Understanding Adult Foster Care in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Adult Foster Care program is an excellent alternative to traditional assisted living facilities. It allows seniors to enjoy the comfort of an intimate and safe home environment with 24-hour daily care. These are some details about the program.

Private Setting

Government-regulated agencies provide guidelines for how seniors receive care at home Massachusetts. Individuals can live with their caregivers in single-occupancy homes and these homes must conform with rigorous cleanliness and safety standards.

Financial Requirements

To qualify for the Massachusetts Adult Foster Care program, seniors must first apply for MassHealth, the state’s Medicaid program. Government social services representatives can recommend acceptable financial planning for anyone whose resources exceed the allowable limit. Those with specific medical requirements are sometimes allowed higher income thresholds.

Personal Requirements

In addition to financial eligibility, applicants must acquire a doctor’s prescription detailing their need for assistance with daily tasks, including cooking, dressing, eating and bathing. Individuals must also receive a clinical evaluation through MassHealth. 

Caregiver Qualifications

Caregivers must be at least 18 years old, pass a health requirement, and not have conflicting responsibilities. They must train for the services they will provide and maintain a care log and status report for review by MassHealth. Relatives, excluding spouses, are eligible to be caregivers.  

Agency Assistance 

MassHealth must approve the plan of care based on an individual’s specific needs. It makes sure that a caregiver can carry out this plan. If a family uses an independent agency’s services, the agency assumes responsibility for the caregiver’s proper training and implementation of care. 

Caregiver Compensation

MassHealth provides up to about $18,000 annually to caregivers for their services. When independent agencies manage caregiving services, they take a percentage of the MassHealth allowance.

For older adults who cannot manage alone, The Adult Foster Care program offers quality individualized care that is not possible in a large facility.

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