Mommy, are you getting enough of sleep? If not, better do it now. No to #sleepdisturbance

Why 7-8 hours of Uninterrupted Sleep is significantly important?

Simula maging nanay ako I really find it hard to sleep straight and undisturbed sleep, sobrang bonus or reward yan for me. In fact, yan ang yearning or greatest wish ko ang makatulog ng straight and as in fully charged.

It is not anymore a question why we people need to sleep. Which is inevitable naman na makatulog ang isang adult for so many reasons.

This is a true experience, I realized I am starting to feel weak and there is a significant changes in my body due to lack of sleep and hindi rin naman healthy ang sobra sa tulog because it can negatively impact our over all health and those concerns like diseases , gaining too much weight and can even cause an early death.

It helps when we sleep completely undisturbed and masarap sa pakiramdam kasi it’s like we are charging fully just like ang mga battery right? Reasons are:

  • Napapanatili nito na palakasin ang immune system natin. If you don’t have enough sleep, wala karin enough cytokines to keep you from getting sick. Isama mo pa ang ibang antibodies mo na pwedeng ma-reduce overtime
  • Nasusubaybayan nito ang hunger level ng isang tao. Dama ko ang hunger lalo pag deprived ako sa pagtulog, kasi yung mga braincells pala natin nagsend ng signal para maglabas ng chemicals which leads to eating more. What if you don’t have any activities or exercises all the more ang pag gain mo ng weight.
  • Napapanatili ang magandang memorya. Nakakatulong ang kumpletong tulog sa pag strengthen ng memorya at nakakapagisip tayo ng maayos and staying focus. Lalo na sa creative thinking, memory processing.
  • Mas less prone tayo sa mga diseases. Gaya ng obesity, heart diseases and kung ano ano pa kasi nga nagiging mahina ang immune system.

How can you help yourself establish a good sleeping habit kahit nanay o tatay kana? Guilty ako dito pero we need to practice these things talaga.

Have a regular exercise at home. If you cannot go to the gym, youtube these days are helpful para sa mga zumba videos or pang cardio dance. Maximize ang use ng internet 🙂

Stay away from any stimulants few hours before you sleep like chocolate, coffee (which is guilty ako) , carbonated drinks.

I-schedule mo ang sleep mo and stick with it. Sundin mo ang schedule to make sure you can establish sleep and awake cycle.

Make sure comfortable ang bed at and environment mo. Use diffuser oils for you to feel relax and makakatulong din ang medyo malamig na lugar. I agree mas mabilis ako makatulog sa aircon haha 🙂 and with relaxing music and soothing oil blends, super wow 🙂

Discipline yourself and don’t be a stubborn sa mga routines na gagawin mo kasi ikaw din ang magbebenefit niyan lalo’t may anak ka. Walang sense yung mga nasabi ko sa taas if matigas ang ulo mo and not following routines haha.

Change your lifestyle na if you want to live longer and para din yan sa mga anak mo.

Hope these helps mommies, please do visit my blog page kung gusto niyo tumawa, ma-inspire and everything. 🙂

Creating an email for my children – one of my way of saving their memories

I meant to document every major and little things for my children. Yet they when they are baby I have no time to do it and it is really impossible to keep it up.

I know it’s not too late. I started creating one for my daughter and starting to send her messages.

What’s the point of creating an email?

I want her to remember those memories that might she forget when she grows up. I think sending those stuff on her email will be a memorable one.

And I know Diana won’t forget those hurtful things happening around us yet I wanted to let her know that they are always loved and that will not changed.

I am starting to flood her email her achievements and memories that she will never forget. So does my two boys!

What can we send them?

Their school achievements

Every First that they have, though we have this on our photo album (digital days already)

18th and 21st birthday

Their happiest pictures and memories

Love letters from us parents that someday they will be able to read.

Aside from photo albums, how do you keep memories mommies? 🙂

Please always make sure children are guided as well 🙂

Sunlife’s Prosperity Card Review + Giveaway!

I remember mahal pa ang mag invest sa mga mutual funds. It’s like I started P5,000.00 and monthly I am saving P1,000.00 a month para hindi mabigat. Alam ko many of us hesitant ang mag invest to this kind of investment. I will share some information that somehow can help you decide.

The Sun Life Prosperity Card is an investment gift card worth PHP1,000 or PHP5,000 that may be invested in any of the peso-denominated mutual funds managed by Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI) ...

It also makes a perfect gift option for any occasion.

Sunlife’s Prosperity Card

The value of the Sun Life Prosperity Card can potentially grow over time, making it a more meaningful present. it may be purchased at Sun Life Financial Stores nationwide.

And because malapit na ang pasko, I want to share (1) prosperity card sa isa sa aking masugid at aktibong follower. Prior to the giveaway details share ko lang bakit maganda ang Sunlife’s Prosperity Card?

Any benefits, read on below:

It is affordable — You can start investing in the Sun Life Prosperity Funds for a minimum of only PHP1,000 then make subsequent investments for as low as PHP1,000.

