Mom Approved: New Meralco App Review

Nowadays, we have a lot of applications being used. Admittedly, most of them are very helpful and convenient for us moms who are busy all the time. Before the Meralco app, i have subscribed in their portal so I can receive notifications of our consumption’s and billings. Glad they have the app which is readily available both on iOs and android.

Have you downloaded this Meralco App already? Here’s what we can do using this app:

  1. View and pay your bills (Payment can be via credit card, debit card, prepaid card like Paymaya, Gcash and Smartmoney).
  2. Report and outages and feedback
  3. Get notifications from Meralco
  4. New Service Application
  5. Compute your appliances usage by using the calculator
  6. Be updates to Meralco’s Bright Ideas

Simply download the app on your phone. Register by simply providing necessary information being asked and confirm your registration via email. Please be ready with the following:

Service Reference Number

Valid email address

Most recent Meralco billing ( preferably last 2 months)

Voila! Once logged in, you can now see your DUE DATE, SERVICE REFERENCE NUMBER, and report or summary of your monthly consumptions.

How useful these notifications. You can set your notifications via email. And hopefully soon sms will work narin.

For us moms who are always busy with everything, we don’t want any hassle lalo na when it comes to water and electric supply. Tandem yan e. Kids will suffer if any of those two na ma- disconnect due to non-payment dba? So very convenient talaga sa atin ang mga apps for paying bills online.


  • User – friendly
  • Available for download on iOs and android
  • Viewing bills and paying bills real time
  • Easy registration


  • Needed a steady internet connection so it can function well.
  • Due to data security, they have disabled the use of facebook and google buttons.

Let’s all benefit from online billing. Ease your payment, track your consumption monitoring, fast and easy access to your enrolled account, and notification sending from Meralco app. No more long pila to all bayad centers. A payment confirmation will be sent to your registered email.

Hope these information helps momshies! How about you momsh, what can you say with Meralco app? Antay ako comment ninyo ha?

Buhaymommy’s Steam Q Iron Review

“Dressing well is a form of good manners” – Tom Ford

Why is it important to dress well?

They say, the way you dress makes an initial impression of how people can address you. Honestly speaking, when you see a man or women dressed so fancy, showing of respect compare to someone just wears a not so nice shirt or short. It shows impact, right? Dressing well boosts our confidence and might attract people as well.

I once said to my husband, I needed just a “plansta ng kabayo” not a new iron. But I guess my photo below can justify why he decided to buy me another one as a wedding anniversary gift.

Here’s my Steam Q Iron Review:

Product Features:

Product Name: Multi-function Steam brush and Iron

Model: G-665-R

Electricity consumption: 800 watts

It has stand for safe rest

100 ml transparent water tank with visible maximum level indicator

1 little brush

1 storage bag


Available: O-shopping online

Product Impression:

Ease of Use

> 4 stars out of 5 (easy to follow instruction with the manual); non-stick sliding coating helps easy ironing, easy steam ironing such as suit, curtain and various cloth.


> 5 stars out of 5- not just a steam iron, it can also be use for sanitization of curtain of fabrics with Fabric brush

Value for Money

> 4 stars out of 5 (quite expensive for a steam iron) yet when we place our order, a free masflex baking dish is given.

Over all Satisfaction:

This kind of iron takes not so long to heat up and don’t automatically turn off if you leave it unattended. It helps speeds up ironing and easily remove wrinkles even to dry linen. Should follow the instructions carefully to avoid burns.

Point of comparison:




  • Easy to use, compact and handy which is perfect for business trip.
  • Heats quickly yet cools slowly.
  • Non-stick sole plate can reach tiny areas bigger irons can’t get to.
  • Steam is powerful enough to blast away wrinkles.
  • Can be used vertically to steam draperies and hanging clothes.


  • Cord is non-retractable.
  • Heavy weight yet easy gliding.
  • Delivery charges costs a lot (might be because we are residing in Cavite)

Final Say: If you have a spare budget, it’s a good buy as well. I love how handy it is and with an ease for storage. Perfect for my husband’s business trip.  The first time I used it, I got burns. I am still using the traditional way of ironing just removing the lint brush under.

