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Sunlife’s Variable Life Insurance: Invest and be Insured 

I admit I am hesitant at first to invest just so in the past years we have seen closing financial companies and all payers was not able to get all what they invested. Some may agree with me here 🙂 Nakakatakot sumugal 🙂 Pero, we are eager to take that risks and see how it’ll work after 10 years.

Fellow parents, how do you plan for your future? Are you prepared enough for your children’s future like education? For your retirement? I’ve checked a couple of financial institution that offers the right plan for me and I may say, I’ve tried to invest with them just last year. But because of financial difficulty happened in the past that we need to compensate first with the medical expenses for our youngest son, Yvan who has lung condition, we are not able to sustained the monthly fees. But this year, I promised to myself we need to start investing again, continue to pay no matter what it takes 🙂 and somehow gird for our three children.

We are getting older and somehow I realized how investing or saving could be important ” Wala nang mura sa panahon ngayon” So we chose to invest a portion of our earning to Sunlife.

Why we chose to invest this early?

1. The earlier we start saving and investing, the sooner we can buy something substantial.

2. Security for our children in the future.

3. Investing early makes us now more disciplined when it comes to buying what we need and want.

4. Would want the part of our earnings grow.

5. We will be financially independent when we retire.

What plan we avail?

-Variable Life Insurance which we opt to pay for Equity bond, fund which is designed to produce long term capital appreciation through investment in high quality stocks that are diversified across sectors, and ours are 100% into it. Since this is a long term investment.

But you can choose from:

Balanced fund- The fund is designed to provide optimum returns through investment in a mix of government and domestic corporate debt and locally-listed equity securities.


Bond fund-The fund is designed to stay invested only in high-quality fixed income instruments that are classified as below average.

How much do we pay quarterly?

-We are paying P3,000.00.

Where do we pay our premiums?

– Premiums can be paid through this option, auto-debit preferably BPI and BDO. But when I tried paying over the counter in SM Department Store, they accept payments.

Why choose Sunlife?

With over $36.9 million in long term care insurance benefits paid since the product was introduced in 1999, Sun Life Financial has the experience to help when you need it most. Sun Life Financial offers you exclusive access to LifestageCare

When you own a long-term care insurance policy with Sun Life Financial, you automatically have access to LifestageCare – a members-only website and toll-free telephone service that provides you with unbiased information about local, qualified health care and personal care providers.

Accommodating and very helpful ang mga financial advisor.

Easy online access to your investment, premium information.

I come to think of it, maybe after 10 years yung value na na-invest namin, hindi na siya ganun kalaki, but I am still looking forward kikita siya ng bongga. 🙂

Good thing I can fully access it online and so far it is earning and mag 1-year na kami sa May 2015. 9  more years to count 🙂

You may visit Sunlife here for more details.

Happy investing mommies.

All the best and luck,

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