Higher potential returns* – Historically, the Sun Life Prosperity Funds have generated higher returns compared to traditional deposits. This allows you to beat inflation and achieve your long-term financial goals.

Diversified Your money is invested in a range of financial outlets in order to minimize key risks relating to credit, interest rates, foreign investment, and the markets, among others.

Flexibility – if you need to change where your money is invested in, you can do so accordingly up to four (4) times in a year at no charge.

Liquidity – You may redeem fund shares at the current fund value. You may call our hotline to check the redemption settlement dates of the funds you are invested in.

Professional portfolio management – The Sun Life Prosperity Funds are managed by investment professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that the funds generate the best returns over the long term.

Global expertise – Sun Life Asset Management Company, the fund manager and distributor of the Sun Life Prosperity Funds, is a member of the Sun Life Financial Group of Companies operating in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, India, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Managed by a Fund Manager. If you’re a busy type of person that can’t monitor your investment, they can help managed your stocks.

Source here

Prior investing mutual fund, you need to have these:

Long term goals, funds or pera – primary requirement for you to maximize your earning. Kaalaman – do the research and learn the basic of investing into mutual fund, this link may help.

Before opening an account, you need to know where to invest — they have Money Market Funds, Balanced, Bond Funds and Equity funds. Mine is always into equity kasi mas malaki ang value niya and sa stocks ko siya invested.

Why consider investing into Mutual Fund?

Most of us wants financial freedom and let’s admit somehow we are looking for an investment that we can gain profit. Ang isang investor ay pwede kumita from Mutual Funds sa pamamagitan ng interest, dividends, and even asset appreciation. Kung maganda ang performance ng fund at nag-go-grow siya definitely pag binenta ng investor ang shares niya, meron na siyang profit.

Investing into mutual funds can help your money grow significantly. Do it now while you earn. Start it now. And when you started it think long term para kumita ka.

I knew someone na anlaki na ng gain niya sa stocks. Kasi kahit ako somehow kumikita naman na. Hindi man ganon kalaki pero hindi ko sya kikitain sa bank deposit. 

Sobrang bilis ng panahon. Ganito kasi yun the longer you invest your money, chances of greater earnings. Kaya investing sa mutual fund is a great move and way to prepare for your retirement and kung meron kang long term dreams.

Pero you must understand na when investing hindi siya parang magic na instant ang paglaki ng pera mo. Maging mapanuri ka rin sa company na papasukan mo ng mutual funds, know their financial backgrounds and historical performances.

I suggest downloading the app so you can see your earnings na rin. Just like below.

Did I convince you na ba? And because I want to share and be a blessing to others na makapag-start.

Everyone Loves A Give Away! Mechanics Here

If you want to avail Prosperity card, you may contact Nicole Bernabe she is our Financial Advisor. You may directly sent her message.

Quaker Oats Bundle Review +Giveaway

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” – John Gunther

Studies shows that eating oatmeals gives many health benefits. Isama mo na dito ang reducing of heart diseases, it can lower your blood pressure and even weight loss. Kaya lagi siyang kasama sa grocery lists ko. You can eat eat anytime and anywhere.

Benefits we get when eating oats:

  1. Oats are rich in high in antioxidants. They are very important kasi our human body natural siyang nagpo-produce ng free radicals and these antioxidants helps counteract para hindi magkaroon ng damage sa skin.
  2. It contains fiber called Beta-Glucan which can help reduces blood sugar levels, cholesterol and because of fiber you’ll feel full already. And it maganda siya sa digestive  system natin. 
  3. Eating oats can help you loose weight. Hindi lang siya masarap na breakfast o snack, yung beta-glucan sa oatmeal can help you feel full na agad. Which means it slows down emptying your stomach. 
  4. Oats can help relieve constipation because of fiber. 

Good news sa mga mamimili: Quaker PH now offers Oatsilog Breakfast Pack like one below: 

We can now enjoy a delicious oatsilog in just 3 easy steps!

  1. In a bowl or jar, whisk and mix all ingredients ( oats, egg, freshmilk nilagay ko and little pinch of magic sarap plus cooked tuyo)
  2. Season with salt and paper to taste.
  3. Microwave for 2 minutes. What I did every 1 min I am stirring it para even ang pagkaluto. Please remove the cover ha upon cooking.
  4. Though it is microwabable up to 100 degrees

Look at the finish product: Medyo hindi siya instagrammable haha 🤣

May Oat-Tu-Log Version Meal is love


It is easy to prepare and sobrang bilis lang lalo na kung nagmamadali kana mag breakfast. Plus, you can use as much ingredients na gusto mo. Sobrang healthy and delicious. You may also check recipes sa QuaterOats.PH. 

*Available in leading supermarkets nationwide. Bought this sa Puregold for only P70.00 and meron siyang mason jar and net weight: 400grams

Have you tried this mga mommy? Gusto ko masubukan ninyo, I am giving away (2) boxes of Quaker Oatsilog Breakfast Pack. See Facebook post for mechanics.

