3 Special Occasions for Gourmet Cookies

When you think of a dessert for a special occasion, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t a gourmet cookie — but why not? These sweet treats are versatile, beautiful and can be customized for any event. There’s no limit to what you can celebrate with them, but here are three special occasions that often call for the gourmet cookie delivery Atlanta has to offer.


A birthday only comes once a year; why not shake things up this time around with gourmet cookies? They’re great served alongside a traditional cake, and you can find just about any shape to fit your party theme! Present boxes, party hats, flowers, balloons, and even cake slices are just a few of the endless designs you can choose from. Cookies are perfect for hands big and small, easy to serve and make a festive display at the buffet table.


Cookies are like a blank canvas, just waiting to be painted with your wedding colors, flowers and accents. They’re universal and can be decorated to accompany your wedding cake as well! Gourmet cookies are perfect for self-serving or being passed around with other finger foods, and they make an elegant ‘thank you’ gift for your guests.


Graduation cap and gown-shaped cookies for your accomplished student? What a way to celebrate! This is a wonderful way to show off your school’s colors and capture the spirit of this monumental event. Gourmet cookies can even be served in the form of a bouquet, and are a lovely gift to pair with flowers for your graduate.

No matter what you’re celebrating, gourmet cookies are a great way to make your special occasion even sweeter. From the smallest gathering to the biggest party on the block, these sweet treats are sure to be a hit!

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