Reasons Why We Should Travel with our Children

Traveling with children gives us parents a lot of preparation from clothes to other stuff we need. We love to travel or stay in a hotel with my children because it is beneficial for them. Being adventurous makes our lives worth living for. It might be costly for the whole family but these days there are a lot of hotels and places you can now book online which is way cheaper and convenient. I recently discovered, an online travel agency, that offers many promos and discounts. This is perfect for our family because it will help us save money for our flight and hotel.

 Reasons why I want my children travel with us:

1. Traveling let them explore new things.
Children can be expose to different languages, cultures, environment and food. This might be a starting path for them to discover new things around them. Try to go places your family can enjoy like going to the beach. You can stay in one of the many beach resorts in Cebu
Puerto Princesa, and Boracay.

2. Traveling makes unforgettable  memories.
Until now my children can still remember places and stories behind of the place we go. The more traveling experiences ever have, all the more memorable stories we can build.

3. Traveling allow us to connect truly.
In this digital age, most children would rather spend their time sitting and just playing gadgets. Traveling with them let us connect and spend quality time together.

4. To show children the fruits of hard work.
Truly traveling with children might be expensive, but their happiness is priceless. You can educate your children about saving and make budget for each travel they want to go. And let them know that hard work pays off and one of the perks would be memorable vacations.

5. Traveling can teach them how to be grateful.
Not every family can afford traveling or staying in a hotel. Traveling will help your family to be grateful and thankful for this blessings you have.

6. Build stronger bonding moments with family. 
It brings the family closer whether you are just sitting on a couch, watching the sunset and eating while viewing the scenery.

7. Traveling provides learning experience for your children. 
Unlike studying in school with different books around them, traveling gives opportunities for new and exciting learning experiences. It shows actual application of the things they learn on the spot.

There you go! I hope this helps. We must remember that traveling helps our child develop their physical, intellectual,  and social life. Travel as much as you can while your kids are young, this will benefit them as they grow old. And the memories cannot be forgotten.

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Mommy Heart

3 thoughts on “Reasons Why We Should Travel with our Children

  • Agree, traveling can teach them how to be grateful. I always tell my son that he is lucky to visit different places because when we were kids, we don’t have this priviledge. Traveling is costly but it has lots of benefits. 🙂

  • Traveling with kids may be expensive but the fun, experience, and bonding moment -I believe – are far more important than the expenses. Yes, as they explore, they tend to discover a lot and learn from the process.

  • Completely agree with all the things listed here. At isa pa, minsan lang talaga sila bata, when they get older, they will choose who they want to travel with already. We are planning to travel outside PH when my husband comes home and we’re praying it’ll be realized.

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