Disclaimer: This is a not a sponsored post and giveaway.

Fairy Skin’s Derma Facial Set Review

It’s time to love myself! I barely wear make up whenever going out unless it would be a very elegant event to attend to.

As we age, our skin naturally becomes drier and flaky. So be sure to be hydrated and use daily moisturizers. But me as a mom who is a budget conscious, I find it not reasonable to buy branded facial skincare set yet I am just doing it naturally.

Thankful to a friend who asked me to try this product named, Fairy Skin Derma Facial Set.

About the product:

Fairy Skin Derma Facial Set is use for the treatment and prevention of severe cases of melasma, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads by penetrating pores to reduce break-outs, eliminate acne-causing bacteria, and remove dead skin cells. It whitens dark spots, blemishes and other discoloration such as freckles and age spots to achieve younger-looking skin.

Facial toner and Derma soap
Sunblock Cream Gel and Brightening Cream

Direction For Use:

  1. Derma Soap. Use in the morning and at night as your daily cleanser. Apply to damp face and lather for 10-20 seconds before rinsing and pat dry with a clean towel.
  2. Derma Facial Toner. Place a small amount of Fairy Skin Derma Facial Toner on a swab of cotton and spread evenly on your face and neck with upward motion. Use twice daily for a month.
  3. Brightening Cream. After using the toner, apply Fairy Skin’s cream evenly on your face and neck with upward motion. Use once a day preferably before bedtime for 1 month.
  4. Sunblock Cream. Use Fairy Skin’s sunblock cream during day time and best results while using the toner and cream for added protection during the expoliation process. Best applied 30 minutes before going out with sun exposure.

What To Expect?

Expect rough and flaky skin after a few days of using the product. At first, I panicked. But, it was really part of the expoliation thing which means it does removes dead skin cells and renewing my skin. See photo below:

After 2 days of using Fairy Skin Derma Set. Nag peel na sya.
And continues ang pag peel niya daily.

Final Say:

Sobrang hapdi siya first 2 weeks but all worth the peeling. I stopped using different creams pa muna while using it and let my skin breathe and expoliate and not even using make up. You should expect changes or results after 2 weeks. Also while using those creams eh pagpapawisan ang face mo parang oily pero pag gising mo sobrang light and fresh ka.

No kidding ang ganda ng effect niya sakin after a month of using it. My friends even noticed and find me blooming. See below photo collage. No filter yan 😱

Less eye bags or puffy eyes 😍 mahirap talaga pawalain yan masyado loyal 😂
After 2 months of continuous use 😍

Ang tanong! Mahal ba siya? Fairy Skin Derma Facial Set is just P300.00. Now lang ako na- satisfy sa isang product.

Pero please note din ha know your skin type prior using any facial products kasi minsan mas nakaka damage pa siya ng face. Believe me, ako ang taong sobrang takot sumubok ng kahit na anong skin products and yet natuwa naman ako sa unang pagkakataon eh maganda ang result.

I will continuously use Fairy Skin kasi it gives me glowing and radiant skin. But also remember na holistic dapat ang pagpapaganda. Keep yourself hydrated, importante din na nakakapag work out ka kahit 30mins a day kasi it will help na maging mas glowing pa ang skin mo.

Ito po si Mommy Heart na nagiiwan ng isang encouragement and enlightement.

We should practice self-care. Self-care can also award us with several health benefits too, including improving our immunity, increasing our positive thinking and mindset, and making us less susceptible to stress and other similar emotional health issues.

“Give yourself love, attention and care that you give to others and watch yourself bloom. And never forget that learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all”.

Send Some Love this Mother’s Day with Send A Shakey’s

Mother’s day is happening on May 12, Sunday, a perfect day for family bonding with your mom or wife. What is your gift to your mom or wife? Shakey’s made it easy and simple for all us moms as well. Lucky Manzano shared a good news!

Luis Manzano, Shakey’s Endorser

It’s that time of the year again when we celebrate the love and sacrifices of mothers, motherhood and maternal bands around the world.

Each one of us have our own super wo-Mom, the one who carried us in her womb, gave birth to us after nine months, played with us, fought with us and raised us to be the best version of ourselves.

Every year on the second Sunday of May, we honor and say thank you to our super wo-Mom whose unconditional love we can’t even fathom and whose strength is totally undeniable.

No more hassle with Shakeys! Whether you’re at home or living and working abroad, why don’t you surprise Mom with her Shakey’s favorites through Send-A-Shakey’s this Mother’s Day? It’s so easy and just a few clicks away!

All you have to do is visit, click Send-A-Shakey’s, choose your orders and then checkout conveniently and pay online. You can also include messages of love under Special Instructions like below photo:

You can send that surprise now or order in advance for Mother’s Day through Send A Shakey’s please indicate delivery date, time and your Mom’s delivery address. This will save you time and effort from the hassle of last minute arrangements.

That’s convenience in just a few clicks!