First from the Philippines: Rico Corn Rice

I’m a rice person indeed and we all know too much intake of carbohydrates which you do not burn, higher blood sugar level tends to increase. When I was pregnant to my three children, I have this gestational diabetes, which scares me after giving birth. I need to make sure, my blood sugar level is controlled.

I’ve tried this Rico corn rice, you’ll be surprised of the nutrient content it has to offer you.Corn, an amazing yellow grain, carotenoids lead the way and provide especially high concentrations of lutein and zeaxanthin. Corn was mentioned to have all the antioxidant protection  that contributes factor in the decreased risk of cardiovascular problems like heart diseases and stroke.

A first from the Philippines,  Rico corn rice is rice that is made from 100% Philippine-grown corn. No artificial coloring.  A new product by La Filipina (maker of La Filipina Corned Pork), they really offers good products!

Why choose RICO corn rice?

I bought mine at SM Supermarket, at P 70.00 for 1 kilo. A must try and recommended. Mother approved. 🙂 

> Lower in Glycemic Index which prevents diabetes

  • Highly recommended for diabetic and adults who want to eat rice.According to research regular consumption of corn assists in the management of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus protects against hypertension due to presence of phytochemicals in whole corn. Which Phytochemicals regulate the absorption and release of insulin in the body. Corn is good source of pantothenic acid, vitamin B helps in carbohydrates, protein, and lipid metabolism.  Hence, it prevents stress by supporting the functioning of adrenal glands. (

> It Vitamin A, supports good eye sight. Vitamin B-Complex helps on metabolism.

> It has Folic acid, provides healthier blood and counters anemia.

> It has Thiamine, enhances memory, which I really need 🙂

> Iron which transports oxygen through the body.

> Beta-Carotene rich

> Most important for me, high in fiber, definitely good for digestion.

Here I tried making my own recipe out of this corn rice.

My Healthy Tuna Corn Rice

Combination of corn rice and Omega 3 oil, which is so good for the heart. You will only need:

1 canned tuna

Mixed vegetables

Unsalted butter

Salt, Pepper according to your taste

Cooked Rico Corn rice

This is so yummy and it makes us full even a little servings. Kids love it too. It’s your choice to have it with your favorite “ulam” .

How to cook Rico Corn Rice?

When using rice cooker- put water in the rice cooker and let it boil. When the water boils, add the corresponding amount of RICO corn rice. Allow the rice cooker to cook  your rice to your desired consistency.

When cooking using caldero- heat water in the caldero, wait for the water to boil. When the water boils, add the corresponding amount of RICO corn rice. Allow the rice cooker to cook  your rice to your desired consistency. Cook in a medium heat until you achieved the preferred stickiness and moistness of the rice.

You can always adjust water proportion to suit desired rice consistency. NO need to wash RICO Rice Corn before cooking, if so, please reduce amount of water to used.

Rico Corn Rice available in 3 sizes and affordable price at: 

1kg for P 70.00

2kg for P 125.00

5kg for P 300.00

This is even cheaper compared to brown rice. It maybe expensive for traditional white one but you won’t regret paying for a kilo of RICO corn rice since it is highly enriched with lots of good nutrients which will help you to have a good and healthy lifestyle.

This RICO Corn rice can be cooked for dessert, even champorado. This is so perfect because you can cook any meal without the hassle and you can serve nutritious meals for your family.

I am excited preparing more recipe out of this corn rice. Please visit their web page here for more updated healthy lifestyle news:

Happy eating! 🙂 Let’s go for more healthy and cornutritious meals!

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