Realizing Things after the Car Accident

It’s been five months after my husband had the frightful car accident. It was a very distressing situation for me and for my family. Thinking that life is too short and I realized more things after this accident happened. It was July 1st, when we are about to attend a family gathering somewhere in Laguna but we decided not to go. It was my mother’s instinct decision. Then my husband decided to go to his new office despite of resistance to do so. We have an argument that day because I don’t want him to go yet he insist. It was 9:00 in the evening when my children asked for their dad that they want to call him and children’s are crying and so they talked and I heard my children said “Daddy please come home now, we missed you”. And hours passed by and the children felt sleepy waiting. My husband did not call again and he didn’t come home. The following day (July 02), if I am not mistaken my husband’s number is calling me at passed 5:00 am. I kept on ignoring his call many times that I am still angry and can’t move on with my anger.

So to make the story short my husband got a serious car accident the following day he left home. (July 02, 2016). When I saw our car wrecked like this, I am speechless and I don’t know what should be my reaction towards the situation but I felt so scared, naisip ko pano na kaya ang mga bata? Dapat hindi ko inuna ang galit ko and I didn’t realized this is how serious his accident was.


What are the realization towards this situation?

  1. Learn how to understand your husband more, even if he is the most obstinate person you knew.

  2. Forgive. I could have lost my husband in single snap of my eye and did not say sorry for what happened.
  3. No blaming session. Don’t blame him for anything that happened. After all, it was an accident.
  4. Always cherish every single moment that you have with your spouse.
  5. Show your love and support to your spouse and help him cope after the accident. My husband got traumatized he did not eat, talk with his children, take a bath and even going out the room. I was all alone who is taking care of everything. I felt so down but I know I am with God. After a month, everything came back to normal.
  6. Be thankful. I will always be thankful that God gave my husband a second life and did not allow my husband to suffer from a serious physical injury or worst of all, death. I could not imagine how our lives will be if we lost him.
  7. Learn to let go. Letting go of all the hatred and anger in your heart. Life is really to short and you won’t really know what’s gonna happen next..
  8. You need to have a lot of patience working with your car insurance (until now our case is not yet closed).
  9. Expect a high level of stress working with the third party involved.
  10. Be attentive to every detail, be strong and don’t let anybody control you. (will share more of this on my other blog post)

Regrets after the Accident: 

  1. Renewing/Changing our comprehensive insurance to a new insurance provider. It was very stressful to communicate with 2 different car insurances at the same time. Will share details more on this soon.
  2. I regret not telling my husband how much I love him despite of our differences the day we fight.
  3. I regret not understanding him more the time he needed it most.

It was only today, December 11, 2016, I have the courage to share my thoughts on this accident. And we hope and pray this won’t happen again.