I’m a Bento Enthusiast! 

I admit I can’t stop myself buying or collecting Bento accessories from lunch boxes, cutters, baran, small cups to divide portion of anything I will put into my kid’s meal.

Bento is home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento holds rice, fish or meat, cooked vegetables usually on bento boxes. It can be disposable container to hand crafted ware.


Why I love Bento?

– My son is a picky eater, so it was a success for me when I tried making simple shapes out of the rice and meat that I have prepared.

– Making bento meals is so fun.

– Perfect bonding moment with my children and they share whatever shapes or design they want.

– I can prepare healthy and tasty food for my kids and make sure it is nutritionally balanced.

– Bento looks attractive and appetizing to the children who always avoid to try new taste of food.

– I am saving a lot when preparing what I cooked for them.

– My children looks forward to create another new meal and excited to share with their classmates or friends.

Sharing you my BENTO Accessories

Sandwich, Cookie cutters (Numbers, shapes, animals, name it, it’s there)
Disney Cutters, Heart molder, and fruit cutter
Bento Baran Food Separator from Japan
Bento Sticks from Japan
Different shapes of Bento container
Bento paper cups (from Japan)
Rice Molder

Nakakatuwa lang talaga makita I have these much 🙂 Marami na raw ito according to my sister.

Where I usually buy Bento accessories:

Daiso Japan

Japan 88

Some are gifts

Online Seller

Price range:

– I bought that 101 pcs cutter online for P 1,000.00.

– Baran, cups, sticks ( gift from my ate’s partner) she said nasa 30 pesos lang converted sa peso.

– Container (depends on the size but mine was P88.00 to P99.00.

And there was a time when I joined online contest on making creative meal for my child. And I am lucky I won. See below what I made baon

My daughter Diana’s baon

Too bad that I cannot post my other creations of meals because of lost data on my phone.

And because I am happy to share my experience. I’ll be giving away bento accessory for my reader. Will post soon.

How about you fellow moms? I would love to hear your bento stories 😉

Thank you.

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