This is how every Mom and a Woman should fight!

When we are in pain, we should deal with it. Cry if we have to. Find ways to recover. If you need to go out and be alone do it.

How to fight back?

Love yourself more! Make yourself free from any stress. Bring your life back like when you don’t have a family yet. Start eating healthy and bring back the sexiness in you.

Go get some exercise and make yourself exhausted but with purpose. Stay sexy in mind, body and soul.

Most importantly, pray fervently. Pray, pray and pray. If you are asking yourself why, you are not alone. Many women cries all night and facing struggles. But they are choosing to be silent and praying to God for guidance and strength. Talk to the Lord and ask for strength and guidance. We cannot do it alone. We need someone who can understand and listen to every words we will say. Pray for those people who have hurt you.

Have fun and go with your friends more often if you can. Spend time to laugh and forget whatever problem you may have.

Go and do something you love and make yourself busy that way you forget all the pain you have. Like doing your craft, going back to your hobby or going back to school but don’t forget to laugh.

Do not dwell on the past. Let go and Let God.

Forgive and forget. But don’t forget to love. “If You Really Love Someone, You’ll Never Stop Fighting To Make It Work”. Love will always be worth fighting for.

Bellatrix’s Glutathione and Collagen Review + Giveaway

Thankful to Bellatrix Neutraticals for sending me sample caps for me to try their product named Glutathione and Collagen capsules. Let me just kwento why I decided to accoept it and give it a try.

What is Glutathione and do we really need it?

Glutathione is the mother of all antioxidants. Meron na tayong Glutathione sa ating katawan which consists of the following three building blocks of protein or amino acids ; cysteine, glycine, and glutamine. Which means isa sa siya sa mga important antioxidant to prevent diseases, not just making you beautiful yet it helps you to stay healthy. Syempre we wanted to prevent aging although we can get it by eating those sulfur-rich foods. We need glutathione because it recycles antioxidants. Important din siya for detoxifying toxins sa ating katawan because master detoxifier din siya. It protects our cells and makes our metabolism works well.

What is Collagen and why our skin need it?

“Collagen is the mostabundant protein in our body, it gives structures to our skin, bones, muscles and all other connective tissues.”

As we aged, our body produces less of it kaya yung wrinkles and fine lines are visible. Kailangan talaga natin yan not just to improve our skin’s elasticity but it can improve our sleeping problem, it can strengthen our joints and helps in weight loss as well.

What are the benefits of Glutathione?

  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Reduces cell damage in alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Improves insulin resistance in older individuals
  • Increases mobility for people with peripheral artery disease
  • Reduces symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.
  • May reduce oxidative damage in children with autism.
  • May reduce the impact of uncontrolled diabetes.


How can we boost our collagen and glutathione?

  1. We should eat food that is rich in sulfur for glutathione and some says we can it from pork, salmon, egg yolk and non steak cuts like tripe, oxtail and knuckle for collagen.
  2. Taking oral supplement that supports collagen production and glutathione.
  3. Drink plenty of water.
  4. Exercise regularly.

GOOD NEWS! Meron nang 13 in 1 na supplement that can supply you both collagen and glutathione? Yes meron 🙂 aminin ninyo hesitant kayo magtake kasi baka masama sa liver. Some studies shows na it can treat fatty liver diseases. Please see below for more details.

Product Name: Glutathione + Collagen Food Supplement

Form: 800mg x 30 Pearl film-coated capsules

Price: 1,600 per 30 capsules

What makes this product unique?

  • It has whitening, slimming and anti aging effect. Kumbaga lahat ng kailangan mo sa isang supplement andito na.

Why choose Bellatrix’ Glutathione + collagen capsule?

