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Paradizoo: Perfect Leisure Place for the family

It was my plan to go to Tagaytay as my birthday treat for my children. So my husband agree. 🙂 We went to Paradizoo Farm in Mendez Cavite. Felt the so cold breeze. It was at it’s I guess 15 degrees.

 My expectation is just my children will get surprised, but I was wrong. We are all got surprised. We arrived in Paradizoo Farm at exactly 7:30am which I think we are too early talaga. But it’s fine, as if we are the only visitor that day. Please forgive me for taking too many photos and happy to share most of it. 🙂

It is timely we visit Paradizoo as lot’s of farm animals are there freely walking and some are behind their fences. I was able to educate my two little one’s Yuri and Diana about farm animals which is included in their quiz this week.:-)

Fun learning that I may call. And the experience was overwhelming. Kids are so happy.
Oopps, if you want to play in this area, you need to pay P20.00 per head
With the Ostrich
Meet our little warrior, Yvan
Yipee 🙂 my son Yvan is so happy riding on a Pony  and asking for more after one round. (Not on this photo 🙂 Yuri was able to try to ride on this little pony as well 🙂 Thank you Zoomanity group for the FREE RIDE TICKET
Meet our daughter, oh so cute in here 🙂
Ano to? Sleep lang?

In any case you want to visit them, please see their rates here.  But in our case, cost for adult is P149.00 – adult and P 99.00 – child above 3 feet. Also to note. for those who are having FREE RIDE TICKET, that is only honored on horseback riding. Kasama namin si mama so may senior citizen discount 🙂 Also, the corkage fee of P150.00

They also offer a package of P299/head which includes coaster rides back and fort to Paradizoo going to Residence Inn where you can see wild animals such as monkey, tiger, lion, snake, crocodile and much more.It was too late they informed me that we can avail the package. But then again, it was great.

My children’s expression were: “amazing, wow!, we had so much fun, exciting! The most memorable one, we are able to bring Yvan with us. Walang paglagyan ng tuwa ang aming little warrior. Their reaction is priceless. 

Second place we went to: Skyranch, Tagaytay. You need to pay P100.00 admission ticket. Ride tickets have separate prices. Horseback riding costs: P300.00/head for 5 rounds.

This is the only photo 🙂 Super cold na kasi

Train ride costs: P80.00 (just in case you want to know 🙂

Finally, we ate our lunch in Leslie’s Restaurant just beside Skyranch. 


This is a very memorable day of my life with my children, my mama, my niece Nicole and my husband. A memory to cherish a lifetime. Simple things always bring happiness to our children. I’ve learned that we can always be happy if we are together and a perfect bonding experience. We go home early since it’s very freezing cold. My little ones had fun and that makes my birthday complete.

Adding some information:  “Zoomanity Group the leading Company in theme park industry is part of the Yupangco Group of Companies. Envisioning world class, innovative and enjoyable facilities from Northern to Southern Philippines with the goal of giving the best ever tourist destination and nature educational experiences. Our Facilities are uniquely exciting and have been designed to provide enjoyment and education to visitors of all ages.” Our Advocacy: To make the Philippines one big green park!”.

You may visit their website here

How about you fellow moms? Have you experience visiting Paradizoo Farm? I would love to see yours too? 🙂

Travel last January 2015, with family

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