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Resort Stay Review: Pico de Loro, Hamilo Coast in Batangas
Travel with family, January 2017
This is the outside view of the condo we stayed for 2 days
Together with our children, we went to Batangas and experienced fun and memorable staycation in Pico De Loro which is located at Nasugbu, Batangas. I did not get much of the photos of every part of the place since I am spending more time with the kids. We stayed in a Condominium instead of staying in their hotels.
Our First Family photo of the Year

What to Expect:

Upon arrival at Pico de Loro, there is a Registration office that you need to provide your booking confirmation details, personal information of each member of the family you’re with. As to our surprise, we need to pay for the entrance fee which costs P800.00 (adult) and P600.00 (child) we can’t say no since we are there already and have it booked. We spent P5000.00 for us to come in and they can give us Pico de Loro’s wristband or passes. That passes gives us access to Pico Beach and Country Club pools and enter the premises and use their facilities. They have strict security. They don’t accept cash payments only credit or debit payments.

The Room

Above mountain views from the balcony, there was a flat-screen TV with cable connection. Dining table, 1 double-deck with pull out bed, 1 king size bed, fully air conditioned apartment comes with white, tiled flooring. Expect old beddings and pillows.

The Kitchen

It is well equipped with electric stove, gas range with LPG, rice cooker, water dispenser, microwave oven, complete kitchenwares and mini refrigerator. Tip: You can bring and cook food inside the unit. Buy groceries in your local supermarket as I guess it takes more than 5 kms away from Pico de Loro Resort.

The Bathroom

There is a shower but no bath tub. Bathroom has dresser.

The Beach Area
It is clean and well maintained, sand is brown to gray, parang white color but fine.
My little man pretending to sleep
The place is so relaxing and you’ll love to just walk around and see the views
The Pool Area
This is the children’s pool, it is clean and wide.

Our Dining Experience:

 Well even we bought something to cook while staying in condo, children will be hungry. They have Pico Restaurant which specialized in Mediterranean cuisine and you can see that at the lobby of Pico Sands Hotel. It is open 24 hours and offers food pick up services for guests. They serve many choices of beverages, sandwiches, fruit juices and more. Price range: P250.00 and up, and of course you cannot pay them in cash. It can be debited on your account right away or upon checkout. Pero masarap ang food nila and big servings din naman.

 Over all experience and impression:

 It is an expensive place for getaway. You get what you pay for. If you’ll stay here in Pico de Loro might as well plan it, have an extra budget because everything has price. 🙂 Yung totoo, mahal naman din talaga, we wanted to try sana yung badminton and children’s play room into my price it is expensive for just an hour. All the services they offer are very costly for non-members like us. Even if we saved some penny from booking online, ganun parin ang gastos 🙂 They even have “divided portion sa beach” that you cannot go beyond that area because it is strictly for the Beach club members. My husband don’t mind how expensive the expenses (that I didn’t expect talaga) kasi what’s more important kids have fun and it was very memorable for them. Also, beware of of jellyfish. This place is also perfect for team building purposes since they have various of recreational activities like water sports, diving, badminton, basketball, tennis, gym for fitness buff, even music room. You can check here for more. No wifi inside the room. If you’re traveling with children, bring all the necessary things for them kasi even if may convenience store sila sa loob, mahal din :(.

Too late for us to conclude. Something bad happen pa when we are there, my daughter had a series of vomiting and dehydration which we are clueless what was happening to my daughter, their medical team came to our room and have Yana checked into my suprise they don’t give medical certificate so we can transfer Yana to other hospital immediately. So we don’t want to argue, Yana’s life is more important. This is a different side of story.

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Pico Sands Hotel and Country Club
Address: Hamilo Coast, Pico de Loro Cove,
Barangay Papaya, Nasugbu, Batangas
Contact Number: (02) 464-7888 | (0917) 809-1289
Email: [email protected] l Website:

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