Review: Modified Pag-IBIG 2 (MP2) Savings Program

May pagibig ka na ba? Este Pagibig member ka na ba? If yes, tutukan mo tong blog post ko about their investment program. If you are looking for an affordable investment, this one is perfect as well lalo na kung employee ka or kahit self-employed lalo na kung isa karin freelancer like me. Read on til the end and I know this will help.

What is MP2 Program?

  1. A voluntary savings platform for Pag-IBIG Fund Members.
  2. 5 Year maturity period.
  3. Government Guaranteed Savings
  4. You can enjoy HIGHER dividend earnings, at TAX-FREE
  5. You can save and deposit anytime.
  6. A minimum of P500.00 only to start

Who can avail this MP2 Program?

  1. If you’re an active PAG-IBIG Members. Ready ka dapat sa MID number mo.
  2. Self-employed (like businessman or woman, lalo na sa mga Freelance Contractor like me)
  3. If naging in-active member ka, share ko din how you can reactivate.
  4. For reactivation, immediately tell the staff na you are not an active member para they can assist you reactivate your account. In my case, kasi freelancer na ako and nawalan ng oras maghulog and i-update, fill up ka ng form to update your member’s data and your last employer kailangan tanda mo rin. I paid a 3 month worth of contributions. Nasa P900.00 na siya, it’s like your paying quarterly. Then, show your receipt to the staff and they will give you the MP2 enrollment form.

How much can you deposit or save para mag earn?

  1. You can start at P500.00 up to 10,000 monthly. And hindi mandatory na maghulog ka per month ng malaking halaga pero your goal is to earn higher dividends, so make sure consistently ka maghuhulog. Pero PAGIBIG suggests na 500 a month is a good start na. Pwede ka rin mag one-time savings of a higher amount. At walang limit ang pwede mo i-save.
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Sample Table of Computation

Who can avail this MP2 Program?

  1. If you’re an active PAG-IBIG Members.
  2. Self-employed (like businessman or woman, lalo na sa mga Freelance Contractor like me)
  3. If naging in-active member ka, share ko din how you can reactivate.

How can you enroll?

  1. If you are an active PAGIBIG member (meaning actively my contributions ka per month) pasok ka na agad mag enroll. You can do the enrollment online or you can go directly to any PAGIBIG Branches na malapit sayo. MAKE SURE ALAM MO ANG MID NUMBER MO 🙂 Kindly bring the following:
  • Valid identification card ( Passport, SSS ID, Driver’s License or any primary ID’s na meron ka)
  • Passbook or ATM Card of your nominated bank account
  • Before you can apply personally, download ka na ng form here para number na lang kukuhanin mo. Less hassle.

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Alam ko you will ask this, guaranteed ba ito?

Yes, MP2 Savings are government-guaranteed. However, the annual dividends, may vary depending on several factors, such as Pag-IBIG Fund’s financial performance.

San ini-invest ni PAGIBIG ang pera mo?

Pag-IBIG Fund invests at least 70% of its investible funds in housing finance, as required by its Charter. It also invests in government securities and corporate bonds.

How long can I invest sa MP2? Or When can I get my dividends?

  1. This is a 5 year savings program only, however you can re-apply new fo a new MP2 Savings Account.
  2. Meron kang option upon enrollment that you can withdraw it annually, or tapusin mo ang 5 year maturity period.

How do I pay or deposit my MP2 Savings?

1.If employed ka, salary deduction ang pwedeng option upon agreement or arrangement with your employer;
2. If self employed or voluntary payor ka (e.g. freelancer) you can pay directly at any Pag-IBIG Fund Branch; or at any Pag-IBIG Fund-accredited collection partner.,

How much dividends ang pwede mo kitain?

Your MP2 savings earn tax-free dividends, at a rate higher than the dividend rate of the Pag-IBIG Fund Regular Savings Program. MP2 dividends are derived from no less than 70% of Pag-IBIG Fund’s annual net income. For reference, the average MP2 dividend rate in the past three years (2016-2018) is at 7.65%

Source: PagIBIG website


  1. Make sure may photocopy ID’s kana kahit 1-2 valid ID’s kasi kahit na may photocopying section dun eh nawawala din yung staff so hassle pa sayo na maghanap ng photocopying place.
  2. If Senior citizen, pregnant women, and kung you’re PWD ID holder, sabihin mo lang sa staff sa unang counter para priority lanes ka makakapila. Took me less than an hour to process mine kasi PWD ID holder ako.
  3. If wala ka sa nabanggit, you’ll undergo the usual process. Better na mag-online ka application or maaga ka pupunta. Online applications for MP2 are for those who are active members lang kasi tried it once, eh hindi ako paying member na so I need to be updated.
  4. Make sure may photocopies ka ng receipts, just in case mawala ang original and file mo na agad ng maayos. Always be ready with MP2 Number (separate number kasi siya sa MID number) when paying para less hassle.
  5. Bring your own pen and bottled water para habang nakapila ka less hassle na sayo dba?

Hope these blog post helps. Siguro after 1 year sisilipin ko yung na-save ko na and will update you kung kumita na siya 🙂

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