  • Capsule is not expensive compare to others.
  • Japan formulated
  • FDA approved
  • It has 13 active ingredients
  • With stemcell extracts
  • You’ll achieve pinkish glow and helps removes cellulites and stretchmarks
  • Improves liver health
  • Removes pimples and acne scars
  • Promotes fairer skin

Final say:

I am loving it. Though hindi ko pa notice sa fair skin effect kasi maputi na ako pero iba ang effect sa akin lalo na sa digestive ko. Its like detoxifying ang feeling. Madami ako ginagawa everyday pero nabawasan yung feeling na stress ako. I am taking it once a day pero according to Bellatrix para mabilis ang effect take 2 caps a day. If you are pregnant and breastfeeeding mom, please consult your lactation specialist first. Most importantly dapat holistic ang pagpapaganda. Drink plenty of fluids, healthy lifestyle para mas makita mo ang effect. And dahil gusto ko sya, magiging distrubutor na ako unti unti. 🙂

Be a member now all you need to do is buy 2 boxes or avail their trial package. Lifetime membership na yun and meron ka ng 20% discount. The more boxes you avail, mas lumalaki ang discount. You can use MOMMY100 upon purchases and you’ll save 100 pesos for each box.

Another good news! In collaboration with Bellatrix we will be giving away Glutathione + collagen capsules.

Please enter this giveaway 🙂 Bonus points if you can give us hearts sa mga posts namin sa IG and FB 🙂

Open for PH residents only. Giveaway starts today February 8 and will end on March 02. Prize will be delivered by Bellatrix.

Please share and start to love yourself more! Get the pinkish glow you wanted. We will be waiting for your entries.

Q90 GPS Smart Watch For Kids Review

Just because kids are growing up and hindi na natin sila makakasama most of the time dahil they are in school, gusto parin natin na we can monitor their where abouts and call them at the sáme time. (Mas excited pa ang nanay to use the call feature promise).

Pero we can’t just give them mobile phones at their young age and so many reasons to justify. We decided to find a kid friendly gadget that our children can use everytime they are away from us. We bought Q90 GPS Smart Watch from Techtok Philippines through Lazada for P1,999.00 each.

Product Features:

  • SIM Card slot, Screen Protector, and Gift Box.
  • 24 Hour Watch format.
  • SOS Emergency Call: When the child is in danger, SOS isuseful function to use.
  • Two-way VoiceCalls: Kids can now make a call and answer phone calls from parents.
  • High Quality Material: Environmentally friendly material with lower radiation
  • Touch Screen Device- 1.22-inch Color Touch Screen clear display with eye protection. Adopting with silicone strap and TPU frame, protects the children’s wrist all time, environment-friendly.
  • GPS +LBS (Base station positioning) + BDS + WIFI + AGPS:5 mode positioning means double safety for kids.
  • Real Time Monitoring: Parent can check the position of the child at anytime anywhere,download APP “SeTracker” for more info.
  • Passometer: Children’s health expert
  • Geo-fence: You can set an safe area, if your kids goes out off the area, it will alarm using”SeTracker” App.
  • Usb charger included.
  • Multifunction Kids Smart Watch – Support Micro SIM Card (FREE, limited stocks only), Two-way calls, SOS emergency call,GPS Tracker, Security fence Safe Zone,Fitness Tracker, Pedometer, Voice Chat on App, Taken off alarm, Remote Turn off, Low Battery warning, Anti-lost.
  • 5 Real Time Location Systems (GPS, BDS, LBS, WIFI, AGPS) – RTLS is more accurate than you imagine. Five modes of positioning means 5xsafety for kids. Achieve all day real-time location tracing ,check the position at anytime anywhere . You can track the location via SMS, website, iOS or Android APP.
  • High Quality Material – Environmentally friendly material with lower radiation compared with competitor product, and will protect your kid’s eyesight, waterproof for washing hand and playing games casually.
  • Parents Control – Monitor your kids without them knowing and Set no disturbing time when kids on class! The watch can be prohibit the usage while your kid is on the class. The Parent could set the time on class via app to avoid the kids playing the smart watch.
  • Compatible with Android 4.0 system, iOS 8.0 system above.
  • Touch Screen Device– 1.22 Touch Screen Smart watch kids device.
  • Can Save Phone numbers up to 15 Contacts!
  • Footprints –Record History route of your kids up to 3 months!
  • Making Friends: If other kids wear the same watch, and when the child just touches others’ watch, they can make friends remotely. This is very interesting communication with other classmates or peers at school!
  • SOS Emergency Call– For emergency, kids can press the SOS button and the watch sends SOS message to the nearest guardian. It is a necessary weapon when your kids go home alone or play at outdoor.
  • They provide Smartwatch only but without SIM Card, please buy extra GSM network SIM Card,SIM Card need to open GPRS “E” service and call ID function. Parents: Smartphone(Android&iPhone)download APP “SeTracker” to bind parents or other families phone number in APP, then allow two-ways calls and location tracker in APP.
  • They provide a print-out manual exclusively for Techtok Philippines customers. Our service FOR TECHTOK PHILIPPINES CUSTOMERS is available from Monday to Friday (excluding Holiday) and you may reach them on Facebook Page.
Sim card slot