Such a Blessing: Lamoiyan Corporations’ loved for the Deaf and Handicapped people

I am always emotional whenever I see people who are physically challenged. Sympathizing on their situation yet makes me feel anxious because of my child, Yvan. He was diagnosed with bilateral hearing loss and now wearing his hearing aid. This is one of the complication of his health condition called Broncho Pulmonary Dysplasia, a lung condition that children suffers because of undeveloped lungs and they become oxygen dependent as they grow. I was crying by that time and not showing my tears to my children.

I feel so sorry for those children who are  physically challenged likely to our little one not because they are not capable of being a normal child/person but thinking what can happen to Yvan when we’re gone? Were he be able to find a job? So many questions in mind. Told my husband we should do something and that is helping him cope and not to feel bad. And now he is gradually coping with the help of our Lord, God.

Hearing loss can affect a person in three main ways:

1. If not treated well, fewer educational, job opportunities due to impaired communication and less opportunities in life.

2. Social rejection and difficulties communicating with others and tendency of bullying incidents.

3. Emotional problems like stress, depression and loneliness.

We are blessed to help Yvan cope and I hope someday, Lamoiyan could be the way helping our son.

It is my dream or my ambition to help, build a center or community for deaf people. Helping them to cope in life, reach their dreams and lived normal just like other children.

I am surprised that Lamoiyan Corporations reach to Filipinos and be of helped; 20% of Lamoiyan Corp’s employee comprised of men and women who are deaf. I salute people behind Lamoiyan because of their advocacy to help Deaf children with their education and continues to support their needs.

You may get involved and donate!

Cash donation will help the deaf scholars of DEAF Inc. school in Cavinti, Laguna finish their high school and college education. More information here.

“When God blesses you financially, you don’t raise your standard of living, you raise your standard of giving.”

Lamoiyan is not just more than a brand and products, they are committed to do excellence in every aspect of their business. They are raising their standard of giving to less fortunate people.

“Corporate Social Responsibility is a very important part of Lamoiyan’s way of doing business. In Lamoiyan Corporation, we believe that we can make our presence a blessing to society. These activities are focused on dental missions, helping the deaf community and taking care of the environment.

Lamoiyan Products 

 Two of our favorite line products from Lamoiyan

“They provide a variety of quality products for oral care, household and personal care at an affordable cost. Some of our brands includes Hapee, Kutitap and Gumtect toothpastes. Dazz dishwashing paste/liquid, and Licealiz for lice infestations.”

May God continue to bless you more, Dr. Cecilio K. Pedro and those people whose with you with these advocacy to help.

Get connected:

Lamoiyan Corporation on FB


I can still remember when I was a child, I never had a chance to spent quality time with my parents because they are both working abroad and only my Auntie Ayie stays with us. Only clothes, chocolates, and toys are being sent to us, yes we are happy but the feeling is totally different and felt we are missing them so much instead of those presents.

And I know I am missing a lot. I kept a promise to myself if I will get the chance to get married and had the chance to have children I will make sure I will find time to go the extra mile and smile for them. Let my husband provide and God will do the rest to keep our family survive.

How do we go extra mile and give them that extra smile in their face?

My daughter once told to his brother, let’s create memories Kuya and they took a picture. A lesson learned from my 8 year old daughter. WE always create lifetime memories by taking a photo of every moment may it be small or big event in our lives. That is one of the precious thing we can give them and hopefully they will remember until they grow old. For we know those toys and presents we buy, those are just temporary and can be forgotten. But the memories lingers on as times goes by. Instead, we spent time traveling, having our family trip, embracing the nature and let them be children. Truly, spending quality time with them is such a treasure for a lifetime and what would be best if you hear them say “Thanks mom and dad for making us happy and smile. Such a blessing.”


My kid’s favorite brand of Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste. It has calcium and Vitamin C, Kiwi flavor that kids will surely love. Para laging ngiting Hapee lagi 🙂 Parang #TeamKramer lang 🙂

Hapee Kiddie: Tooth Tales

How does Scarlett and our whole family prevent cavities? Watch our latest #BrushTimeHapeeTime adventure to know more! 😊

Posted by Hapee Kiddie on Sunday, September 23, 2018

We promise that we will give them that “Hapee smile” as long as we live. Parang Hapee Tooth paste lang, they bring happiness every brushing time. Pwede ding maging bonding moment ninyo ng mga bata. Let’s spread happiness and #GOTHEEXTRASMILE 🙂

Save and Invest for your Child: Open them Mutual Funds

Naalala ko nanaman when I was child my Auntie always bring me to different places of my relatives para mamasko. That time if we received P100.00 that means so much na to us kasi nga bata kami and bibili lang kami what we want.

