon reach.
  5. If possible, create a fire exit or door. This is an option for you to easily escape.
  6. Most importantly, educate your children and family for your escape plan. Places where to go to, number to call at, and other important things to do during and after the fire explosion.
A carry type of bag with dimensions: (15”l) 8”wand 12”h

What’s Inside the Bag?

(1) Whistle + Compass + Thermometer
(1) Multi Purpose Tool
(1) Rope (1o meters)
(1) Fire Blanket
(1) Fire Escape Mask
(1) Fire Ball
(1) Wire Saw
(1) Light Torch with Multi-Colored Lens
(1) Portable Fire Extinguisher
(1) Fire Retardant Leather Gloves (pair)
Towels (2)

First Aid Kit Hard Casing 1 1 Gauze (3″X3″) 1 1 Gauze (2″X2″) 1 1 Adhesive Bandage Strip 10 (1) Alcohol Applicator Pad 10 , CPR Barrier 1
Povidone Applicator Stick (5)
Tweezers 1
Pocket Flashlight (with batteries) 1
Scissors 1
Triangular Bandage 1
Aluminum Whistle 1
Thermal Blanket 1
Rubber Tourniquet 1
Medical Tape (Small) 1
Medical Tape (Medium) 1
Instant Ice Pack 1
Safety Pins 10
Gauze Pad (4″x4″) 2
Gauze Bandage (3″x10″)
N95 Facemask 2
Burn Ointment 1
Elastic Bandage (3″x5″) 1

Price: P7,990.00 at Lifekit. Be Fire Prepared at Home and contact them now

Lifekit Directory: Facebook

G/F Savana Commercial Building 3, Venecia St., cor. Metropolitan Avenue, Brgy Sta. Cruz, Makati

Call (02) 701 8981

Yes, I’m just a mom who always make my children cry!

Bakit nga ba naiyak ang isang bata?

Mula sa kanilang pagsilang, kailangan nilang umiyak para malaman nilang buhay sila at nailuwal na sila. Kaya sila pinapalo mula paglabas nila sa ating sinapupunan.

Proud ako to say, I always make my children cry. Not because I am hurting them but I always give them letter of love that I didn’t realize will touch their hearts and make them cry.

This is my recent letter that I didn’t mean to make them cry.

About the letter:

I was crying last night and nagiisip ako lately why my children are always fighting, whining and all. That disappoints me because I felt like I’m a failure. I am failing to take care of them and love them.

Alam kong pag wala na si moy and daddy, hindi ninyo pababayaan si Yvan. 🙏🏻

I just want to let them know and understand why Yvan act like this. Their little brother has a medical condition and also a hearing impaired and my children supports Yvan. They are a little frustrated because Yvan is starting to hit them and misbehaves. After all, bata pa sila. Even if they were telling me they understand and love Yvan, hindi maiwasan na magkasakitan sila.

I was teary eyed because of their reaction after reading my letter and they gave me a warm hug. I will always treasure you all anak. Kahit angry si mommy, you know I will always be the person you can count on, and I will always love you til the end of time.

It will always be your mommy,

Mommy Heart