My Muaythai experience and why every women should try it!

At first, I am hesitant to try Muaythai because I am not sure if I can handle the training and all. I think I have a weak tolerance with pain and immune system pero I give it a try parin. It’s my second month now and I am truly happy with how muaythai and boxing helped me. My punches are getting better every session I had and yung level of confidence ko ay naiba na. Before doing the session, my trainer teach me to do the stretching first. Basic routines like, hand and foot stretching and jumping rope. That counts every three minutes. Pero I feel like ang tagal ng 3 minutes. Make sure you have handwraps just like mine.

Let me share with you what Muaythai is all about and what benefits we can get from it.

What is Muaythai?

“Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is the national sport and cultural martial art of Thailand. It was developed several hundreds of years ago as a form of close-combat that utilizes the entire body as a weapon. It is a combat sport of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. This physical and mental discipline which includes combat on shins is known as “the art of eight limbs” because it is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins, being associated with a good physical preparation that makes a full-contact fighter very efficient”.

Why I am hooked to Muaythai and what are the benefits?

1. It improves physical fitness and appearance.
Muaythai helped me increased my stamina. During our first leg, I can only do 1 to 2 rounds and getting tired agad. My punches and kicks are improving very well. And because I am really gaining weight, Muaythai helps me burn all the fats that I have. And some friends noticed that my skin is radiant and glowing because of the toxins

2. It relieves stress.
Truly, I feel so relaxed every after session I had. It calms down my mind and body.

3. It develops courage, determination and boost my self-confidence.
Working out even at home is not that easy if you don’t have the discipline and courage to do it. It takes a lot of courage going to the boxing gym every week, some do it twice or thrice a week.

4. Loose weight.
After all, this is my main goal. Because of the thorough work out that Muaythai provides, working on all our limbs and gives you so much sweat, definitely I guess with continuous work out, it will help you loose weight.

5. Be focus.
And because I am a work at home mom, I need to have focus in everything I do. With muaythai, it gives you focus on your goal to be physically healthy and more to life’s goal.

6. Meeting new people and make friends.
Yes, there’s nothing better when we share our experiences with other people and have a grueling session with them and became friends.

7. Learning Self-defense.  

Not for being violent but these days which our safety is at stake with the help of muaythai, I am learning the basic of how I can escape to those hard situations and help defend myself or my children.

Results so far?

1. I feel more confident about myself.
2. My skin looks radiant and glowing.
3. My stress level goes down.
4. It increases my stamina and endurance.
5. I become more physically active. I do zumba at home and badminton on the side.
6. My memory improves.
7. I became more patient (before I always easily react)
8. I became a good role model for my children to be physically fit and healthy.
9. Less anger and more happiness.

What you need when training Muaythai?

1. Handwraps, that costs around P400.00-P450.00. Try to canvass.
2. Muaythai gloves. Muaythai gloves are to follow but if you have extra penny to have it since it is way expensive but it is recommended since you can’t afford getting infections from using same gloves that others are using.
3. Don’t forget your tumbler.
4. Extra towel and clothes. Believe me, you’ll sweat a lot.
5. Most of the gym we’ve been to, they have annual membership fee, though it is not a must but you can save some from being a member plus paying the trainer and gym use.
6. Comfortable gym out fit or if you have muaythai shorts, socks and sports bra, that’s fine.

Some says, antiyaga mo? Why?
Simply because it feels great and it gives a lot of benefits. Perfect “me time” that every mom should try. Expect bruises and pain. But it’s all worth your pain. I truly thank my husband for giving a lot of support and he’s the one taking care of my bulilits while I’m away for more than 3 hours.

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My unforgettable #MBPGiftSwap Experience!

I started blogging when I was pregnant with my eldest son Yuri on 2008. I have no one to talk to and my turning point was joining an online group to a parenting site. It was a success making friends with them but felt sadness (ganun ata talaga buntis, may pagka-sensitive). I started my first blog,, I never knew then how to properly named my own blog. And it evolved from time to time. Dahil nanay ako, andaming inaasikaso and whenever I get depressed, I go on blogging. It was my diversion and virtual journal.

As time goes by blogging is very helpful not just to me and for sure for all people who wants testimonial for everything. May it be seeing review for a product you want to try, services you want to experience, places you want to go and so much more.

I am glad to be invited by Mommy Lani to be part of her blogging group, Mommy Bloggers Philippines, which now have 600+ members, and I am proud to say that most of the members here became my true friends, seen them and have some time bonding with them. It’s not just blogging that makes us bond, it’s the motherhood journey we shared.

I am excited to be part of this year’s #mbpgiftswap, and my lucky recipient is Mommy Nicole. I’ve decided to make a my very own journey box. This is so me and it reflects my whole being as a parenting blogger and as a mom. For I am quite nervous if she will liked it, and she was. I made her happy even if we don’t know each other personally.


