Why I liked Lego for my children?

Honestly when I was a child, I never experienced playing Lego. I used to play traditional games like Piko, Shato, Chinese garter and a lot more. 
Children these days are lucky to choose which toys they can play. But us parents would want not just toy but with we want them to learn from it and to be develop.
Yuri’s Fire Truck Lego for ages 6+. He’s turning 6 on July 5 this year #424pcs

To answer my question:

1. It gives so much FUN. I can feel how happy they are when they are playing Lego. It brings the family together. I sometimes role play with them. 
2.  Stimulates the brain.  According to Scientists, the more mental stimulation children gets, the more their brain parts are developed and will lead them ahead. 
3. Creativity. Sometimes my children won’t look at the instructions anymore and to find out they build another block of houses, car, and even robot out of the pieces. Using their good imagination sees great ideas. Educational toy as to say πŸ™‚
Yana’s Dreamland Lego 
4. Fine Motor skills are developed. For some child, it’s not just so easy to put together the blocks the way it should be build. Building small or big pieces really helps to develop fine motor skills which is very important for our children’s brain and physical development. This can help also practice movements of fingers as to be use in writing.
5. Develops problem-solving skills. As I am watching them playing, there were times some pieces are missing so they need to think of something what can be use to improvise the missing piece. I can say they think very well as to the solution. πŸ™‚
6. Helps recognized shapes and colors. Well for a toddler they can now by this time know the colors. But with my son who has Developmental Delay due to his medical condition, I can see his improvements telling me the colors and since he cannot talk 3 syllable words, I just ask him to pick the color I wanted so to test his recognition on this things. 
7. Lego is for keeps. It does not age. With proper care, I can hand it over to my apo’s and maybe I can give as a gift in the future or as collector’s item. Since some block sets are pricey.

8. This is also part of the home program that we have for Yuri which is the sensory play. 

How about you fellow moms out there? Is there anything I missed on this one? I’d love to hear from you as well. 
Thank you for reading! πŸ™‚

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