Buhaymommy’s Steam Q Iron Review

“Dressing well is a form of good manners” – Tom Ford

Why is it important to dress well?

They say, the way you dress makes an initial impression of how people can address you. Honestly speaking, when you see a man or women dressed so fancy, showing of respect compare to someone just wears a not so nice shirt or short. It shows impact, right? Dressing well boosts our confidence and might attract people as well.

I once said to my husband, I needed just a “plansta ng kabayo” not a new iron. But I guess my photo below can justify why he decided to buy me another one as a wedding anniversary gift.

Here’s my Steam Q Iron Review:

Product Features:

Product Name: Multi-function Steam brush and Iron

Model: G-665-R

Electricity consumption: 800 watts

It has stand for safe rest

100 ml transparent water tank with visible maximum level indicator

1 little brush

1 storage bag


Available: O-shopping online

Product Impression:

Ease of Use

> 4 stars out of 5 (easy to follow instruction with the manual); non-stick sliding coating helps easy ironing, easy steam ironing such as suit, curtain and various cloth.


> 5 stars out of 5- not just a steam iron, it can also be use for sanitization of curtain of fabrics with Fabric brush

Value for Money

> 4 stars out of 5 (quite expensive for a steam iron) yet when we place our order, a free masflex baking dish is given.

Over all Satisfaction:

This kind of iron takes not so long to heat up and don’t automatically turn off if you leave it unattended. It helps speeds up ironing and easily remove wrinkles even to dry linen. Should follow the instructions carefully to avoid burns.

Point of comparison:




  • Easy to use, compact and handy which is perfect for business trip.
  • Heats quickly yet cools slowly.
  • Non-stick sole plate can reach tiny areas bigger irons can’t get to.
  • Steam is powerful enough to blast away wrinkles.
  • Can be used vertically to steam draperies and hanging clothes.


  • Cord is non-retractable.
  • Heavy weight yet easy gliding.
  • Delivery charges costs a lot (might be because we are residing in Cavite)

Final Say: If you have a spare budget, it’s a good buy as well. I love how handy it is and with an ease for storage. Perfect for my husband’s business trip.  The first time I used it, I got burns. I am still using the traditional way of ironing just removing the lint brush under.

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  1. Chin Enriquez says:

    Nakarelate yung plantsa namin hahaha may electric tape. Medyo takot akong gumamit ng steam iron. May inuwing ganito ang mom ko dati.. napaso ako so di ko ginamit.. dun parin ako sa plantsa na may benda hehehe ayun, na-stock hanggang nasira na.

  2. Donna Ria Mahayag says:

    now a days mahirap na talaga makahanap ng matibay at mapagkakatiwalaang plantsa thanks for sharing this. mukhang mapapabili kami nito.

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