Barlico Coffee: The Healthy Coffee and Choco Drink for My Family

Are you a coffee lover? But health conscious at the same time. Due to work loads and busy schedule it is a routine for me na to drink cups of coffee pero feeling ko rin may bad effect sakin ang too much of it.

Glad to taste ang Barlico Coffee. First time ko kasi may makita na coffee na swak din naman sa panlasa yet napaka healthy pa even kids, pregnant and breastfeeding moms can endulge on it.

Barlico line of products

Why is it important to lessen those coffee with caffeine?

We all know that coffee has an antioxidant properties which is science studies shows it has benefits to certain group of people. Yet, excessive caffeine content can also be harmful to our health. As we always say, take everything in moderation.

What ingredient makes Barlico unique from others?

“It is barley and chicory based coffee. Barley is one of the most widely consumed cereal grains all over the world. Barley helps cleanses our digestive system and aids in kidney function. It also promotes bone health, lowers blood cholesterol and helps prevent cancers in our digestive system.”

While since it is chicory based brand of coffee, chicory is traditionally being used as a herbal medicine for it’s restorative properties. When you drink Barlico coffee it will help you manages your osteoarthritis and other bone, joint diseases. It also contains probiotic fiber which promotes absorption of calcium.

Kids may also enjoy their Choco Barlico and it is recommended for younger kids as barley and chicory will help their digestion and the elimination of toxins and waste, plus the extra boost they get from the carbohydrates in Barlico.

Barlico Granules at P95.00
Best paired to freshly baked butterscotch bars

Dark, roasted and robust taste similar to coffee
Availability: 100g glass jar

Too many good reasons to switch to these kind of coffee. Choose 100% Caffeine-Free of Barlico!

Where to buy Barlico?

Photo below was from Barlico Philippines official Instagram Account

How about you mommies, have you tried drinking Barlico coffee? 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Barlico Coffee: The Healthy Coffee and Choco Drink for My Family

  • Ito yung gusto ko talaga mapanalunan at matry since December hehe kasi wala dito sa grocery samin. Coffee lover ako before magbuntis.. pero mula nung nagbuntis ako hanggang manganak hanggang ngayon, ebf kami ni lo, patikim tikim nalang ako ng kape, may kasama pang guilt.

  • I have a read a lot of good reviews about Barlico already, including this one. Sobrang nakaka engangyo talaga and i really wanted to try. Di pa nga lang available sa mga supermarkets dito samin.

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