My Inipit Tiramisu made from Lemon Square Chocolate Cake Sandwich

When I became a mother, I never stop learning to be creative when it comes to my children’s snack after school and even just an ordinary day for them. Good thing summer time offers tropical fruits that I can mix with the treat I am preparing for them. 
I am proud to share my own dessert using Lemon Square Chocolate Cake Sandwich.  I am pretty sure like me, most moms choose Lemon Square coming from cupcakes, brownies and now Inipit, which I never forget when buying in groceries. But first, what is inipit? This was originated in Malolos, Bulacan described as a flat sandwich pastry. Lemon Square Inipit cake comes with different variant like Ube-Pastillas De Leche, Pandan, Queso, Lemon and of course Custard.
My children loved mango, because of its sweetness and letting them know the health benefits they can get from it. Presenting my own dessert out of Lemon Square Chocolate Cake Sandwich. 

Inipit Tiramisu


2 medium size sweet mango (peeled and cut into cubes) 
1 cup crushed graham
1 cup Magnolia cream 
1/2 cup of condensed milk (you may adjust according to your taste preference)
Lemon Square Chocolate Cake Sandwich (cut into small square)


Mason Jar

Procedure made easy:

1. Prepare all the ingredients. 
2. Assemble the Tiramisu by placing Lemon Square Chocolate Cake Sandwich first, followed by cream, crushed graham, mango, then repeat layer component until the mason jar is covered and don’t forget to top it with Inipit sandwich.  
3. Best serve chilled. 

It’s so easy and my daughter Diana helped me prepared this and according to her this is so fun and she can’t wait to make another dessert from Lemon Square Chocolate Cake Sandwich. “Sarap maging kid with Inipit”. #NoLimitWithInipit

I would like to say to thank you to Nuffnang for engaging bloggers and even non-blogger parents to join in this contest, this is just perfect bonding with my children and we are learning to become creative and passing that creativity to our little ones.

Details of the contest:
Detailed Mechanics for my fellow bloggers:

1. Create your own dessert using any Lemon Square’s soft, yummy, and fluffy Inipit cakes
2. Document how you created the dessert through photos or video
3. Share the dessert recipe on your blog
4. Include the message and hashtag below in your blog post:
                          “Sarap maging kid with Inipit”
                        Hashtag: #NoLimitWithInipit

5. Fill out the gravity form here

6. Voila, you now have the chance to be the lucky person who’ll bring home one of the five prizes!
        Five (5) winners will win Baking Set worth Php5,000 each, and Lemon Square products!
Judging Criteria:
     50% – Uniqueness of Recipe
     40% – Dessert Presentation
     10% – Blog Post Story

Detailed Mechanics for Social Media Users: 

1. Create a dessert using Lemon Square’s soft, yummy, and fluffy Inipit cakes.
2. Take a photo of your finished product.
3. Share the photo on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.
4. Describe your dessert in the caption, and include the hashtag, #NoLimitWithInipit.
5. Remember to make your accounts public!
5. Fill out the gravity form at here
Ten (10) winners will win Baking Tools worth Php2,000 each and Lemon Square products!
Judging Criteria:
     50% – Dessert Presentation
     40% – Photo Quality
     10% – Caption

Contest runs from May 8 to May 29, 2015.

Winners will be announced on June 3, 2015.

So what are you waiting for friends, experience the fun with your child making your own dessert with Lemon Square Chocolate Cake Sandwich because there is  #NoLimitWithInipit.

Good luck to all of us 🙂

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