Final say and review:


  1. Q90 GPS Smart watch is a kid friendly gadget that kids will loved it.
  2. Compatible on android and iOS.
  3. We are able to download the tracker app easily.
  4. Parental control function that we can set up no disturbance of time during classes so kids won’t play.
  5. Real-time location tracking.
  6. Low radiation that can protect children’s eyesight.
  7. It is water-proof that kids can wash hands while wearing it.
  8. We can shut it down remotely.
  9. We can send hearts to our children as their reward for doing chores at home or by just doing any good deed.
  10. Geo Fence function for setting safe areas for kids and it will alarm once kids go beyond that area.
  11. SOS function works well.
  12. You can send voice message clearly.
  13. Variety of colors to choose from. Pink, orange, black and light blue.
  14. We can save more contacts in case kids cannot reach us.
  15. There is QR code to scan using the IMEI.
  16. It has taken off alarm, anti lost and battery low alarm.
  17. Accommodating Customer Service Support every Monday to Friday.


  1. Although this watch is waterproof it cannot sustain too much water exposure.
  2. Only 24 hour format and 12 hour time is not available.
  3. Battery life is low. It gets empty fast that needs to be charged everyday.
  4. Most features won’t work if sim card has no credit and since Globe yung free sim, always dead spot here at home.
  5. No headset input
  6. Making friends function won’t work if GPS watch is not the same as Q90.


3 out of 5 stars. Yes it is functional and useful like tracking their location real time and we can talk to them during break time yet we need to have them reloaded daily so kids can use all features. If no credit available, the only way you can use it is by calling them. So I think it is necessary to have load as well every time they are away from us. Mas okay ang GPS watch compare sa mobile phones na bulky 😁. Let’s stay connected with them while their still young para masanay na sila mga mommies diba? And maituro sa kanila yung value ng constant communication. Communication is a crucial way to ensure we build an ongoing relationship with our child.

Mariahealth’s Prepaid HMO Card Review

These days hospitals are now fully occupied due to viral infections that has been spreading all over the Philippines. Walang ligtas, worst cases children are being hospitalized due to Pneumonia and other viral illnesses. Worrying about their health condition kasama na ang hospital bills, right? We want peace of mind at huwag madagdagan ang anxiety so we can focus na lang taking care of them.

These days marami nang nago-ooffer ng HMO cards, free yan if employed ka privately or sa government. Eh pano na if you are employed at nasa bahay ka lang, can be stay at home mom ka, working virtually? No worries na tayo mga momshies, meron na tayong option to get our HMO cards and for kids.

Glad I’ve found, they solve every Filipino’s problem. And according to them only 4% of the Philippine population have healthcare. They offer simple, easy access to healthcare because they believe everyone deserves one.

Sharing you what I I’ve got for my son, My Maxicare Lite Green. This prepaid HMO card is perfect for those who simply want coverage in case of hospital confinement. Meaning not for out patient care or consultation.

