Nutrition Awareness For Kids

I believe nutrition awareness should start at home first and since school is the second home of our children, they should also promote and encourage healthy eating habits of their students. School programs can help children attain full educational and healthy eating habits by giving social support.

Happy nanay here kasi sa school ng kids ko no need to pay for an expensive costumes and Principal always encourage parents to be creative. Last year, we created hat out of recycled milk boxes and my husband helped sa drawing. See below photo from my instagram: Laking tipid dba? Art papers lang at glue okay na.


Year 2016 Nutrition Awareness

For this year, 2017 I prepared face mask, see below:

Star Apple and Pineapple Face Mask

There are ways on how we can promote healthy eating habits in school or at home.

  1. I am preparing home cooked meals for my children and to make more fun, I am creating bento for kids. 
  2. Let the children know the effects of junk food consumption.
  3. Healthy snacks or meals should be served in school.
  4. Let the children bring at least 1 fruit for each meal, cutting them into pieces will help.
  5. Follow the food pyramid, consists of Grow, Go and Glow.
  6. Be a role model to your children by drinking and eating fruits and vegetables.
  7. Do not skip breakfast.


Let’s promote healthy eating habits to our children.


Team Calimlim at Alaska Ultimate Mission Camp 2016

This November 20, get into a fun-filled adventure at the Alaska Ultimate Mission Camp at the SMX4 Mall of Asia. Kids, 4-10 years old, are invited to join a one-day activity where they get to accomplish their own Disney Marvel and Frozen missions.


Waiting for their turn 🙂

Here, kids can be just as brave and creative as their favorite heroes from Disney’s Marvel and Frozen Universe .The whole-day, will come with missions that will not only engage the children’s interest, but more importantly will come with educational activities that foster camaraderie among other kid participants.

Activities Line Up


Lego Playing


Cutting Activity

Each mission zone comes with fun and exciting, at the same time kid-friendly, challenges that will test their speed, creativity, strength and agility. While they’re getting creative with their approach for each challenge, the kids are also boosting their self-esteem on the things that they can accomplish on their own.


Coloring Activity


Memory Game Activity (Frozen theme)

Stacking Game
Stacking Game

Meanwhile, parents and guardians, can also get a dose of the fun with the array of activities especially designed for them. There are stage performances for their enjoyment, as well as cooking demonstrations, much to the delight of parents thinking of more ways to spice up family meals and kids’ baon.

This makes the Alaska Ultimate Mission Camp truly the ultimate event for the whole family, filled with enjoyment and learning. It is Alaska’s way of bringing a new level of excitement to Alaska Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Milk drinkers.

The country’s popular mommy bloggers will partake in uncovering their very own Disney missions together with their kids. Frances Sales of Topaz Horizon will be joined by her son Vito, Misty Mom’s Shari Macainag with her online darling Selene, The Peach Kitchen’s Peachy Adarne and daughter Purple Skye and Momma ‘n Manila’s Michelle Aventajado with her daughter Gelli. Their experiences will be documented live by no less than their kids themselves through their moms’ social media accounts – taking the mom-and-kid bonding moment to an all-new level.

My children had fun! One thing though, we are not able to finish the said mission because something bad happen to my children. Thank you Alaska for having us!

Healthy Upbringing according to Danica Sotto – Pingris

Parents know that their children’s health is of utmost importance. They would do anything and everything in their power to ensure that their kids are always well-protected from any kind of sickness or ailment. Just like any other parent in the world, this is the number one priority for celebrity mom, Danica Sotto – Pingris. When it comes to her two kids, Aniella Micaela and Jean Michel, Danica secures their well-being with a healthy and active lifestyle.


Importance of Health
For Danica, it’s incredibly important to instill in her kids the practice of healthy living. “As early as now we want our kids to know that they should be mindful of what they eat and how to take care of their bodies,” she explains. Although, the actress admits that she sometimes allows her kids to eat sweets and other treats, she makes sure it’s taken in moderation.

The couple actuates this belief by engaging their kids in various activities that’ll help work up their heart and strengthen their bodies. Danica adds, “We engage our kids in sports like basketball, gymnastics and ice skating. They also sometimes join us when we go for short jogs around the village.” Danica believes that by doing this, she and Marc will be able to strengthen their children’s resistance against sickness – “Living an active and healthy lifestyle will help us live longer, decrease our risks from certain illnesses or cancers.”

