Happyganics Baby Detergent Review

Are you an expectant mom or a new mom? If yes, welcome to the world of tons of baby clothes and laundry. Much more if you will use cloth diapers like me, you have to be careful choosing baby detergent brands to use and keep away your child’s clothes from any harmful chemicals and irritants which can be found in detergents.

I was blessed to received and try Happyganics baby laundry detergent. Let me share you why this is recommended for your little one’s clothes, bedding, towel, stroller cover and more.


900 grams can be used for 60 loads


Sodium Carbonate – “soda ash”, it is a water softener and helps laundry detergents to lather more effectively. Also a mild disinfectant and PH adjuster.

Sodium Chloride – also called table salt. It is to use as viscosity increasing agent in the detergent.

Sodium Metasilicate (Soda) – as builder to enhance the cleaning efficiency of the surfactant. It helps reduce water hardness.

Alkyl Polyglycoside (non-ionic surfactant from coconut and palm kernel oils) – They are used to enhance the formation of fine and smooth foam for delicate fabrics. Most importantly, they are readily biodegradable and skin friendly.

Sodium Sulfate (Natural Glauber’s Salt) – enable the detergent powder to flow freely, so that the detergent would not stick together.

Why Happyganics is safe to use? 

It is 100% natural and bio-degradable, with no toxic chemicals. Ultra-concentrated.
No SLS – An anionic detergent and surfactant found in many personal care products such as soaps, shampoos, toothpaste etc. If expose you can have skin irritations, neurotoxicity, organ toxicity and disruption of the body’s endocrine system.
No optical brightening chemicals – dyes that are added to laundry detergent with sole intention of tricking your eyes believing that clothes are clean than they usually are, more specifically by reflecting blue light. Chances to get skin, eyes and pharynx irritation, liver damage, allergies, decreased heart rate, depressed ventilation in children and the cause of developmental effects on human.

No phosphates – chemicals found containing phosphorus. It is used to help soften water and remove soil, oil and grease. If expose to this kind of chemicals chances to experience diarrhea, skin irritations and nausea.

No chlorine bleach – known for it’s ability to keep clothes white in removing mold and mildew from shower and it’s disinfectant properties. Risks for eyes, skin and respiratory tract irritation by inhaling the gases of it.

No synthetic fragrances – derived from petrochemicals. Risks of cancer, nervous system disorders, allergies and even birth defects.
Hypoallergenic that prevents skin irritations and even perfect for sensitive skin.

Excellent cleaning power and 99.9% sterilization at the same.
Low suds, sutable for front or top loading standard and high efficiency washing machines.
Works well with cloth diapers, baby clothes, covers, rag dolls. Adults also can use it with their clothes.
Antibacterial that eliminates germs and odor. Leaves your laundry smell fresh even for indoor hanging of clothes.
Environment friendly.


1.5 kilograms P1, 390.00

900 grams – P 990.00

150 grams  – P 249.00

Comes in Lavender and Natural Unscented


  1. Use one 15g scoop for the 5kg load or 45 liters of water.
  2. Will dissolve in cold or hot water quickly.

MY FINAL SAY ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Tried this product for the cloth diapers, sweaters, even toys of my children I have, it leaves soothing smell because I used the Lavender scent. It is not foamy. If you will follow the directions well, you’ll get the result as expected. The only thing though that I noticed the product is quite expensive. But I guess  it can justify the product itself and since it is the safest baby laundry detergent in the market these days, moms won’t mind paying for the price and it can protect your child’s delicate skin and from any harmful ingredients. Yes, this is costly initially, but we should compute it based on the cost per load. Example for a 1.5kg can, it can wash 100 loads (5kls / load) @ Php 1,390. Which means per load the cost is PhP 13.90. For local brand, their price is about PhP 272 for 1KG and can only wash 22 loads (equivalent to heavy load or 5kg) this means that their cost per load is PhP 12.36. More or less, Happyganics price is competitive in the market. It is a little expensive because the raw materials is made in USA.

Product Rating: 4 out of 5, most likely to recommend the product ♥


Happyganics‘ mission is to provide safe, reliable and natural products that bring happiness to everyone in the world.

Happyganics was founded 2015 in Singapore by parents passionate in natural products that are safe for children. We have since expanded to Malaysia and Indonesia markets. Our vision is to be a trusted global brand in all-natural products.

Happyganics is currently available at The Parenting Emporium, The Green Company and online.

Stay tuned for BuhayMommy Happyganics Giveaway 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Happyganics Baby Detergent Review

  • That looks good! Obviously the ingredients used are all safe for kids. I especially love the container lol. Hoping it becomes more widely available!

  • I think I’ve used something similar before, but I stopped na rin since the kids are growing up na. This is really good for those who have infants. Of course we want the very best for our little ones and we keep them away from harmful chemicals and irritants. 🙂

  • The price difference is negligible is you factor in the product’s pros. I also go organic whenever I have a choice. Thank you for sharing will check it out.

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