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Another brand discovery for me.
I’ve tried using any other brand and I am so amazed Smart Steps offers a totally cheaper price compared to other leading bottle cleanser and laundry detergent. It’s perfect for tight and conscious-budget like me. I am happy to share what benefits can we get buying this baby products. Smart steps offers bottle cleanser, liquid and powder detergent, and fabric conditioner.
I regret not trying this before, so lesson learned don’t get intimidated on how the products looks like. 
I always make sure everything has to be clean and sterilized. We all know proper hygiene is very important especially to babies because if we won’t ensure the thorough cleanliness of their bottles those might harm them which cause bacteria to multiply.
Honestly, before trying any other brand of bottle cleanser I used to settle on dishwashing liquid to clean my babies’ feeding bottle. But as time goes by I realized why not switch to bottle cleanser but I think I stayed using the costly one 🙁 but it’s not too late to switch.
Smart Steps bottle cleanser is dye-free and phosphate free. It gently cleans my babies’ feeding bottle but so mild and I can even use it for cleaning baby stuff, fruits and vegetables. It definitely removes grease and dirt. Not all that, it is hypo allergenic, and made with natural actives.
See price below:
– Smart steps 400ml baby bottle cleanser P124.00
– Smart steps 250ml baby bottle cleanser P 69.00
Sample of Liquid and bottle cleanser
I’ve also tried using liquid detergent and scent is so good and you’ll keep on smelling it even if my baby’s clothes dries, it still remains especially if you will have the Smart steps fabric conditioner on it. It is mild, safe, no bleach, no optical brighteners. This detergent protects our babies’ sensitive skin and helps skin from drying and irritation. But smart steps laundry detergent so tough on stains. 
Here’s the price:
– Smart steps 1.5L liquid detergent P254.00
– Smart steps 900ml liquid detergent P140.00
– Smart steps 900g powder detergent P134.00
– Smart steps 450g powder detergent P79.00
– Smart steps 1.5l fabric softener P159.00
– Smart steps fabric softener 900ml P140.00
You can buy these items at the nearest mall near you like Shopwise, Landmarl, Robinsons, Unimart, Waltermart, Rustans and other leading groceries nationwide. 
Everything now is so expensive but not Smart Steps baby products. 🙂 
Feel free to visit their website as well Smart Steps.
Happy reading 🙂
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