Things to Know about Primary Complex on Kids

Sadly to share my daughter was diagnosed to have Basal Pneumonia and possibility of Primary TB infection or they may call it primary complex for children dated September 19, 2012. She was exactly 2 years old.  I was scared to see the Xray result but I did not let my daughter see how worried I am. Somewhat emotional because she was very healthy and she never get hospitalized since birth. Panic? Yes I am. Good thing I was able to bring her to our Pediatrician and was advised for a PPD test.

Symptoms of Primary Complex:

– Weight loss
– Repeated cough without fever
– Loss of appetite
She was given 6 months of medication. Our Pediatrician prescribed KIDZ KIT 3, a product from Natrapharm.
Each pack of Kidz Kit 3 contains:
2 – 120mL bottles of Zcure 250mg per 5mL suspension
1 – 120mL bottle of Natricin Forte 200mg per 5mL suspension
1 – 120mL bottle of Curazid Forte 200mg/10 mg per 5mL syrup
Each 5mL of Zcure suspension contains 250mg pyrazinamide
Each 5mL of Natricin Forte suspension contains 200mg rifampicin
Each 5mL of Curazid forte syrup contains 200mg isoniazid and 10mg pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6)
For the treatment of pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis.
Price: Around 500+ pesos bought in Mercury Drug stores
For more information: Please read the adverse effects and precautions taking this medicine.
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I could really imagine how long this could be, but I am happy to say that Diana was able to complete the 6th month medication. She even remind me that it’s time for her medicine. And after 6 months, she was tested again to check if there’s no traces of primary complex. Thank God, we did it. Thankful to my daughter that she was very cooperative at her age. (She is 2 years old then)

Things to consider: 

♥ It’s very important not to break the medication even one dose per day because according to our Pediatrician you will need to start over again.
♥ It should be taken with an empty stomach.
♥ Urine color will definitely change but not to worry this is just because of the Natricin.
♥ Your child will recover just complete the medication as prescribed.
♥ Give vitamins at the same time so it can boost your child’s health.
♥ Let your child take a lot of rest and liquid.
♥ Try to avoid places where your child can be expose to other illnesses.
♥ Primary complex is not contagious but it should be treated right away. What I did, I made sure my eldest gets vitamins as well and make sure they have balanced diet and exercise right for their age.
♥ It’s always best to consult your doctor if you’re child was vomiting, telling painful reaction, yellow eyes and nails, fainting, and any other unusual cases in your child.
♥ Prayer helps a lot. As long as you are on the right track, your child will get well very soon.
Kayo mga mommies? Would like to know if meron kayong stories same as ours.
God bless everyone!

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