Quaker Oats Bundle Review

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” – John Gunther

Studies shows that eating oatmeals gives many health benefits. Isama mo na dito ang reducing of heart diseases, it can lower your blood pressure and even weight loss. Kaya lagi siyang kasama sa grocery lists ko. You can eat eat anytime and anywhere.

Benefits we get when eating oats:

  1. Oats are rich in high in antioxidants. They are very important kasi our human body natural siyang nagpo-produce ng free radicals and these antioxidants helps counteract para hindi magkaroon ng damage sa skin.
  2. It contains fiber called Beta-Glucan which can help reduces blood sugar levels, cholesterol and because of fiber you’ll feel full already. And it maganda siya sa digestive  system natin. 
  3. Eating oats can help you loose weight. Hindi lang siya masarap na breakfast o snack, yung beta-glucan sa oatmeal can help you feel full na agad. Which means it slows down emptying your stomach. 
  4. Oats can help relieve constipation because of fiber. 

Good news sa mga mamimili: Quaker PH now offers Oatsilog Breakfast Pack like one below: 

We can now enjoy a delicious oatsilog in just 3 easy steps!

  1. In a bowl or jar, whisk and mix all ingredients ( oats, egg, freshmilk nilagay ko and little pinch of magic sarap plus cooked tuyo)
  2. Season with salt and paper to taste.
  3. Microwave for 2 minutes. What I did every 1 min I am stirring it para even ang pagkaluto. Please remove the cover ha upon cooking.
  4. Though it is microwabable up to 100 degrees

Look at the finish product: Medyo hindi siya instagrammable haha 🤣

May Oat-Tu-Log Version Meal is love


It is easy to prepare and sobrang bilis lang lalo na kung nagmamadali kana mag breakfast. Plus, you can use as much ingredients na gusto mo. Sobrang healthy and delicious. You may also check recipes sa QuaterOats.PH. 

*Available in leading supermarkets nationwide. Bought this sa Puregold for only P70.00 and meron siyang mason jar and net weight: 400grams

Have you tried this mga mommy? Gusto ko masubukan ninyo, I am giving away (2) boxes of Quaker Oatsilog Breakfast Pack. See Facebook post for mechanics.

Disclaimer: This is a not a sponsored post and giveaway.

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5 thoughts on “Quaker Oats Bundle Review

  • Ang dami po talagang Health Benefits ng Oatmeal Momsh, yan din po ang ginagawa kong breakfast na may kapartner na fruit. Mahirap na po kase magkasakit. Fan po ako ng quaker oats yan din po ang brand na binibili ko, masarap din po ang cookies.Thank you for sharing Momsh!

  • Wow… Gusto ko ito E try.. Ang quacker oatsilog… Perfect pang agahan.. Lalo na sa mga lage nagmamadali.. Hehe pwede po ito..

  • Kumakain aw nyan quaker oatmeal yan ang bfast ko, pero just as simple as water, and milk lng ang halo. I always eat this to lessen mg highblood pressure and it is good for the heart tlaga.

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