SAMPLE CARD for Lite Card

With this card, my son will receive expert care and hospitalization coverage from Maxicare’s 1000 + accredited hospitals for confirmed cases of these following 8 viral illneses:

  1. Dengue
  2. Pneumonia
  3. Malaria
  4. Cholera
  5. Typhoid and Paratyphoid
  6. Gastoentritis
  7. Chikungunya
  8. Leptospirosis

For only P1,599.00, get ONE-TIME availment coverage for hospital confinement costs up to P25,000.00 which covers:

  • Regular Private room and board accommodation
  • Use of operating room, intensive care unit (ICU), Isolation room (if prescribed by the attending accredited physician) and recovery room
  • Doctor’s fees
  • Standard nursing services
  • Medicines while in confinement
  • Blood products, transfusions and intravenous fluids, including blood and screening and cross matching for member only as recipient
  • X-ray, laboratory tests and diagnostic tests, anesthesia, oxygen and its administration
  • Dressing, casts and other supplies/services directly related to medical management of the patient Edit
  • Nationwide access to Maxicare accredited hospitals

Additional benefits include:

  1. 20% discount for Metro Dental Services
  2. 15% discount for My Health Services

Age eligibility: 2 to 60 years old only

Once card is received, no need to worry because hassle free ang registration thru SMS.

What are the payment options they accept?

  • They accept bank deposits like BDO internet banking
  • Over-the-counter payments ( SM branches, LBC, Cebuana Lhulilier)
  • Paypal transfer
  • Credit card

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can you still use the remaining balance if availment is below the benefit limit? Lite prepaid health card can only be used once, regardless if the total benefit limit of Php 25,000 is consumed or not.

2. Do you need to have PhilHealth coverage?PhilHealth coverage is required once admitted. However, for those without Philhealth, one can settle the PhilHealth portion of the hospital bill before being discharged from the hospital.

3. How to activate your card?

To Register:
Step 1: Scratch the 1168 (Medilink) cardnumber portion of the card
Step 2:
Text MAXIPREPAID<1168cardnumber>#######and send to (0917) 898-9691 / (0917) 777- 6565 / (0999) 888-6565
Step 3:
Card will be activated after 15 days upon registration.

4. Is it transferrable?

No, once activated, prepaid health cards are non-transferable. But it can be given as gifts provided it is not registered or used yet.

5. How to check if your hospital or doctor are accredited?

For a list of Maxicare’s accredited providers, please visit this link

6. How would I know if payment is successful?

An instruction will be sent to your email address and you should follow promptly. They only have 1 hour time duration.

7. Any extra charges to be paid?

Yes, delivery and service fee. Shipping fee is P150.00 within the Philippines. Maximum of 5 cards per order and per address. NOT AVAILABLE yet internationally.

There are no deliveries on weekends and holidays.

8. Is it renewable?

Unfortunately not. But for some cards yes.

What are the benefits of getting prepaid card than comprehensive one?

  1. No need for medical tests or requirements prior purchasing.
  2. Hassle free activation that can be done online or sms.
  3. Wide range of payment options like bank deposits, PayPal, credit card and over-the-counter.
  4. Fast and prompt delivery. You can also pick it up, and some cases through email.

There you go momshies. Hindi na now hindrance na walang work or mahal ang hmo cards, sa murang halaga na pwedeng pagipunan, may peace of mind kana hindi man malaki at least handa kana. Although praying parin ako na huwag magamit ito.

Kayo momsh nakakuha na ba kayo ng prepaid hmo card? Anong experience ninyo?

Card info reference:

What Gelatin can do to our body?

What is gelatin?

“It is a translucent, tasteless, water soluble protein prepared from collagen and can be used in food preparation as the basis of jellies.”

What it is made of?

The usual ingredient we have are seaweed-based. Just like Mr. Hat Gulaman, their jellos are extracted from seaweed.

Is it healthy?

