4 Activities That Can Help Heal a Child After Trauma

Trauma can severely impact the behavior and mental health of children who experience it. Many adults dismiss this pain and grief as something kids will outgrow or forget over time. Unfortunately., that isn’t the way it works. Instead, learn about strategies that are being used to help them learn to cope with and heal from tragedy.

1. Hippotherapy

Despite its funny-sounding name, this is actually a form of therapy that uses horses. There have been remarkable results as children learn to trust and guide the massive presence that is a horse. Before you sign up at an equine-assisted therapy program, make sure they have the required certifications and horse insurance cost to adequately help children in crisis. 

2. Art Therapy

Therapists have long used art and drawing as a way to help children express themselves and share traumatic experiences. Encourage drawing, coloring, and creative processes at home for a calming and productive activity. For more intensive intervention, find a licensed art therapist to work with your child. 

3. Yoga and Meditation

There has been an increased interest in yoga and meditation as tools for dealing with trauma. They are used frequently to help ease symptoms of PTSD and anxiety in adults and can also be used with children. While yoga won’t heal a trauma, it can provide an effective tool for coping with the effects.  

4. Journaling

Journaling is more than just compiling a timeline or documenting events. It is an expression and exploration of feelings. Encourage your child to follow established advice and tips for keeping a journal after trauma. It offers a bridge toward closure for many people. 

If your child has been impacted by trauma, whether it is abuse, an accident, the loss of a loved one or a violent event like a school shooting, they need time and patience to heal. Use the resources available to you to help them understand the pain and move forward in a safe and healthy manner.

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