She encourages moms everywhere to continuously promote healthy living within their respective families. She even went so far as to give mothers everywhere some tips as to how they can achieve this:

♥ Create healthy habits for your children.

♥ Enjoy meals with them and engage yourself in some of their activities.

♥ Take care of yourself, [because] a healthy mom is a happy mom.

In addition to all of this, Danica suggests giving your children the ideal Vitamin C supplement. In her case, she has chosen to give her children the most awaited Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C supplement for kids from the makers of FERN-C,– FERN-C kidz!

Choosing FERN-C kidz

Danica chose to give her children a Vitamin C supplement that allows them to keep up with their day-to-day activities, as well as, give them that extra protection from sickness and disease. Danica exclaims, “I’m so happy that I’ve discovered a Vitamin C supplement that helps boost my kids’ immunity and because they have a really good Vitamin C [supplement], they don’t easily get sick.” Because FERN-C kidz is made with the same Sodium Ascorbate found in the Subok Na brand, FERN-C, it is safe for children to take on a daily basis and you are assured of its quality. More than that, each bottle of FERN-C kidz is marked with the Quali-C seal, which certifies it of quality and effectivity. This ensures every mom out there, including Danica, that this Vitamin C supplement is safe, secure and efficient. FERN-C kidz also contains Zinc for added protection. Danica says this ingredient assures her of her children’s resistance against sickness. That’s why Danica can now say that her children have a “stronger immune system” and are not “sakitin.”

Lastly, FERN-C kidz comes in a delicious orange flavor, which makes it easier for kids to take and enjoy. Danica even says that her kids enjoy drinking their Vitamin C supplement. “Mic and Caela love their Vitamin C [supplement]. They even remind us that it’s time to take FERN-C kidz,” she expounds.

Over-all, Danica is satisfied with her decision to promote a healthy, active lifestyle with her kids. She’s even happier now that she’s got FERN-C kidz to help support her goal of letting her children live a positive, active and healthy life.

So, moms, now’s the time to start instilling a healthy and active lifestyle among your children. To do that, you’ll need the help of a Vitamin C supplement that’ll ensure your children’s protection and resilience, FERN-C kidz. Because with FERN-C kidz, your children will truly be “resistensaya, lusog-saya.”

FERN-C kidz is now available in leading drugstores, supermarkets, convenience stores and Fern kiosks nationwide. FERN-C kidz is from the makers of FERN-C and a quality product of FERN.

Product Review: Tupperware’s Baby Care, Kids and Mom Plus Line Products

Tupperwares was introduced in the Philippines in 1966 and has become part of every household and deliver world class products and offers unlimited income opportunities to every individual.

Way 2007 they merged with Sara Lee direct selling Philippines to become what was known as Fullerlife Direct Selling Philippines. Right now, they are proudly known as Tupperware Brands Philippines which represents their strong heritage and promising to  deliver world class products.

I was blessed to received their Baby care plus line of products and sharing you my honest review about it.


Baby Care Plus Baby powder– hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. Clinically proven to be safe and mild for your little ones because of low dusting formula which decreases the risk of inhalation. It has Allantoin which works as an anti irritant to soothe baby’s skin to keep it dry and fresh. I love the powdery scent of this one, feeling bagong ligo palagi. It is available in 25g, 100g, 200g, 300g and 400g.

Baby Care Plus Baby Lotion – lotion that is gentle on your kids or baby’s skin with 24hour locked-in moisturizers that lock in moisture and it has vitamin E to leave baby’s skin smooth and soft all day long. It won’t irritate your child’s skin because of its mild formula. Just like its powder, it is hypoallergenic. Best apply every after bath. Available in different sizes as well, 100ml, 200ml and 300ml.



