My Answered Prayer

Now i truly believe in the power of our prayers. God will give us something BIG, no matter how long you wait, and looks like trial and error, but in the end, God gave something that we asked for. “Sunod-sunod ng umaayon ang mga bagay sa plano”. More good news to go ..

Such a great feeling and to God be the glory! 🙂

What hurts me inside

People who doesn’t even care how I feel, what I feel, If I say I love this person, I am then willing to accept all the mistakes. I just realized, if we can try to let go of the bitterness, hatred then all things would go on the right way. We may never be perfect to the one we love, but what most important is we get to realized things need to be corrected and settle things outright.
It hurts me inside if I won’t be with my greatest possession, Yuri and Diana. I’l die if something will happen wrong to my kids.
I just hate the thought of losing three person I have right now. Andre, Yuri and Diana. I know in time, my kids be no longer with me, but maybe this is just being a mother, selfish when it comes to things in the future.

Time flies

Hindi ko na namalayan na one and half a year rin ang nakakalipas ng dumating sa buhay namin si Yuri. Sobrang sarap ng pakiramdam. Ngayon na lang ulit ako nakapagsulat sa kung ano talaga ang nararamdaman ko. Halong takot, saya. Takot na mawala na lang lahat ng saya na nararanasan ko kasi kasama ko bunso ko. Sa totoo lang I have no regrets choosing my son between my career. It would always be Andres na magiging priority ko. I really thank those people who has prayed for me to get pregnant. Thankful din ako sa binigay na Prayer book ni Mama, kasi gabi-gabi yun ang binabasa namin ng asawa, It’s all worth the wait.
Masarap yung pakiramdam na hands-on ka sa magiging anak mo kasi you’ll never miss all milestones sa buhay niya ultimo pagtubo ng teeth niya, pagdapa and all. Naiyak pa nga ako nung narinig kong humahagikgik na bunso ko. Mahirap ang sabi ng ilan pero walang katumbas na kapalit kapag nakayakap na ang bunso ko sakin. Lalo na’t lam kong hinahanap-hanap niya ako sa tabi niya.
Nak, sooner you’ll be able to read this. Lagi mong tatandaan mahal na mahal ka ng Nanay at Tatay! Ikaw ang sagot sa lahat ng dasal ng nanay. Wag mo agad kami iiwan ha.. Andito lang ako lagi sa tabi mo!


My baby girl came :)

I admit my second pregnancy was so tough and I find it so difficult and much anger. September 23, baby Heart came into my life. My baby girl, i hope you’ll read this in time. Here’s my letter for you.

Bunso, I’m sorry for all the things said and done when you were still here in my tummy. I admit it was all the thinking of you as unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, realizing the fact that we cannot give you and Kuya what’s best for the both of you, scared of the labor and delivery, and so that happens, we both suffer, that causes your both eyes to get red because of the blood clot due to my labor.

Dad and I would always want you to know that we love you so much even if we are not prepared for you to came. And mommy and daddy is looking forward for you to eat, walks, talks, playing with kuya and soon will say “mama and dada”. Days had passed so fast you are now one month old, I promise to take care of you and will try our best to give what you need. Even if mom will work, i will always be here for you and kuya..

Thank you for coming into my life. I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH my baby girl..

Stop being impulsive

I’ve realized today that I have a problem being impulsive. I’ll even end a relationship and I don’t want to be that way anymore. Husband and wives should take consideration dealing with serious problems like infidelity issues and etc. Our impulses tend to make us greedy, insensitive and thoughtless. Impulse is driven by emotion and the more emotional we become, the less clearly we are able to think. A lack of impulse control can make us say things we regret, be addictive, go for short term ‘advantage’ despite long term losses and eventually wreck your life and that of people around you. Developing the ability to delay gratification enables you to mature as a human being and lead a more productive and happier life. So impulse control is really about self mastery. If you are always at the beck and call of emotionally charged impulses then you are like a ship in a storm with no one at the helm.

Wheew.. sabi nga ng isa kong friend, “wag padalos-dalos” it over and make some thinking before you act.