How Buhaymommy show Her Love Through Action?

I always believe in the saying, “Action speaks louder than words” and I am even emphasizing it like this, Action speaks more louder than any sweet words.

Being a mom of three premature babies, it requires patience, strength, and much LOVE! It’s like you are dealing challenges everyday. But despite of all struggles we have, we should never forget how to show our love through these actions.

  1. You should manage yourself. Starting of doing your routine exercise, eating a healthy and balanced diet. And handle your stress with ease and maturity. Have a happy life. Related: My Muaythai experience and why every women should try it! 
  2. Make time for your children alone, spent time with each one of them as your bonding and don’t forget your husband. You need time alone together as well. “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” –Mark 10:9
  3. Be selfless and show your love without any demands or expectations. We must admit, if we expect too much from our husband to do things we want them to do, this is bit challenging and becoming stressful everyday. Act with much love instead and everything else will be just fine.
  4. Give your husband the touch of love he needs. My husband always asks “mommy can you give me a massage please? And I say no 🙁 all the time maybe because I am just too tired all day. But now I’ve learned my lesson.
  5. Give your children hugs everyday. Hugs let you feel loved and it calms mind, body and soul.
  6. Spent time eating as a family together. Make it a habit that kids are with you during these times and this is also a way of catching up with them after school. No gadgets or watching tv please while eating.
  7. Last but not definitely the least, always put your LOVE into the food you are preparing and prepare meals they love.
Tuna in Green Salad with Garlic dressing l
Sinampalukang Chicken with Kangkong and Malunggay
Easy Rinse, Leaves no soap and smell

Just like Bubbleman dishwashing liquid, their advocacy is to show #loveinaction in everything that we do. Include Bubbleman in your grocery list and experience the love in your hands and it will not dry your hands as you often wash your dishes. And for budget conscious mom like me, Bubbleman costs around P139.00 at Puregold (sold in pair).

How about you mommies how do you show your love to your family? Can’t wait to hear from you.

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  • Lahat ng time ko nasa baby ko lang… kasi unang una, sya ang dahilan kung bakit nag SAHM ako. I attend to his every needs. Eto, kapag tulog sya saka ako nagi-internet. I limit my screentime/gadget time kapag kaharap ko sya.. para huwag nya akong gayahin hehe

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