Is life too short for everything? Yvan’s Journey to Life

6 years had passed and more years to come, this is I believe he will be with us until we grow old. God has a purpose bringing Yvan to this wonderful world. We plead and pray.

How is Yvan right now? He now weighs 16 kilos, stands 3.5 feet at his age of 6 years old. To our little man, I hope one day, you’ll be able to read this.


Mom and Dad will never forget this first photo when we saw you. Suffering and fighting against premature complications. At that moment, you are so adorable and I see God beside you with his little angels. For which we knew maybe from that point you can leave us anytime. But we did not lose hope and we pray that if God will let you be with us, He will let you live. We plead and pray.

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Next photos are your photos when we decided to bring you home, yes, against medical advice. You’re so tiny and cute. We plead and pray.

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Day by day, you are growing strong, and the moment you heard ate and kuya’s giggles, you became more active and happy. And so you made us more happier. We plead and pray.

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Photos when you are less than 1 year old. I guess these photos can explain how you went through despite of the sickness that you have.  We plead and pray.

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We love to eat and explore places as much as we can and congratulate you for weaning off to your oxygen! And we plead and pray. 

We are sincerely sorry for what is happening to you anak, God knows I am blaming myself to seeing you suffer like this. Until now, you still have Pneumonia which you suffers from the complication of Broncho Pulmonary Dysplasia and we know you will out grow all these pains and time will come you will be a stronger person. Gagawa at gagawa kami ng way to  help you cope to your hearing loss. Yes, anak, you are also diagnosed with bilateral hearing loss yet you have your hearing aid and we will continue your therapy. We are so proud of what have you become right now.

You can now hear us even without your hearing aid, talk more words that even I and ate can only understands. You play, dance, sing, and communicate with us the best way you can.

I am sorry that there are times I am angry and no patience at all. Mommy is just tired and might be frustrated for all the struggles our family are facing through. Alam kong nahihirapan kana pero you cannot just say it loud.

Please never forget that we are truly blessed to have you in  our life. Kuya and Ate loves you so much. And dumating man sa oras na wala na si daddy and mommy beside you, Ate and Kuya will make sure they will take care of you.

Please always be a God fearing child as you grow.


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