Preparing Your Young Child for School

If you’re a parent of a young child, their education is likely an important priority in your life. While choosing the right school is a necessary piece of the puzzle, there are actually several ways you can help set your child up for success before you enroll them in kindergarten. To focus on child development norwalk ct, give these tips a try. By being proactive during the younger years, you can help prepare your child for a smooth transition into the education system.

Focus on Social Development

Children need to interact with each other in public places to build healthy relational skills while learning valuable social cues. While preschool is a great way to fulfill a child’s need for social engagement, there are other ways to supplement this helpful training. Make regular trips to different types of locations, such as playgrounds, libraries and restaurants. This can help your child interact with others in different settings so they can learn when certain behaviors are appropriate.

Build Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Practicing your child’s body control plays a pivotal role in brain development. It’s also a crucial step in learning how to write properly at the appropriate age. Exercise often for gross motor development, and encourage detail-oriented activities that require steady fingers to boost fine motor skills.

Value Reading and Writing at Home

Make a habit of reading to your child every day. This helps build patience, focus and auditory processing skills at even a young age. In addition, children will learn to develop a love for reading, which is an important part of education.  

Encourage coloring, drawing and writing at age appropriate levels as well. Keep the activities fun by helping kids get creative. Let them write letters or cards to mail to family, help them make a simple book or encourage them to make their own signs to supplement creative play.

A good education starts at home! By planning ahead and choosing intentional activities, you can help prepare your child for a successful start to school.

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