Studies and researches says it has a lot of health benefits. There are medical proof that it can reduce joint and bone pain. It can also increases brain functions and surprisingly to know it reduces the signs of aging.

Reasons why we should eat gelatin?

  1. Your sleeping problem can be resolve. Studies shows gelatin helps improves quality of sleep this is because gelatin comtains amino acid glycine, which reduces anxiety.
  2. Good source of Protein. Although it is not a complete protein yet it provides extra.
  3. It helps solves our digestive tract problem. And because gelatin has amino acid glycine it helps increases hydrochloric acid in our tummy, which is needed for our digestion.
  4. It helps our skin to be more firm and elastic. Gelatin is a form of collagen that helps our skin to be young and radiant.

Source: www.

Here is my simple Mr. Hat Gulaman recipe that you and your Child can do. Excuse for the mess on my chopping board my child does the layout 🙂

Mango and Berries Fruit Jelly

1 pack of Mr. Hat Gulaman white (unflavored) you can use Mango flavor

2-3 tablespoons of Stevia Sugarlyte

Sweet ripened mango

Blueberries ( bought ours sa Landers Store)

Alaska whipped cream for toppings (optional)

Equipment needed:

Muffin pan

Measuring cup

Spatula for removing the jellos


  1. Cook the gulaman exactly how the instructions seen sa pack.
  2. Once ready na pour sa measuring cup then prepare your muffin pan. Put the fruits first then the gulaman na liquified pa.
  3. Let is cool sa refrigerator then top ninyo ng alaska whipped cream para mas masarap.

Diba super easy lang, make sure na cool ninyo sa ref para mag set siya ng tama. You can use any fruits of your choice. Healthy yan dahil may mga fruits at maengganyo sila sa kulay.

Why choose Mr. Hat Gulaman?

Affordable, available to all leading supermarkets and grocery stores, easy to prepare and lots of flavor to choose from. You can use as for samalamig, desserts and snacks ng mga bata.

Kayo momshies have you tried using Mr. Hat Gulaman? Share ninyo mga nagawa ninyo ha? 🙂

Follow Mr. Hat Gulaman on Facebook and instagram for more gelatin-licious way of cooking gulaman.

How to save more effectively?

Another new year to start and more Filipinos are now starting to be more educated when it comes to saving, may it be for their kid’s education, travelling, emergency funding, etc.

I’ve been doing this kind of technique for almost five years already and it is helpful for me and my family. I am using this kind of envelope which I bought in National bookstore for P300.00 pesos only. I like it so much because it is divided and portioned accordingly. All i need is to write my own list of what to save or spend.

This year we have a lot of plans and to make it easier I am now saving little step at a time. Is it possible or achievable? Yes. But might be for some this can’t work but somehow might help.

  1. I started to list down all our monthly expenses and see what we don’t need anymore. Good thing of one of our account in Smart bro has ended. We chose not to continue since we already have 2 more subscriptions active. This saves us 1,000 a month din.
  2. Lessen the use of air condition, other electric appliances and doing my laundry every three days. It serves dual purpose, helping our environment and savings costs.
  3. Had our water pipe checked and do some repairs. This saved us 900 this month.
  4. We limit dining out and if we do, we make sure we are putting into saving what we paid for. “Gastos mo, save mo thing”! ☺️
  5. Buying in bulk saves a lot. Not just your time but penny as well. We love buying bulk meats in Landers Store kasi fresh and maayos ang packaging.
  6. More gulay for kids and fish. As usual I am prepping them baon. I encourage them to bring water instead of buying juices sa canteen.
  7. Will have to say NO to “Sales and discounts”. Tempting yes pero it’s worth your money if avoiding ka muna to shop. Parang learning to delay it.
  8. Just like the past years, we never use a credit card. We have a budget for everything and live with it. If my children want something, save for it. Pag kaya na ng budget nila, they can use it na.
  9. No impulse buying. Gamitin ang calculator ng mobile phones para malaman ang costs para hindi sobra sa budget.

