Saving our Family from an Emergency!

Saving our family, or the least we could do is try! Are you prepared enough for your family?

     Mommy keeping everyone safe!

We Mommies spend so much time doting over our kids, pampering them, running after them and showering them with love that we frequently forget to look into early safety preparedness for them in the occasion something undesirable happens.

Flooded by the news of disasters globally, it got me thinking what would be the least I could do to prepare for the safety of my family. It suddenly dawned on me that indeed we are leaving in scary times or even borrowed time if I may say.

Bombarded with news daily with what’s happening around the world. USA is a land now facing the wrath of Earth, Wind and Fire now with the earthquakes, typhoons and forest fires (not to mention the volcanic eruptions), while we here in the Philippines are constantly living in the brink of fear of them. How ready are we to protect our family if something unimaginable happens? Imagine what would happen if we are not at home and our family is caught in a premise fire, or earthquake, that would drive us parents basically mad with worry!

Got me thinking and got me searching too. I know I needed one for the family and after reviewing some online, I realized that they were all more or less the same. I started to think do we really know if it is the right bag to use, or the right contents for each different calamity (as we all know different emergencies will need different stuffs in the kit). I was close to getting one when I saw a friend having one in her house. That’s how I stumbled upon LifeKit! It caught my attention at first from its clean and sleek design and when I took a closer look, I found it so detailed and super well thought out. Imagine having a kit where everything is so well organized, so neat, itemized and lightweight as well. They even have detachable compartments inside and they provide ample space for you to still put some of your desired stuffs in it (notice how often the kits are packed so full that you have hardly space for your own stuffs?). And thus began my journey to find out more about this brand. I felt I just had to get it BUT knowing me I wanted to know more as it involves the safety of my family. And so I started digging further.

Turned out that the people behind LifeKit were super friendly and very well informed about the safety preparedness industry. Apparently they engage the professionals from the medical, emergency response, first aid and even search and rescue experts as their advisors. They work with the PAFR Search and Rescue personnel, US certified Bleeding Control Specialist, UK accredited First Aid Trainers and more! They even conduct trainings on first aid, search and rescue and they even work with Lifeline Ambulance Services. Okay, trust gained!

What I learnt is that they even plan their kits to cater specifically for different situations and environments (for example if you are staying in a tall building or lower level units, for indoors or outdoors, etc.). They have different kit bags for floods, fire, earthquake and even outdoor survival so we know exactly what we need to mitigate any potential high risk dangers that we may face depending on where we are staying at!

LifeKit seems to have something for everything!
See how organized their kits are!

I was hooked and wanted to share more about LifeKit to all my fellow Mommies out there so I touched base with the founder of LifeKit to find out more. His story seemed more like a destiny in calling. By sheer coincidence or a sign of things to come, the Founder (who is a Malaysian married to a Filipina) shared with me was the first thing he experienced when he arrived in the Philippines was Ondoy! Yes on that very same day! And having again personally affected by the post event effects of Yolanda, it got him searching for a way to help the people be more prepared and led him to establish LifeKit here in the Philippines. Since then there was no turning back.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that LifeKit is a Filipino brand which supports the local Filipino manufacturing industry and most of its kits are all made in the Philippines. Over 10,000 kits have been sold to families, corporations, organizations, LGUs, Embassies and it is even being used by others overseas. How cool is that? A Filipino brand, made by Filipinos and gaining a name for itself overseas! Needless to say I became a LifeKit believer and got mine for my family!

Of course, the next thing I looked at was the PRICE! Was so glad to find out that they were very affordable and fairly priced.

In fact they were even cheaper than some others that are sold in the market and what’s great about LifeKit is that they have kits that are priced from P1000.00 to about P7,000.00 meaning to say it is within the reach of anyone! Being the prudent Mommy, I estimated that it could cost about P2,000.00 more if I were to assemble a kit all on my own based on what I bought, and that is even not considering that we still have to get a bag, buy different contents from several different places, spend on car parking or gasoline, and still have to pack them all on our own (and not knowing if what we get are what is really needed). And oh the time saved in this crazy traffic is priceless.

If LifeKit is tough enough for the Rescuers, it should be tough enough for us gentle Mommies too, lol!

To all Mommies out there, do heed this advice. There are times we rush to buy things we don’t need but getting an emergency preparedness kit is something that we all know we truly need if we truly care for the ones we love. We often see many regret and filled remorse over a tragedy, imagine how we would feel if something had happened to a loved one and we know deep down we could have done something to at least give them a fighting chance to survive. What we sometimes forget is that having an emergency kit doesn’t necessarily mean it is to be used only during disasters. Small mishaps and accidents do happen regularly too like minor cuts, burns, etc and in times like these, LifeKit is equally handy too if you have one at home. Oh and they make great gifts too, come to think of it.

