Review: Premium White Rice by Don Nats

Are you a rice person but worried of eating too much of it? I have discovered a new white rice which is healthier and way better to white rice we are eating everyday. Are you health conscious? This white rice is for you!
Fact about Moringa:
We all know that Malunggay, scientifically called Moringa Oleifera, a very common plant for its nutritional value and used as herbal medicine as well. Moringa leaves are packed with many nutrients. Moringa is used for anemia, arthritis and other joint pain like rheumatism, asthma, cancer, constipation, diabetes, diarrhea, epilepsy, stomach pain, ulcer, headache, heart problems, kidney stones, high blood pressure, fluid retention, thyroid disorders, bacterial, fungal, parasitic and infections.
Whenever I cook soup dishes, I make sure I put Malunggay leaves on it. And into my surprise it is now in rice. Let me share with you about Don Nats Premium White rice.  
Moringa Nutritional Comparison: 
25 times Iron of spinach
17 times Calcium of banana
15 times Potassium of banana
10 times Vitamin A of carrots
 9 times Protein of Yogurt.
 1/2 times Vitamin C for oranges
White Premium Rice is distributed by Don Nats and they aim for us consumers to support Filipino farmers.
What is the taste of this white rice? 
Well, masarap! You won’t even taste the Malunggay leaves. When it’s cooked looks like Japanese rice because it is sticky and according sa kids, masarap and bumalik pa ulit ng kuha. 🙂 Kids  and my husband loved it.
Availability: 1 kilogram
Place where I bought: Rice dealer here in our place
Price: 50.00 ( I am buying worth P50-53 average of white rice, so it’s really worth the price)
Measurement to prepare: Well, what I did 1 cup of Premium White rice to 1 cup of water
Well, these days we always check what nutrients our family can get to each food we eat. Now, I am relieved that I am giving good food to my children. Have tasted couples of rice like corn rice, brown rice now I am switching to Premium White Rice because it is fortified with Malunggay, 100% Natural. 
Now, I am wondering if I can resell this rice? 🙂 What do you think fellow moms?
Thank you for reading 🙂

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