What are we saving for?

Emergency funds – this is now a must in every household. We’ll never know what will happen eh. These funds can be use if you lose a job, family member’s illnesses and major repair sa bahay. Saving for our emergency fund is achievable because this is short term goal.

Tuition Fee – for a family with 3 little children, it is best to save now rather than not. We are still discussing if we will get them Sunlife VUL. 50,000 these days ay mabilis lang para sa tuition fee ng mga bata dba? So what me and my husband do, every month we shed a budget for it. Perfect for June’s enrollment this year.

Life Insurances- my husband is a bread winner, he chose for me not to work so I can take care of my children full time 😅. Mabigat din ang premiums mga momshies, so again, we are setting aside budget for these. We have Sunlife, Philsfirst ( car insurance) and Axa. Sunlife and AXA are VUL type which has insurance and investment linked already. Sadly, malapit sa disgrasya ang asawa ko so don’t missed getting a motor vehicle insurance. Sunlife and Axa are for retirement narin and considered as a long term goal savings. Huwag tayo mag hesitate kumuha ng insurance, it is a must now!

Travel fund – and because life is too short and as part of our goal to have more quality time for our children. It is best to plan and save ahead for our trip this July in time for our son’s birthday. Saving for your travel fund can be an option.

Mutual Funds– another kind of investment, what I like with mutual funds, you can withdraw your money once you decided na ayaw mo na. Pero unlike sa bank kasi it is earning, and we call it compounding interest. Hindi natutulog ang pera sa mutual funding. Pero be aware on where to invest. We have our MF sa Sunlife kasi they have Fund Manager that monitors everything. And it helps if consistent ang communication mo with your FA.

Miscellaneous fund- funds will go to paying debts (onti na lang at tapos na kami), therapy session fees of my child, emergency cases like hospitalization, etc.

My daughter and youngest son doesn’t have HMO at the moment. Yet, planning to get them prepaid HMO immediately.

What else we have budget for?

Tithes. Hindi ito pwede mawala. We are allotting money every time we go to church. God bless us in many ways, and walang costs yun kung ilan. Yet we should give Him na hindi rin mabilang and na maluwag sa ating kalooban.

Dogs – yes some might react why we have budget for them? They are not just pet but we are also an Alaskan Malamutes breeder. So we need to take care of them, and feed them right and minsan we are setting aside yung thinking na pang- business lang sila. They are all part of our family. Soon they will have puppies that we can sell.

Utilities- electric, water, telephone, cable , and house rental bills. We can always save din naman when it comes to consumption. Whatever the excess, we save it to add to the next billing.

Food and grocery – it’s our basic needs eh. Grocery with your check lists and as much as possible no kids with you haha. Kasi nawawala sa circulation ng lists. What I do, I always jot down if ano pa ang mga supplies we have para hindi maulit bilhin. Huwag mag grocery ng gutom.😅

Fuel and car maintenance budget. Part ng expenses yan lalo if may car kayo, having a vehicle is also an investment. Though mag- depreciate siya at least napakinabangan mo naman. And that can be your asset.

Property or House Budget – we are aiming to purchase a bigger lot this year na sana matuloy. 🙂 yes we are setting aside monthly para achievable naman ito by the end of the year.

Christmas/Birthday Budget – hindi naman sinasabing must pero as we all know malaki ang nagagastos during these occasions. We are not fond of throwing big parties sa mga bata, we just ask them what they need or want and ang importante they are having fun. And December, most awaited time of the year, mahirap mabigla sa expenses pang regalo so better save ahead kagaya namin para swak lang ang perang gagamitin.

Lahat ng excess sa sweldo like holiday pays automatic savings yan pati ang 13th month.

Kaya natin yan mga momshie, kailangan lang talaga isa sa ating magasawa ang may discipline 😅. Sana makamit natin ang finacial freedom this year 🤗

Kayo how do you save? Share ninyo naman baka may mapulot din akong aral ❤️