Secure your Family a Home? Why is it Important?

I remember when I was a child, we never had our own home. We transfer places and had lived in a bahay kubo type of house. Now, I have my own family, me and my husband are now planning to secure our own home for our children. Why these makes sense if all they say   “Lahat naman ng ito ay hindi madadala sa langit?”

Here’s my stand about it! 

Securing a home gives our family security and sense of stability. I grew up with no permanent home and we don’t want our children experience the same way because these days all things are costly expensive especially payment of the house rental. It is such a burden paying monthly rentals.

Home ownership gives freedom and you make your own rules. Let’s face it we wanted our home be as fancy as it should be. If you own the place you can do anything that you need and even want.

Home ownership is now being considered as a good investment. Yes it might be costly at first but you and your children will benefit long term. Not just saving you from all burden of paying monthly house rental and please also note that property does not depreciate and thus it gains profit.

Home ownership gives you space and privacy. You and your family can do anything without thinking that anyone can bother you. Privacy is much more important these days.

Home ownership gives strong relationship in your community. You build stronger ties with the people around you. Compare of just renting a house, you tend to change places every now and then though meeting new people is nice yet it does not give strong ties to everybody.

More than anything else above, we want our children to have a “permanent place” to come home to.

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  1. Cielo Jonna says:

    Tama po kayo momsh sana kami din makapagstart na magipon para makapagpagawa ng bahay gustong gusto ko na din talaga magkaroon ng sariling bahay talaga. Iba kasi pag may sarili ka nang bahay..

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