Unique Valentine’s Gift Ideas

These days a lot of health concerns that our country is facing now and they have been reported a lot of fatalities so far across the globe. So I come up with the idea of instead of the traditional flowers, chocolates which are also okay yet I am more of a practical “Nanay” and I know all or might mostly of my co-parents agree on this. I shared this on my blog page as well and it shows that all mothers can relate and it gained a lot of engagement.

#buhaymommyblogtipsO sa mga nagbabalik loob sa mga mahal nilang gf dyan o nanliligaw pa lang. Be practical sa regalo…

Posted by Buhay Mommy Blog on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

What’s inside the basket?

Zonrox Purple and White
Sani Spray ( for the toilet, tables, and chairs, etc)
Sanicare Wipes
Sanicare Toilet Cover
Facial Masks
Air Sanitizer
Tissue roll

Pwede naman mag-adjust, kahit hindi malalaking sizes 💕😁 

Actually this sanitation gift are not just for mothers out there, it can be sa mga manliligaw pa lang diba? Malay mo magustuhan ng nililigawan ninyo ang ganitong regalo.

Safeguard Products
Second photo of basket na may safeaguard handwash (for refill sa kids small container)

Hindi lang naman dahil Valentine’s tayo magpapakita ng pagmamahal sa kanila diba? If the budget will allow you why not spend on these things.

More practical gift ideas 🙂

  • Pabigas with gasul na kasama 🙂 #sanaall
  • Laundry detergents and any household stuff.
  • A spa treatment for your wife or both of you can attend to.
  • A simple and yet meaningful dinner, don’t spend too much naman kasi 🙂 at huwag ng ipangutang pa just to impress your loved ones.
  • Sometimes the most nakakakilig presence is makasama mo lang sa sila sa bahay and have a good dinner and sharing your favorite meal at home diba?

So for you guys, please let’s us think of what we can give to our loved ones, alam kong mas nakakakilig ang bulaklak pero these days importanteng palagi tayong aware sa nangyayari sa paligid para alam natin what to offer and give.

Let’s spread the love with so much care 🙂

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