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 How can you start working online? 

Let me share what are the legit online jobs I tried applying for and I’m currently working here. Here’s my top list.

1. Odesk – this is where I started

2. VA Heroes – client are mostly in Australia so you can work day time. 

3. My Outdesk– based on reviews, and I have applied before here, they are the only home-based job company who offers medical benefits and holiday pays. 

Just recently created a profile to; 

1. Be emotionally and physically prepared. I know it’s difficult to switch easily to a home-based set up but eventually you’ll get used to it, and I am sure once you have started, you’ll love it. Decide if you’re gonna work full time or part time? 

2. You should have a complete technical and office equipments:

a) Desktop PC or laptop (1Ghz-2Ghz processor, Windows XP or Vista operating system, monitor)
 –  Virus and spyware protection software and a working firewall. 
 – Software programs includes Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Visio, Powerpoint), WinZip and/or Adobe reader.
– Back up broadband/internet prepaid stick can help as well in case no wired connection available. 

b) Good and noise-free headset– I am using Logitech, I personally recommend this because it’s so perfect, price? A bit expensive which costs P 2,500.00, thankful to my husband who gave this to me. But you can always choose any headset that works fine, no need to be expensive. Though in my case before, I always buy cheaper ones like P 150-300, months passed they are not working properly for some reason it might be technical issue.
c) Scanner and printer in one -I am using HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2060; Working online requires sending working documents, printing of contract to be sign and have it send to client immediately. 
d) Reliable broadband internet connection (Most client requires at least 2 mbps) wired connection is recommended and a wireless connection as well.– Your choice of internet service provided that has a reliable connection in your area. 
e) Quiet, private work space. – Lucky you if you have separate working room 🙂 

f) Instant messaging account like skype, gtalk, yahoo messenger, or clients sometime provides their own for you to download. 
g) Working web cam (this is needed for some clients since they have a tool that will monitor your work every shift and have it captured from time to time)

h) Email account which you can use as a primary means of communicating with client. 

3. Be prepared with your documents like clearances (Barangay, Police, NBI), primary identifications like SSS ID, Postal, Driver’s license, Passport, and other ID’s that can show your residency or address. Have a list just like you’re applying into an office based job. 
4. Prepare for a background check. Remember, clients abroad are very strict on this requirements, I 

even encounter they have a lawyer that will check your character, be ready of your friend’s, previous employer contact numbers, addresses (postal and email) so you can provide it to them promptly. And it will be helpful if you can inform them that you are applying for a job online so they can be prepared a head of time. 
5. Be prepared for your online payment account. It can be paypal, this is very common. Some clients preferred to send money this way or some can pay into different methods like wire transfer. You can   check here for more details. 
6. Build your professional resume online. If possible you may create a good portfolio to write down 
all your skills, achievements and project in the past. Creating your portfolio’s helps you focus showing your capabilities and what you can do to the company. Detailed information about you can help. Sign up for Linkedin so other can see my profile and endorsement possibilities. 
7. Find your niche. What can you offer for a client? This means you need to focus applying to the job you are comfortable working on. You can also choose the first three category where you belong. There’s a lot of online job position out there, but you can always find “one” job that will fit you. 

8. As a beginner, I started bidding at $.50 per hour, yes this is true. The main reason would be I wanted to establish working hours online before because you can never get a job invites if they see your profile without experiences working online. Eventually your rate would be higher and sooner you can gain more experiences. But try not to underestimate your self, this is just a reality side on my end, this has worked for me. 
9. Connect and join a support group for a freelancer community and for working moms. Believe me they can really help you. The first job I have this year was posted in one group. You may want to check this out and ask permission to join them: Please read the rules before joining 🙂 

10. If you are all set and you have sent your resume, be ready anytime soon that someone might call you. Always check you email so not to miss any job invites. Share ko lang, I have a friend who applied online, and then she texted me, she said she did not make it because she is not prepared 🙂 That fast to receive a call right? 

11. I always pray for wisdom to God before and after my shift. I stay calm, organized, loving my work, I exert effort, always give my best and provide excellent customer, admin services to my clients. With your perseverance, determination and God’s presence nothing is really impossible. 
12. Show your commitment and dedication. Commit only on what you can do. Be certain of what you can do and time of work you can render. Most foreign clients are straight forward and specific. Sometimes we can find Filipino or local employer. 

13. Communicate with your client as always possible. Let them be aware if you’ll be absent ahead of time so both of you can adjust tasks and schedule. 

14. Show your support and dedication to every client you worked with, surely rewards will come your way. My client pays for our happy hour. 

15. Always give your best. If time comes, you’ll be separated with them, they can give you good review and make a good impression to your next potential client. 
16. Write down all your plans, to do’s each day, this will help you to check on things which needs to be done immediately and setting your priorities. 

I would love to hear your thoughts as well. This can help us one another. Happy job searching mommies 🙂
Sending all the love and hugs ♥
♥ Mommy Heart ♥

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