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I remember when I was a child, my Auntie don’t give us packed lunch or baon. She only gave us money to buy our food which costs P1.00, a choice of bread or puto. And I felt sad, but now I understand why. Preparing breakfast, lunch or snack is really time-consuming. Especially making bento, but then I realized making bento doesn’t have to be complicated.

Having a picky eater child, makes me wonder, what else I can do to my make my son eat what I serve. As time goes by, I learned the basic of bento-ing.

  1. It should be healthy and balanced. Making bento is the best way to cut down veggies and fruits into small pieces that they won’t realize they ate it already. What I did, I always look into food pyramid.
  2. It should be delicious. I guess no one will eat what you have prepared if it’s not tasty. Kids taste buds is so sensitive and not easy to please.
  3. Quick and easy to prepare. We moms can’t stay longer preparing or putting design on the plate.
  4. Veggies and fruits these days are expensive, so make sure you’ll buy only what your family can eat.
  5. With the appetizing look. Kids are attracted to cartoon characters, colorful design. It’s like, “more than meets the eye.” Hehe My son is an ultimate fan of Optimus Prime.
  6. Plan ahead. This will help you what to prepare everyday, (checklist enthusiast 🙂
  7. Include love and inspiring notes.
  8. For veggies and fruits, you can grind them into smallest pieces so you can mix them along with the main meal.

Sharing below are the creations I made to the best I can:


















I hope you like my creations 🙂 These are all made with love. The best part of this bento- making is when my children appreciates all the effort, saying “Mom, thank you for the love and we finished our baon“,  even their classmates said, my kids baon are so cute and pretty.

Will update this post for more bento-creations 😉 Happy bento-making fellow moms and dad ♥

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