3 Reasons To Buy a Dog From a Breeder

With so many animals in shelters waiting for good homes, adopting a new dog is a great option for many people looking to expand their families with four-legged companions. However, you can also choose to purchase a new pet from a reputable breeder. While this option may be more expensive, here are three benefits of it.

You Know the Dog’s Parents

When you adopt a dog from a shelter, you have no idea what his or her bloodlines are. You may not even be sure about how big your new puppy will get because you don’t know how big the parents are.  One of the biggest advantages of getting a dog from AKC German shepherd breeders Florida is that you will be given papers tracing the bloodlines of your new pet.

You Are Aware of Possible Genetic Health Conditions

Different dog breeds are susceptible to various health conditions just like people are. Some of these health conditions are genetic, and if you purchase your dog from a breeder, you’ll be notified if your pet’s parents begin showing any signs of health problems. This means you can get quick intervention for your dog and hopefully mitigate the impact of the health condition.

Your Dog Is Bred for a Specific Purpose

Rather than breeding dogs just to make money, most breeders use careful science to breed litters of dogs with certain traits. Some animals are bred to be hunters while others are bred to be calm or have a specific coat color. If you are looking for a dog for a specific purpose, your best bet is to get one from a breeder.

When you decide to expand your family with a dog, you have several choices about how to find the right dog for your family. These three reasons to consider getting a dog from a breeder can help you determine if this path is right for you.

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