How to save more effectively?

Another new year to start and more Filipinos are now starting to be more educated when it comes to saving, may it be for their kid’s education, travelling, emergency funding, etc.

I’ve been doing this kind of technique for almost five years already and it is helpful for me and my family. I am using this kind of envelope which I bought in National bookstore for P300.00 pesos only. I like it so much because it is divided and portioned accordingly. All i need is to write my own list of what to save or spend.

This year we have a lot of plans and to make it easier I am now saving little step at a time. Is it possible or achievable? Yes. But might be for some this can’t work but somehow might help.

  1. I started to list down all our monthly expenses and see what we don’t need anymore. Good thing of one of our account in Smart bro has ended. We chose not to continue since we already have 2 more subscriptions active. This saves us 1,000 a month din.
  2. Lessen the use of air condition, other electric appliances and doing my laundry every three days. It serves dual purpose, helping our environment and savings costs.
  3. Had our water pipe checked and do some repairs. This saved us 900 this month.
  4. We limit dining out and if we do, we make sure we are putting into saving what we paid for. “Gastos mo, save mo thing”! ☺️
  5. Buying in bulk saves a lot. Not just your time but penny as well. We love buying bulk meats in Landers Store kasi fresh and maayos ang packaging.
  6. More gulay for kids and fish. As usual I am prepping them baon. I encourage them to bring water instead of buying juices sa canteen.
  7. Will have to say NO to “Sales and discounts”. Tempting yes pero it’s worth your money if avoiding ka muna to shop. Parang learning to delay it.
  8. Just like the past years, we never use a credit card. We have a budget for everything and live with it. If my children want something, save for it. Pag kaya na ng budget nila, they can use it na.
  9. No impulse buying. Gamitin ang calculator ng mobile phones para malaman ang costs para hindi sobra sa budget.

What are we saving for?

Emergency funds – this is now a must in every household. We’ll never know what will happen eh. These funds can be use if you lose a job, family member’s illnesses and major repair sa bahay. Saving for our emergency fund is achievable because this is short term goal.

Tuition Fee – for a family with 3 little children, it is best to save now rather than not. We are still discussing if we will get them Sunlife VUL. 50,000 these days ay mabilis lang para sa tuition fee ng mga bata dba? So what me and my husband do, every month we shed a budget for it. Perfect for June’s enrollment this year.

Life Insurances- my husband is a bread winner, he chose for me not to work so I can take care of my children full time 😅. Mabigat din ang premiums mga momshies, so again, we are setting aside budget for these. We have Sunlife, Philsfirst ( car insurance) and Axa. Sunlife and AXA are VUL type which has insurance and investment linked already. Sadly, malapit sa disgrasya ang asawa ko so don’t missed getting a motor vehicle insurance. Sunlife and Axa are for retirement narin and considered as a long term goal savings. Huwag tayo mag hesitate kumuha ng insurance, it is a must now!

Travel fund – and because life is too short and as part of our goal to have more quality time for our children. It is best to plan and save ahead for our trip this July in time for our son’s birthday. Saving for your travel fund can be an option.

Mutual Funds– another kind of investment, what I like with mutual funds, you can withdraw your money once you decided na ayaw mo na. Pero unlike sa bank kasi it is earning, and we call it compounding interest. Hindi natutulog ang pera sa mutual funding. Pero be aware on where to invest. We have our MF sa Sunlife kasi they have Fund Manager that monitors everything. And it helps if consistent ang communication mo with your FA.

Miscellaneous fund- funds will go to paying debts (onti na lang at tapos na kami), therapy session fees of my child, emergency cases like hospitalization, etc.

My daughter and youngest son doesn’t have HMO at the moment. Yet, planning to get them prepaid HMO immediately.

What else we have budget for?

Tithes. Hindi ito pwede mawala. We are allotting money every time we go to church. God bless us in many ways, and walang costs yun kung ilan. Yet we should give Him na hindi rin mabilang and na maluwag sa ating kalooban.

Dogs – yes some might react why we have budget for them? They are not just pet but we are also an Alaskan Malamutes breeder. So we need to take care of them, and feed them right and minsan we are setting aside yung thinking na pang- business lang sila. They are all part of our family. Soon they will have puppies that we can sell.

Utilities- electric, water, telephone, cable , and house rental bills. We can always save din naman when it comes to consumption. Whatever the excess, we save it to add to the next billing.

Food and grocery – it’s our basic needs eh. Grocery with your check lists and as much as possible no kids with you haha. Kasi nawawala sa circulation ng lists. What I do, I always jot down if ano pa ang mga supplies we have para hindi maulit bilhin. Huwag mag grocery ng gutom.😅

Fuel and car maintenance budget. Part ng expenses yan lalo if may car kayo, having a vehicle is also an investment. Though mag- depreciate siya at least napakinabangan mo naman. And that can be your asset.

Property or House Budget – we are aiming to purchase a bigger lot this year na sana matuloy. 🙂 yes we are setting aside monthly para achievable naman ito by the end of the year.

Christmas/Birthday Budget – hindi naman sinasabing must pero as we all know malaki ang nagagastos during these occasions. We are not fond of throwing big parties sa mga bata, we just ask them what they need or want and ang importante they are having fun. And December, most awaited time of the year, mahirap mabigla sa expenses pang regalo so better save ahead kagaya namin para swak lang ang perang gagamitin.

Lahat ng excess sa sweldo like holiday pays automatic savings yan pati ang 13th month.

Kaya natin yan mga momshie, kailangan lang talaga isa sa ating magasawa ang may discipline 😅. Sana makamit natin ang finacial freedom this year 🤗

Kayo how do you save? Share ninyo naman baka may mapulot din akong aral ❤️

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4 thoughts on “How to save more effectively?

  • Guilty as charged! Hehe di ako marunong magsave 🙁 kasi lagi akong tempted bumili ng baby stuffs.. so wala talaga akong savings. Minsan tinatry ko naman magsave, tapos biglang kailangan ng ganito, kailangan ng ganyan… eh hindi ako madamot.. so basta meron, bigay lang.

  • Malaking tuLong talaga ung pag save ng momey lalo na sa family mo and sa pangangailangan ng kids mo .. Matry nga rin ito soon . Sa ngayon kasi alkansya muna di pa kaya mag bukas ng savings wala pang maihuhulog ^_^

  • Sa totoo lang momsh super hirap mag budget and mag ipon lalo na ko na hindi talaga marunong mag ipon kahit nung dalaga pa ako hindi tlaga, pero ngayon medyo natatry ko naman ang magtipid at nag uumpisa palang mag ipon siguro makakapagstart palang tlga kami ng ipon kapag tapos ng binyag ng anak ko this feb.

  • Aq nagssave din aq tru jar nmn mommy, even ung malaking paso nmin dto sa house ung pangdisplay na may kawayn stik nillgyn nmin khit tig 5 or 10 peso. sa isang jar meron tig piso, the other one nmn tig 20 or 50. then meron nmn aq sarili q pa na alkansya na nillgyn q din ung alm kung sobra pagkashod ni hubby. Ung mga sinasave nmin is para sa tuition ng school, bday, baptismal at ung pagpaaus ng haus. Kailangan lang talga is disiplina at motivation pra sa mga gusto mo mangyari at magwa.😊

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