Biobita Food Supplement Granules Review

Biobita Food supplement granules was prescribed by our Pediatrician 4 years ago when my daughter suffered from Diarrhea. She recommended this to help my child’s digestive problem. Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for our health, specifically our digestive system. Our body is full of good and bad bacteria and Probiotics are the good ones. Though we can find them in some foods.

What is Probiotic?

It literally means “for life”.By definition, a probiotic is a live microbial food supplement which beneficially affects the body by improving its intestinal microbial balance.

There is a good bacteria, beneficial bacteria along with pathogenic or bad bacteria, live on our skin, mouths and gastrointestinal tract. More than 400 different species of bacteria have been estimated to make their homes within our bodies.

Why are Probiotics good for your child?

Probiotics are important because they help combat the effects of infections, poor diet and tiredness which very often wipe out healthy bacteria. This may lead to constipation or diarrhea or more serious conditions.

Probiotics help improve their intestinal tract to nurture your child’s immune system and prevent maldigestion and under nutrition.

They make your children’s digestive healthy like after taking antibiotics, probiotics replace them. It helps balance the good bacteria over bad ones.

Let me share you about the product:

Biobita is a granulated mixed of probiotics and vitamins. It helps improves your child’s intestinal and digestive health, ecology, and their over all well being.

50g bottle
100g bottle

P350.00 (50g bottle)

Where to buy?

Biobita granules is available in selected Mercury Drug store. You may check it here. You can also check their Facebook page for promos of Biobota. Big discount you can save.

Recommended Use:

For 6 months to 7 years old. Mix 1 gram of Biobita in water, milk, or weaning baby food  2 times daily or as directed by a physician using the spoon provided.

 A flat measurement from the top of the spoon provided is equivalent to 1 gram.

Overall Impression:

Diana was 2 years old then when she started taking Biobita, her digestive system improved and recovered from diarrhea few days after. Yvan tried using it (due to constipation), after a couple of days Yvan’s poop condition somehow change, it becomes softer a bit. We are still testing it and give it like more weeks to see the improvement. I give Biobita twice a day. Breakfast and at night. Will keep this post updated.

How do I give it to my children?

I mix it with their milk or water. It is tasteless.

Will  I recommend Biobita to my fellow parents?

Yes, because Biobota helps aid digestion of my children and their immunity as well.

I hope this helps! Would love to hear your thoughts  ♥

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4 thoughts on “Biobita Food Supplement Granules Review

  • I have never heard about this brand before. Pag masakit ang tiyan ni Nate, ginagamit ko Castoria, kasi un ang recommended ni nanay ko. Pero this one looks great too! I like that it’s probiotic. Mejo natatakot ako pag nireresetahan kami ng antibiotic e. Siguro because of the word “anti”. hehe.

  • I wonder if this is another variant of Biobita or the same one that most of the mommies in my mommy group have been raving about. Sabi kasi nila pampagana raw. Bibili rin sana ako noon. Good thing it’s available in Mercury Drugstore rin pala! 😀

  • I like that it is in granules for. How I wish all the medicine for kids are in such form so it’s easy to let the kids drink it when they are sick.

  • This looks interesting, it can help kids who have diarrhea or constipation. I’m afraid to try it kasi medyo pricey, what if hindi type (though tasteless siya). We always drink Yakult, I don’t know kung pwede na yun. hehehe!

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