Fat Fook Opens at BCG

One of the world’s best-loved cuisines, the delicate yet intense flavors of Taiwanese food can now be found in the heart of Bonifacio Global City.

Fat Fook at BGC

Fast growing Taiwanese chain, Fat Fook announced the opening of its newest branch tucked in the heart of Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, marking the company’s 5th location in the country. Located at The Globe Tower, 32nd Street, the restaurant brings favourite dishes pork xiao long bao, oyster omelette, and stinky tofu without having to spend for airfare, lodging, and other expenses that go with traveling. This Taiwanese restaurant is owned and managed by the same group that operates Ramen Nagi. It was conceptualized by the group’s executive chef, Rachel Kao, who was born in Taiwan and grew up in the Philippines.

The expansion in the CBD of Bonifacio Global City is part of the brand’s development plans for this year. It also looks forward to opening two or three more shops by the first quarter of next year. The first branch opened in SM North EDSA in 2016 then followed by Robinsons Galleria in 2017.  A branch in SM Megamall and also in Glorietta opened both in 2018.

What makes Fat Fook different from other Taiwanese diners is its take out counter that offers some of Taiwan’s best street food delicacies and milk tea.  The street food are all sourced from Taiwan.

Fat Fook modern authentic Taiwanese dishes

Fat Fook stems from the Chinese word for “Fa” (gaining”) and “Foo” (Taiwanese term which means prosperity or auspicious). It can be literally translated to “Increasing luck.”

Taiwanese food is a bit close to Filipino cuisine in terms of how the dishes look. But concerning flavor profile, Taiwanese dishes tend to be a bit salty, sweet, and sometimes spicy. Even if you’ve never been to Taiwan, sampling the food at Fat Fook will surely pique your culinary curiosity.

Hand rolled and hand filled

To remain modern authentic and suit the Filipino millennial palate, Fat Fook adjusts some of its dishes. However, there are certain dishes like the stinky tofu, for example, that retains its strong smell – exactly how it’s served in Taiwan. Most of the recipes are from Chef Rachel’s home, inherited from her parents and have been refined for Fat Fook. They also guarantee that the food is as close to the Taiwanese versions because the owners go to Taiwan regularly to taste and source ingredients.

Fat Fook’s cozy and inviting dining experience is an entirely value-for-money—from its warmly lit interiors to the appetizing Taiwanese meals with a twist meticulously prepared by its resident chef. The restaurant itself exudes a modern vibe but still maintains touches of Asian appeal with chromatic cherry architectural accents and porcelain bowls used as light fixtures.

Fat Fook is also quite an innovator when it comes to their food. They make sure to add something new, making it more appealing to the local palate and to the style and taste of the millennial, yet you can still find the essence of home cooking.

Fat Fook house specialties

Fat Fook is known for their house specialties like their best-selling Chicken Chops, Pork Xiao Long Bao, and Taiwan Beef Noodles.  Sophisticated palates will appreciate how Fat Fook’s Chicken Chops aroma wafts up and bursts in the mouth. The crunch of the special breading, alongside the crunchiness and juiciness of the chicken, make for an exciting mix of textures. It will definitely be love at first bite; with just the right amount of breading and seasoning. With their Chicken Chops, you’ll really get to savor the unmistakably Asian flavor.

Another Fat Fook house favorite is the Oyster Omelette.  This classic Taiwanese street food has a lot of great flavors coming from the oyster, Taiwanese petchay, and the thick egg wrap.  The savory sauce drizzled on top of the omelette provides an added sweet-savory umami taste and all the more makes the dish beautiful to look at.

The traditional Pork Xiao Long Bao is definitely impeccable. It surely does not disappoint. In the steaming xiao long lie broth-filled steamed pork dumplings oozing with rich and warm flavor.

Pork Xiao Long Bao

Another classic Taiwanese must-try dish would be the Taiwan beef noodles. Though looks like a simple dish, the ingredients are made sure they are in their best state.  The noodles are light and cooked firm but remain chewy and sweet, while the beef fork-tender almost melt-in-your-mouth with its intense flavoring.

Other interesting dishes on the menu are Taiwan Sausage, Tofu Century Egg, Beef Tendon, Black Pepper Beef, Pork Radish Soup, Oyster Misua, Truffle Xiao Long Bao, and String Beans with Minced Pork.

Fat Fook dining experience

The dining experience in Fat Fook is likewise leisurely and unhurried, just as it should be when you want to have an enjoyable meal. It’s also not unusual to spot high-powered politicians and popular celebrities dining there. But you’ll probably be enjoying your food too much to even care. It also saves one the hassle of traveling to Taiwan and get a visa to eat modern authentic Taiwanese food. Who knew Taiwanese food was this easily accessible? Thank God for Fat Fook! Your tummies will surely thank you when you come and visit.

Fat Fook has an exciting news for all its followers and patrons.  Its milk tea will be updating its look and packaging, thus there is something to watch out for in a few months.

You may visit Fat Fook at The Globe Tower, 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Opens from Sunday-Saturday, 11AM-10PM. Follow them on social media on Instagram and on Facebook.

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