Such a Blessing: Lamoiyan Corporations’ loved for the Deaf and Handicapped people

I am always emotional whenever I see people who are physically challenged. Sympathizing on their situation yet makes me feel anxious because of my child, Yvan. He was diagnosed with bilateral hearing loss and now wearing his hearing aid. This is one of the complication of his health condition called Broncho Pulmonary Dysplasia, a lung condition that children suffers because of undeveloped lungs and they become oxygen dependent as they grow. I was crying by that time and not showing my tears to my children.

I feel so sorry for those children who are  physically challenged likely to our little one not because they are not capable of being a normal child/person but thinking what can happen to Yvan when we’re gone? Were he be able to find a job? So many questions in mind. Told my husband we should do something and that is helping him cope and not to feel bad. And now he is gradually coping with the help of our Lord, God.

Hearing loss can affect a person in three main ways:

1. If not treated well, fewer educational, job opportunities due to impaired communication and less opportunities in life.

2. Social rejection and difficulties communicating with others and tendency of bullying incidents.

3. Emotional problems like stress, depression and loneliness.

We are blessed to help Yvan cope and I hope someday, Lamoiyan could be the way helping our son.

It is my dream or my ambition to help, build a center or community for deaf people. Helping them to cope in life, reach their dreams and lived normal just like other children.

I am surprised that Lamoiyan Corporations reach to Filipinos and be of helped; 20% of Lamoiyan Corp’s employee comprised of men and women who are deaf. I salute people behind Lamoiyan because of their advocacy to help Deaf children with their education and continues to support their needs.

You may get involved and donate!

Cash donation will help the deaf scholars of DEAF Inc. school in Cavinti, Laguna finish their high school and college education. More information here.

“When God blesses you financially, you don’t raise your standard of living, you raise your standard of giving.”

Lamoiyan is not just more than a brand and products, they are committed to do excellence in every aspect of their business. They are raising their standard of giving to less fortunate people.

“Corporate Social Responsibility is a very important part of Lamoiyan’s way of doing business. In Lamoiyan Corporation, we believe that we can make our presence a blessing to society. These activities are focused on dental missions, helping the deaf community and taking care of the environment.

Lamoiyan Products 

 Two of our favorite line products from Lamoiyan

“They provide a variety of quality products for oral care, household and personal care at an affordable cost. Some of our brands includes Hapee, Kutitap and Gumtect toothpastes. Dazz dishwashing paste/liquid, and Licealiz for lice infestations.”

May God continue to bless you more, Dr. Cecilio K. Pedro and those people whose with you with these advocacy to help.

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3 thoughts on “Such a Blessing: Lamoiyan Corporations’ loved for the Deaf and Handicapped people

  • Wow… I didnt knew Lamoiyan but I know Dazz, Hapee, and Licealiz.. now I know na may mga workers pala silang hearing impaired. And yes mommy Yvette, i can relate, nagwoworry din ako for my lo, although he’s healthy, nagwoworry ako na who will be there for him when im gone. Kaya as early as now, have to teach him about life na.

  • Stay strong momsh makakayanan din po yan ni Yvan. Thankful ako kay god walang may sakit sa mga anak ko maswerte parin lami kahit may kaya lang kami, sana lahat ng mommy na may mga anak na sped, pwd etc.. Sana d sila sumuko at panghinaan ng loob. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME PO ☺

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