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You may call me Mommy Heart.

BuhayMommy is all about my unforgettable experiences, shared happiness, struggles and success being a mommy. I know through my words I can somehow relate to every woman and fellow moms. Mom’s responsibility don’t just stop by giving birth. It is just the beginning.

Like any other moms, I am physically, emotionally, and spiritually challenged. I have two children with special needs and I hope by sharing their challenges can help fellow moms whose facing the same situation we have. When I became a mother, I felt all the emotions a person can have. Excitement, anger, frustration, depression, anxiety, but the most rewarding of all the happiness it brings to my heart.

I was born premature so like my three babies,Yuri, (Yana) Diana and Yvan. I’m a stay at home mom, multitasking mom, an understanding homemaker, and everything you’ll ever think of. I’ve been married for 10 years . I may not be a good friend for anybody but I can definitely say I always do my best to be a good mother. I am ambitious, goal-driven, hardworking, aspiring to be a businesswoman someday and to be able to pursue my Master’s degree.

I am definitely stronger than yesterday. I want to have more friends but searching for true ones. Being a preemie mother is the greatest, challenging part of my life and I would never ever trade it for anything else in this world.

Let’s all be friends and keep in touch ♥

Mommy Heart

Blogger owner behind this blog. Traveller I Customer Service l Freelance Writer l Work at home mom. Blogging is her way of sharing her thoughts, stating forthright, truthful point of views, and her journey with her preemie babies and as a homemaker.
Mommy Heart