Gave her beauty facial mask, nose pack and cream. One of my favorite scent of lotion, victoria secret love spell. Maybelline Micellar water for I knew she also loved make up, these things will make her fresh and relaxed. And because I am bento mom, I gave her children cookie cutters for them to use, and a leather type notebook or a planner which she can use for her work as a virtual assistant. Packed with much thoughts and love. Love notes included. 🙂

What gift did I received? 


I was able to received a gift from Mommy Leilani Banzon of A mom who blogs about beauty, arts and craft, business, entertainment, education and even about cars. Thank you mommy Leilani for this wonderful desk lamp, definitely very useful specially working at night. I love the design as well. Perfect for reading and writing errands. 🙂

And we are truly THANKFUL to all the generous sponsors who shares their blessings to 10 lucky #mbpgiftswap winners. Surely, mas special ang Christmas to have these items ♥


Contadina | Tupperware |Lorenzana Lorins Patis and Lorins Bagoong Alamang Guisado |myPhone watch |VillaDelConte chocolates |Arla | Poetry Magnets

To all those who made this virtual #giftswap possible, mommy Lani of, Louisa of Art of Being a Mom and mommy Joy of Joybites. Congratulations and it was a very successful one and I hope to be part of this  gift giving through the years coming.


Realizing Things after the Car Accident

It’s been five months after my husband had the frightful car accident. It was a very distressing situation for me and for my family. Thinking that life is too short and I realized more things after this accident happened. It was July 1st, when we are about to attend a family gathering somewhere in Laguna but we decided not to go. It was my mother’s instinct decision. Then my husband decided to go to his new office despite of resistance to do so. We have an argument that day because I don’t want him to go yet he insist. It was 9:00 in the evening when my children asked for their dad that they want to call him and children’s are crying and so they talked and I heard my children said “Daddy please come home now, we missed you”. And hours passed by and the children felt sleepy waiting. My husband did not call again and he didn’t come home. The following day (July 02), if I am not mistaken my husband’s number is calling me at passed 5:00 am. I kept on ignoring his call many times that I am still angry and can’t move on with my anger.

So to make the story short my husband got a serious car accident the following day he left home. (July 02, 2016). When I saw our car wrecked like this, I am speechless and I don’t know what should be my reaction towards the situation but I felt so scared, naisip ko pano na kaya ang mga bata? Dapat hindi ko inuna ang galit ko and I didn’t realized this is how serious his accident was.


What are the realization towards this situation?

  1. Learn how to understand your husband more, even if he is the most obstinate person you knew.

  2. Forgive. I could have lost my husband in single snap of my eye and did not say sorry for what happened.
  3. No blaming session. Don’t blame him for anything that happened. After all, it was an accident.
  4. Always cherish every single moment that you have with your spouse.
  5. Show your love and support to your spouse and help him cope after the accident. My husband got traumatized he did not eat, talk with his children, take a bath and even going out the room. I was all alone who is taking care of everything. I felt so down but I know I am with God. After a month, everything came back to normal.
  6. Be thankful. I will always be thankful that God gave my husband a second life and did not allow my husband to suffer from a serious physical injury or worst of all, death. I could not imagine how our lives will be if we lost him.
  7. Learn to let go. Letting go of all the hatred and anger in your heart. Life is really to short and you won’t really know what’s gonna happen next..
  8. You need to have a lot of patience working with your car insurance (until now our case is not yet closed).
  9. Expect a high level of stress working with the third party involved.
  10. Be attentive to every detail, be strong and don’t let anybody control you. (will share more of this on my other blog post)

Regrets after the Accident: 

  1. Renewing/Changing our comprehensive insurance to a new insurance provider. It was very stressful to communicate with 2 different car insurances at the same time. Will share details more on this soon.
  2. I regret not telling my husband how much I love him despite of our differences the day we fight.
  3. I regret not understanding him more the time he needed it most.

It was only today, December 11, 2016, I have the courage to share my thoughts on this accident. And we hope and pray this won’t happen again.

Tupperware’s 50th Years of Magic! Memory Untold!

Who does not know Tupperware? Hindi pa ako pinapanganak Tupperware is born already. They have been inspiring and providing quality products of storage container, kitchenware and even beauty products as time flies by.

My mom gave me this Tupperware after our marriage and that was 11 years ago and yet buhay pa. 🙂  It has been my cooking companion since I became a wife. And now I have three children, siya parin ang kasama ko sa lahat ng celebration. My kids loved spaghetti and this product helps me when it comes to draining my pasta. It’s not just for pasta but I can wash my vegetables and fruits without any hassle using it. Too many people’s perception that among other brands Tupperware brands are expensive, yes they are. The only answer I can give: Why settle for cheaper brands, kung hindi naman matagalan ang gamit? You always get your money’s worth with Tupperware. 🙂

It’s really important that you choose good and quality product like Tupperware. Pang matagalan talaga ang gamit and I believe I can still pass this on to my daughter like my mom did.

Thank you Tupperware for being my kitchen companion! I wish Tupperware will have more years to celebrate and continue to inspire us moms. Keep them coming! Happiest 50th years of Magic!

Stay Connected with Tupperware!