Now that I have children, at their early age, we teach them on how to value money, pano namin pinaghihirapan each cents. They have money bank or alkansya and we opened them their own savings account which they can widraw money at the right time and age nila. Now, we wanted to level up. I do have mutual fund as an investment and so far even if mababa ang kitaan sa stocks at least may earnings ako and recently I am happy I was able to get some portions kasi I need it. Yan yung funds na hindi instant ang pagkuha hehe. It takes days for your money to be deposited or pick up sa preferred money transfer mo.

Why I chose to open them mutual funds?

1. I want my children to understand na we cannot only just  save sa bank instead may ibang savings diversion which is the mutual funds. In which they will earn in due time or when they reach the maturity.

2. Mutual fund is very flexible when it comes to changing your type of funds. Ako kasi I always go for equity funds though I can change naman twice, (this is what I remember) kaso I never do that kasi mas malaki ang earnings ng equity funds based sa history.

3. Compare to bank deposits, mas may chance na mag earn ang money ng kids such as profit na tinatawag.

4. Teaching my children to save and invest while they are young para when they grow old na eh may mahuhugot and better na maintindihan nila pagtanda kung ano nga ba ang compounding interest.

5. Though we are not focus on saving for their education, we meant to teach them the value of starting as early as now and this could mean long term investment.

Tips on getting a Mutual Funds for your Children

1. Decide what is your purpose of opening a MF for your kids. For most parents, it can be their education for some, can be use for their leisure, medical expenses etc.

2. Choose a reputable investment institution or broker for your child’s investment. Hesitant tayo so you need to take time to read reviews to help you decide better. Making sure na meron silang long term plan at excellent funds management.

3. Make sure you calculate the amount of time you plan to invest when your child needs it. Long term savings can be 5 years, 10 years and much longer pa like 20-30 years.

4. Decide how much amount you can shed monthly or annualy so you can sustain your kid’s mutual funds. I started at 5,000.00 and depositing 1,000.00 php every month para lumago.

5. Choose a mutual funds that doesn’t need to be monitored each time. For most industries, they have fund manager that monitors your investment.

Hope these helps momshies 🙂 I can refer you sa kakilala na FA. 🙂

Start investing and sayang ang napamaskuhan kung puro sa toys lang 🤗


Secure your Family a Home? Why is it Important?

I remember when I was a child, we never had our own home. We transfer places and had lived in a bahay kubo type of house. Now, I have my own family, me and my husband are now planning to secure our own home for our children. Why these makes sense if all they say   “Lahat naman ng ito ay hindi madadala sa langit?”

Here’s my stand about it! 

Securing a home gives our family security and sense of stability. I grew up with no permanent home and we don’t want our children experience the same way because these days all things are costly expensive especially payment of the house rental. It is such a burden paying monthly rentals.

Home ownership gives freedom and you make your own rules. Let’s face it we wanted our home be as fancy as it should be. If you own the place you can do anything that you need and even want.

Home ownership is now being considered as a good investment. Yes it might be costly at first but you and your children will benefit long term. Not just saving you from all burden of paying monthly house rental and please also note that property does not depreciate and thus it gains profit.

Home ownership gives you space and privacy. You and your family can do anything without thinking that anyone can bother you. Privacy is much more important these days.

Home ownership gives strong relationship in your community. You build stronger ties with the people around you. Compare of just renting a house, you tend to change places every now and then though meeting new people is nice yet it does not give strong ties to everybody.

More than anything else above, we want our children to have a “permanent place” to come home to.

I hope these helps, are you ready to purchase your new home? Let All Well Homes Realty help you. They provide all well-crafted housing solutions to each and every home buyer. They help families build their dream homes and have a clear communication with the homeowner. Contact my friend, Berlin Domingo via Facebook and she will be happy to assist you, her contact information: 09286622358 or email

Please share the love momshies ♥