Choose Your Diaper Wisely, Choose Pampers!

Mga momshies, how do we choose the perfect diaper ng ating mga anak? Let me share mine and I know lot’s of parents will agree on this.

But first consider yung needs pati kung ano ba ang priorities ng family dba? Like yung costs ng diaper per month, sulit ba yan and safe sa kids?

1. Choose a diaper that go beyond in absorption. For me eto talaga ang pinaka importante na quality ng isang diaper, if your diaper won’t absorb leaks and liquid, ma-compromise ang skin ni baby which will cause diaper rashes and worst ang infections.

2. Choose a diaper which fits best sa inyong mga anak. For your child to feel comfortable syempre dapat swak sa kanyang katawan ang size ng diaper and it depends sa weight ng inyong baby. Because no matter how expensive ang diaper na nabili mo, kung hindi naman fit to your child, it’s useless. Highly recommended ang  Pampers Dry pants para #lesslawlawmoregalaw ang peg ng ating mga anak.

3. Choose a diaper with Soft Absorbent Polymer ( SAP)

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“SAPs are considered to be non toxic, non sensitizing, non irritant and non mutagenic. All in all, superabsorbent polymers are a good thing. They’re non toxic and safe, and they help to keep nappies thinner, so there’s less landfill.”

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Why choose Pampers Baby-Dry Paints?

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👍🏻 Pampers Baby Dry Pants has 3 magic channels kaya 3x more absorbent, to the highest level ang dryness.
👍🏻 It has skin friendly-lotion which acts as a mild barrier to support skin’s health
👍🏻 It has soft stretchy belt to adjust your kid’s movement everytime and anytime.
👍🏻 Easy wear and easy tear off. Perfect sa mga toddlers na active kasi hassle free na ang pagsusuot.
Kaya mga momshies, why settle for less? Hindi porket mura, nakatipid kana ☺️ Choose wisely, for less lawlaw and more galaw, choose Pampers Baby Dry pants now! You can buy sa mga suking tindahan yan at online meron na rin.

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  1. Cielo Jonna says:

    Actually EQpants user ako pero pag walang stock pampers ang binibili ko for me medyo parehas naman ang quality nila and hiyang naman ang baby ko hindi sya nagkakarashes.. Minsan kaya nagkakarashes ang baby dahil sa gamit na wipes.. 😁

  2. jennifer londe says:

    Pampers diaper din gamit ko sa mga anak ko simula sa panganay ko hanggang dito sa bago kong baby pampers diaper lang ginagamit ko less lawlaw kasi at matipid unless sa ibang brand n madaling maglawaw kaya mas makakatipid ka talaga sa pampers diaper.

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