Skincare Review: Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Strength Lotion

Dry skin often results to fines lines and even wrinkles to our face and body. If we will not pay attention on this it can be unbearable. It feels itchy and irritated.

There are factor that causes our skin to dry that includes too much washing of hands using harsh soaps, too much use of alcohol and any other cleaning products. Even cold weather cause dry and flaky skin. This continue to worsen if we are using inadequate moisturizer or right lotion.

We don’t have helper at home so I am likely to be the all around mom who works with the laundry, washing clothes, feeding bottles and all. So, that gives me dry skin talaga. I noticed that dehydrated din talaga ako. So taking care of our skin should be holistic din. Making our skin healthy inside and out.

As seen on television commercial, Vaseline Advance Strength is clinically proven to restore very dry skin in just 5 days. Yes, can you imagine that? See my photo below if there were changes happened.

Product Specification:

Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Strength, non greasy lotion and can be easily absorbed by the skin. Contains micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly that repairs the skin, soften, and moisturize the skin. It is hypoallergenic and safe for those who have sensitive skin. The bottle comes in a white with blue print and product description is written.

Price: P199.00 (200ml)

My experience using Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Strength:

My 5-day test of Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Strength (no filter)

The way I pamper myself is not just taking my time bathing but adding more moisturizer, drinking lots of water  and taking Vitamin E for more good results.

It get absorbed like 2 minutes which gives me more time to massage it to my skin. You should not apply to much of it as it will make your skin greasy.

What I like about the product?

1. This lotion is so sticky and rich that gives intense moisturizing to my skin.

2. Affordable for the size of 200ml which I can use for long.

3. It has different size perfect for travelling.

4. Lightly scented lotion that gives amoy bagong ligo feeling.

5. You can see and feel the difference after 5 days of using it. Unti-unti nag heal ang dry skin ko.

5. Available in all leading drugstores and supermarket.

6. The micro-droplets Jelly helps hydrate my skin.

What I don’t like:

1. It feels greasy and prove to be heavy applying it during summer days. So, I am applying it at bedtime. (Inside air-conditioned room 🙂

2. There is no sunscreen protection, this lotion is specifically for treating dry skin.

Will I recommend this to friends with dry skin?


Will I buy again?

Yes. I think with continuous use of this product it will give me more radiant result and heal the dry skin I have.

Workshop Experience: Art Maki Sushi Class in Gourdos

I am thankful to a friend named Joy who owns Occasions of Joy blog for inviting me over and given a chance to attend Art Maki Sushi Class in Gourdos, 4th Level of Mega Fashion Hall, Megamall.

Getting to know the woman behind the workshop meet Ms. Jannet Salazar, she’s a Certified Art Maki Sushi Instructor, wife and mother to her two adorable children. I love her passion when it comes to making creative pieces of food and inspire other moms like me. She’s very accommodating, kind and full of heart teaching and they really work with his husband. They support one another.

Please see photos below of what you can see inside:


Gourdos’ Workshop Area


Meet new people 🙂 Together with Chloe, daughter of Chef Jackie Ang Po, (Middle)


Please excuse my eyebags here 🙂 A not so perfect Pokemon


Cutting the Flower of Peach


Thank you Dona Maria for being one of the sponsor of this workshop


Ms. Jannet’s Masterpiece that we will copy


Thank you Joy of for inviting me here and meet Brooke.


My Rolled Flower of Peach


This Wusthof knife is so nice to use. Slicing made easier be seen in Gourdos


My finish maki and sushi 🙂 More practice pa

What to expect during the workshop?

  1. Gourdos’ provides a spacious, clean place for all their workshop.
  2. Staff are approachable and polite.
  3. Ms. Jannet and her husband works with us well. They are bubbly people.
  4. Reasonable workshop fee for the materials to be use and you can bring home what you have made. They also gave us Maki roll mat. You will get a certificate as well.


Know more about Gourdos

Gourdo’s Inc. was founded in 2001 when an old and abandoned Italian restaurant at The Fort Entertainment Complex in Taguig City was rebuilt into its first and flagship store that catered to homemakers, food and cooking enthusiasts, professional chefs, and restaurant-owners.

In 2006, Gourdo’s won the ultimate accolade in houseware retailing, capturing the Global Innovator Award (GIA) at both Pan Asia and Global levels during the International Home and Houseware Show at McCormick Place, Chicago, USA. The Company has since expanded and now manages eleven (11) different store concepts and more than 500 employed personnel.

Buhay Mommy Guide: 

Other Gourdo’s branches are located in Robinson’s MagnoliaThe Promenade in Greenhills, Alabang Town Center, Glorietta 4, Trinoma, Greenbelt 5, Robinson’s Manila, and Shangri-La Plaza. 

If you are a frequent baker, shopper, crafter, Gourdos’ Store offers a wide range of bake ware and kitchenware for you. Interested in taking classes? Log on to for schedules and other information.

You can contact Ms. Jannet Salazar through and follow her to know more about her workshop’s schedule and creative designs.

Facebook , Instagram and facebook fan page

Source of information: Gourdos on Facebook