Covid-19 Crisis: Taught People to Live Life with a Purpose

Tomorrow is never promised, so love and appreciate the people who are in your life.

Honestly, this pandemic taught us so much about life. How we should live with it, be contented of what we have, aim to survive, and some more. In my 37 years of existence, I’ve never been into isolation like what COVID does. But this so-called “isolation” is the period which will help us lower the chance that a person or animal could transfer illnesses to others.

What are we doing to get through the situation?

I am staying at home whenever possible (I am the one who goes out and buys anything we need). In this time of difficulties, I felt different. I change the way I see things. Through my blog, I share positivity, good vibes like sharing funny videos, and I am honest to say I learned how to do that “TikTok.” Haha. I am learning new skills, giving time to work out to be healthy and fit and spending more time with my kids, preparing home-cooked healthy meals, and showing solidarity in our little way, by cooperating with our LGU’s or government policies to practice social distancing and proper hygiene. We are strictly practicing adequate sanitation and disinfection at home.


How is our situation during the pandemic and quarantine?

I admit I react differently to every stressful situation in life because of my panic and anxiety disorder, which makes me feel more anxious, and I am panicking all the time. Not just that, this pandemic affects our job that instant. The father of my children lost his, and mine was turned into part-time status. But that doesn’t hinder us not to deal with the situation well. Despite this crisis, we can feed our children three times a day and survive since lockdown and quarantine started. I am grateful to say that even if I have a part-time job at the moment, we were able to help others, not that much, but I know it brought positivity to other people, which is more important. Sabi nga nila “No one has ever become poor by giving.” which is true. Kahit di man kami mayaman, but yung pakiramdam to ease yung gutom is a big help and through this, we INSPIRE people to keep going and huwag mawalan ng pagasa.

First wave of help given to the people out side the village.


During this Pandemic, what this COVID-19 taught us?

What makes you move forward?

I am staying optimistic that this pandemic will vanish as fast as it quickly arrived. It just teaches us more about life, appreciates people around us, and little things we have. We should not quit; I keep finding ways to keep going, especially I am dealing with my mental health concerns, even if I have to do things little differently and with determination. Whatever circumstances we are dealing with, let’s nurture the strength within ourselves.

My children are my motivation to keep going. And never forget to PRAY that all things will be alright in HIS TIME.

Love, Share and Spent More time with your loved one.

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“I understand that it’s hard for everyone, but one cannot give in to emotions… we’ll have to draw lessons from the current crisis and now we’ll have to work on overcoming it.”

Mommy Heart

Blogger owner behind this blog. Traveller I Customer Service l Freelance Writer l Work at home mom. Blogging is her way of sharing her thoughts, stating forthright, truthful point of views, and her journey with her preemie babies and as a homemaker.
Mommy Heart

19 thoughts on “Covid-19 Crisis: Taught People to Live Life with a Purpose

  • napalaking tulong din po talaga ang pandemic na ito mas narealize natin na mas maganda ang mga simpleng pamumuhay makikilala mo tlaga yung mga handang tumulong sa iyo ng walng anumang kapalit. mas simple mas masaya. yung mga di mo nakaka usap dati bigla mo maalala kamusta na ba, maga hidden talent biglang boom ayun dahil sa quarantine nagawa mo.
    maraming salamat mommy hearty for sharing

  • If COVID-19 taught me anything, it’s to limit my time on social media and live a real life with real people who I can have real lasting relationships with. They help you get through tough times like COVID. Social media too often only breads confusion, frustration, and anger.
    I respect and appreciate you, what you have been doing is not easy at all, and I admire you so incredibly much. You have inspired me to be better. Thank you

  • You are such an inspiration to me and so many other moms, besh.

    We have learned a lot of lessons in this pandemic. I pray that when we move forward and when this pandemic is over, we will still remind ourselves of what matters most.

  • nakaka-inspire naman po kayo momsh, Patunay lang po yan na strong ang mga kagaya natin mga babae. Sa khit anung pagsubok ay kaya natin malampasan. Hindi natin inaalis si God sa tabi natin. Laban lang po😘😘😘

  • This too shall pass. Just hold on. Always know that we are here for you (virtually na nga lang muna) . We will all get by… 🙏🙏🙏

  • Nakakainspire ka mommy, you’re powerful enough to spend time during this pandemic crisis. Always have time to help others and not expecting anything in return. Basta laban lang sa buhay, lahat malalampasan natin. Godbless you more and your family. Goodluck mOmmy Heart 😍

  • Nakakainspire ka mommy, you’re powerful enough to spend time during this pandemic crisis. Always have time to help others and not expecting anything in return. Basta laban lang sa buhay, lahat malalampasan natin. Godbless you more and your family. Goodluck mOmmy Heart 😍

  • such a Mom who is fueled with the love of her family ♥️ Admired your positive thoughts towards the situation Momsh.
    “No one has ever become poor by giving.” Agree to this, small or big is such a big help to others. We can think of many ways to help esp when helping feed our souls.
    I have some nega thoughts too that this pandemic will crushed the dream i build for my children but as time goes by, i embrace uncertainties and let go of those things i don’t have control. Thanks so much for sharing some of your thoughts Ms Yvette during this pandemic and how we can all together get through this. Agree, we must be optimistic that soon we can go back to our normal routines. Sending love and more hugs ♥️

    • I also admire you besh for being so calm all the time. To the highest level eh. You too, keep on inspiring more people and sending virtual hugs to you and to your family. Stay safe always!

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