My baby girl came :)

I admit my second pregnancy was so tough and I find it so difficult and much anger. September 23, baby Heart came into my life. My baby girl, i hope you’ll read this in time. Here’s my letter for you.

Bunso, I’m sorry for all the things said and done when you were still here in my tummy. I admit it was all the thinking of you as unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, realizing the fact that we cannot give you and Kuya what’s best for the both of you, scared of the labor and delivery, and so that happens, we both suffer, that causes your both eyes to get red because of the blood clot due to my labor.

Dad and I would always want you to know that we love you so much even if we are not prepared for you to came. And mommy and daddy is looking forward for you to eat, walks, talks, playing with kuya and soon will say “mama and dada”. Days had passed so fast you are now one month old, I promise to take care of you and will try our best to give what you need. Even if mom will work, i will always be here for you and kuya..

Thank you for coming into my life. I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH my baby girl..

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