If we truly care and love our friends, we could share this blog with them and we could end up saving a life just by doing so (who knows?).

If you are interested to know more about LifeKit, you can just contact me and I will be happy to assist. In fact I will be happy to help you place an order for the kits since i regularly do so for all my friends and relatives.

WANT TO PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW: Kindly email or send Lifekit a message via Facebook messenger with your following details: Price list can be provided.

Your complete name
Emergency bag, survival kit you are interested with
Your active email address and mobile number
How did you know about Lifekit

Here in the Philippines, it looks like it is not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN a disaster strikes, are we prepared? When I got my LifeKit, I got some peace of mind too knowing that I am at least doing something right. My advice and suggestion from one Mommy to another? Get a LifeKit, it’s the least you can do for you and your loved ones to help keep them safe. Don’t wait!

Thank you Lifekit! 🙂 Please visit this link for the giveaway! Good luck!

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10 thoughts on “Saving our Family from an Emergency!

  • May mga times na nagkakasunog halos isang kanto lang ang pagitan mula sa bahay namin. Super helpful ang LifeKit sa mga ganitong disasters and emergencies lalo na’t may toddler ako.

  • Salamat sa Diyos hindi pa naman kami bingayo, nilindol, o kaya ay nasunogan , at sana ay hindi yun mangyari pero hindi natin alam dahil hindi naman natin hawak ang ating buhay at ang mga pangyayari sa paligid natin.

    Mga minor lang naman ang mga nangyayari samin, ang hindi ko makalimutan at pinagsisihan na wala kami kahit basic first aid kit ay nung madapa ang baby girl namin na may dala-dalang matulis na lapis at napurohan ang sa bandang lips nya. Hindi ako handa, hindi ko alam ano ang gagawin at wala man lang kami kahit betadine, itinakbo pa namin sa health center para mabigyan ng karampatang lunas. Kaya ngpapasalamat ako dahil mayroon nang life kit na mabibili at alam kung ano ang kailangan sa iba’t ibang sakuna.

    Joanne Tagros
    [email protected]

  • My family and I were thankful that we hadn’t experienced being greatly affected by Ondoy and Habagat 2012. However, with the Habagat 2013, we experienced not having electricity and a bit of water supply for a few days. My husband and I only had 1 child back then. This time, since we now have 2 kids, I am extremely worried of what may happen during typhoons affecting our area in Cavite especially if my husband is at work. That’s why I would love to have any lifekit which will be beneficial for me as a stay-at-home mother.
    God bless you mommy for sharing this 🙂

  • Well I think one of the recent things that happened to us was a few weeks ago. We didn’t know that the water supply was going to be turned off at 9pm that night and we actually use a water filter in our kitchen faucet for drinking water. So, I just slept my thirst off. I had been meaning to have a disaster preparedness kit for the longest time but haven’t had the chance to get it assembled. I mean it was a simple situation but water is essential so having a Life Kit at hand would be a lifesaver. I couldn’t imagine not having water for my family when there’s a disaster so I really regret not having the basics ready.

    Madz De Leon
    [email protected]

  • When my 2 year old daughter play with hot coffee and accidentally poured on her leg part while I was cooking. Call me a bad mom or whatsoever, you would never see accident coming that’s why we have to be PREPARE and ALERT all the time. I don’t know what to do that time that’s why I brought her to our nearest hospital.Iwas panicking that time and haven’t done any first aid treatment to ease the burn. But I didn’t regret that I’ve brought her to ER immediately. LifeKit would be a very big help for a mom like me in times of this incidents. It is also important that we should be informed with the basics like what those practitioners teaching in fire prevention, earthquake drill seminars.

  • Lifekit can help me and my family as well being prepared in times when we needed it by having it wherever i am everyday. I always make sure that i have especially when we are out. I remember the times when we are out. My husband, sister inlaw and i are in the coffee house together with my younger daughter. Sobrang likot kahit bantayan. When there is a couple who came in and my daughter hold the door without knowing of the couple and then ayun na nga. Naipit yung kamay ng anak ko. We were so shocked and yung dugo is mabilis na lumabas. Wala ako kahit anong first aid kita na dala kaya sobrang di ko na talaga alam gagawin ko. Hanggang yung damit ko nalang pinang punas ko para mawala kahit papano yung dugo. Kaya super need ko talaga to hindi lang para sa disaster or what. Kundi para sa lahat ng emergencies na hindi inaasahang mangyayari.

    Ann Margot Gabris
    [email protected]

  • I would love to have this for my family. I just wish to win this promo… Sobrang helpful nito para sa ating lahat.

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