Chewies: Flavored Gummies Food Supplement that can help boost and strengthen the immune system of our kids

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My youngest son, Yvan is so excited so does my two youngsters.

Tayong mga mommy, palagi natin pipiliin ang maging healthy ang ating mga anak everyday. Di man natin sila mabantayan palagi we don’t have to worry about our kids for being stressed and sick this school year, that’s why Chewies Immunolicious is here to be our partner in making sure that our child’s immune system is activated.

Why choose Chewies Immunolicious?

It is also Halal, non-allergenic, and GMO-free.

It contains Weelmune, a beta-glucan that helps enhance the immune system safely by activating billions of innate immune cells, which are the body’s first line of defense, to quickly recognize and kill foreign intruders like bacteria and viruses that causes illnesses like cough, cold, and flu, thus improving overall physical and emotional health.

CHEWIES kids supplements are yummy, fruity, and bursting with goodness to help boost your children’s health and immunity.CHEWIES is distributed by AJ Research and Pharma in the Philippines.

Chewies ImmunoLicious comes in gummy form and various flavors kids love. Getting children to take them regularly would not be a struggle. With this convenience, parents will have peace of mind that they are doing their best to keep their children healthy and happy. Chewies products can be found in major pharmacies and doctor’s clinics.

Our kid’s favorite chewable supplement is also available on Shopee. So don’t forget to add to the cart. Shop here

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