How to Maximize Your Home Massage Experience

Truly home massage is the most ideal experience that we moms can get. Instead of traveling back and forth going to a spa massage.

Had a great experience with Mantra Home Service Massage last time.

In this post I want to share how you can maximize your home massage. Or at least what to expect.

Before the Massage

  1. If possible get someone to watch over your kids. Give yourself at least 2 hours and 30 minutes to prepare for your pre massage routine.
  2. Take a warm shower. Take your time pampering yourself.
  3. Diffuse relaxing essential oils to start the mood with any calming music.
  4. Don’t eat too much before your massage it will only make you uncomfortable.

During the massage

Relax your mind. Take a deep breath and focus on your massage. Make sure you let the therapist know how you wanted your massage be. If you don’t want to be naked during the massage wear soft fabric clothing and loose-fitting items. Breathe normally.

After the massage

Do not quickly stand to avoid dizziness. Most massage will recommend for you to drink water for you to drink cups of water to flush the toxins right after the massage or hot green tea.

Hope these tips helps.

If you want to experience a calming and relaxing massage, book your appointment now to Mantra Home Service. Hopefully they will expand and have more accessible locations in Manila. Services are great and even perfect for your children. Please do check their facebook page for promos and book your therapist right away.

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