Yes, I’m just a mom who always make my children cry!

Bakit nga ba naiyak ang isang bata?

Mula sa kanilang pagsilang, kailangan nilang umiyak para malaman nilang buhay sila at nailuwal na sila. Kaya sila pinapalo mula paglabas nila sa ating sinapupunan.

Proud ako to say, I always make my children cry. Not because I am hurting them but I always give them letter of love that I didn’t realize will touch their hearts and make them cry.

This is my recent letter that I didn’t mean to make them cry.

About the letter:

I was crying last night and nagiisip ako lately why my children are always fighting, whining and all. That disappoints me because I felt like I’m a failure. I am failing to take care of them and love them.

Alam kong pag wala na si moy and daddy, hindi ninyo pababayaan si Yvan. 🙏🏻

I just want to let them know and understand why Yvan act like this. Their little brother has a medical condition and also a hearing impaired and my children supports Yvan. They are a little frustrated because Yvan is starting to hit them and misbehaves. After all, bata pa sila. Even if they were telling me they understand and love Yvan, hindi maiwasan na magkasakitan sila.

I was teary eyed because of their reaction after reading my letter and they gave me a warm hug. I will always treasure you all anak. Kahit angry si mommy, you know I will always be the person you can count on, and I will always love you til the end of time.

It will always be your mommy,

Mommy Heart

Mommy Heart

Mommy Heart

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Mommy Heart


  1. Chin Enriquez says:

    OMG something new to me! Thank you sa idea na toh mommy Yvette. Love letter para sa ating mga anak. Ang hilig ko pa mandin magsulat sulat ng notes. 15 months old palang naman ang baby ko ngayon.. pero kapag marunong na sya magbasa… why not do this, kahit ba wala syang kasalanan.. yung tipong love letters on random days lang.. para matuto din sya/sila to write their feelings down if they cant voice it out. Hihi thanks ma!

  2. Juvy says:

    Fighting among siblings is normal. Its part of growing up. But when they mature they’ll soon learn that during hardships amd trials they only trully have one another to count on, especiall when we are gone. And our job is to guide them through this process.

  3. Catherine says:

    So beautiful…I still write letters to my children and I always have. Today, my children write letters to me…it’s a beautiful practice and expression of love.

  4. Sara Welch says:

    My parents used to leave me little notes hidden in my room, or in my backpack and I’d love finding them, sometimes years down the line! I always cherished those little love notes!

  5. Marysa says:

    Being a mom can be so tough. We want what is best for our children but it is difficult. Sometimes there are those tough times but you are a good mom, it will work out.

  6. Lyosha says:

    I think the ability to be truely sorry and not wanting the situation to repeat is very important to keep on going and maintaining healthy relationship

  7. berlin | Momi berlin says:

    Love the letter to your kids. Do not doubt, your children understand you and Yvan. They as they grow up and have a family of their own, i believe they will still be there for each other especially for Yvan.

  8. brianna watson says:

    aww, I’m sorry your children have been fighting lately. I’m positive they still love each other and care for one another. I am sending positive vibes over to you and your family!

  9. Lisa says:

    Aw I think that the bond between mother and child is a special one. You’ll have moments like this, but can connect after.

  10. Stacie says:

    This is so amazing! I think the biggest part of parenting is building our kids up. There’s nothing more important than showing them how much we love them and teaching them how important they are.

  11. pchi peach says:

    Last time umiyak aq s anak ko, im not perfect, i fell guilty kasi napalo ko sya. kinausap q, sinabi qng anu ung mali nya at di na dapat gwin kasi gat maari ayaw q sya paluin dhil love q sya. she said yes and say sorry. pero may mga bagay talaga na pdeng maulit lalo na bata pa, wag lang magsawa na magpaalala.

  12. Maria Catherine Matugas says:

    True momsh. Napapalo naten mmga anak naten dahil mahal naten sila at mafisiplina ng maayos.. Kahit ako momsh pag minsan na nag aact sila ng di maganda o lumalaban ganun parang feeling ko di ko maalagaan ng maayos or im failure pero as a mon need talaga naten ng mahabang paswnsya para sa mga anak naten. Anyway so blessed talaga tayo dahil sa knila ^_^

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