Baby Care Plus Bath and shampoo -with Cetiol conditioners that moisturizes kids hair and scalp and preventing them to dry. Leaving hair soft, silky and freshly flagrant. While the baby bath, has lamesoft skin protector that forms a natural barrier around baby’s skin to protect while cleansing, giving baby softer, smoother skin and with mild PH balanced that won’t irritate our kids skin and you’ll also love it’s powdery scent. Together with Baby Care Plus Baby Cologne with Hydraulic formula that contains moisturizers to help prevent dryness and suitable for your children’s sensitive skin.

All this Baby Care Plus products are best for your babies. But for me this is my pick among them all.


Kids Plus Shampoo and Bath – gently cleanses and conditions kids sensitive hair, scalp, and skin. Shampoo is with Puricare and Cetiol conditioners that deposit a film like protective layer over hair, while Plantapon Skin cleanser that gently removes dirt and cleans as well. These two works for you if you love fruity smell.



Kids Plus Hypoallergenic Lotion- with Nectapure and 24 hour locked in moisturizer that protects kids from pollution leaving it smooth and soft.

Kids Plus Powder – with Allantoin that prevents irritation and inflammation while soothing kids skin and keeping it dry and fresh.

Kids Plus Cologne – with hydra plus formula to help prevent dryness and keep kids smelling fresh for up to three hours.

My say about this line of product: I think this is perfect for children who always play out door games so they will stay fresh longer with its fruity smell.

yay! There’s  more I got! They also have products for us moms ?


Mom Plus Soothing Relief Balm (15g)– perfect for traveling balm that soothes any pain and discomfort. It contains Eucalyptus oil and peppermint that provides a minty aroma and cooling effect that suppresses the pain by simply inhaling the scent. Contains ingredient with anti inflammatory properties to ease irritation like insect bites and relieve muscle pains.

Mom Plus Ultra Moisturizing bar – (90g) with Cocos Nucifera oil and glycerin and other ingredients this bar soap has skin softening moisturizers that gently cleanses and refreshes dry skin leaving it supple and nourished. It rinses away dull skin while helping replenish skin natural moisture by ensuring deep skin hydration all day.

Mom Plus Stretch Mark Cream – (50ml) this non greasy all over body cream helps improve elasticity and suppleness of the skin to reduce the appearance of stretch marks caused by pregnancy and weight gain. Specially formulated to provide triple action benefits to reduce the appearance of cellulite. And increases firmness. Helps repair damaged skin tissues and reduces inflammation and packed with nourishing antioxidants.

Just see the back label for direction on how to apply.

Honest review:

Will I purchase this products? Yes absolutely. I love the Baby Care Plus Powder, Bath and cologne because of its mildness, powdery scent and it is affordable.

How much does Baby Care Plus and Kids Plus cost? Products costs around P100-300 depending on the size and usually it is paired items. You may visit Tupperware Brands for more complete information on the promos or prices.

Where can you buy these products? Visit any Tupperware brands near you or contact any sale representative who sell them directly.

Will I recommend this product to loved ones and friends?

Yes. Definitely 🙂 Satisfied with Baby Care Plus Product

Buhay Mommy Guide:

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Facebook Fan Page: Tupperware Brands PH

Elledi Philippines: The Everyday Baon Dilemma

School baon preparation can be a daunting task for any parent, as it involves not only meal planning for the week, but making sure your child will come home with an empty lunch box and a full tummy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have to be a struggle and you don’t have to lose sleep over it. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your kid’s baon:

Aim for Variety
A good mix of nutritious home-cooked meals and grab-and-go snacks. Involve your child in the baon planning, take this time as a good opportunity to teach him the value of food and eating right. Ask what he would like to eat at school and you can even take him to supermarket runs with you. This will encouraged them to finish their food at school, knowing how much effort and love it takes to prepare the baon.

Prep the Night Before
Set aside a portion from last night’s ulam for a healthy home-cooked meal. This will save you time and money, and help you avoid geting frazzled wth the early morning scurry.
Baon suggestions: Adobo, Kare-Kare, Sinigang, Arroz ala Cubana, Afritada

Be Creative
Lunchbox ideas can quickly cycle. Repeating the same kind of ulam on a weekly basis may help create that easy prep routine for you, but it may not be appetizing on your child’s taste buds, and that yummy fritata can easily end up as that boring fritata in your child’s mind. So it’s always good to make creative and fun baon choices. Recess snacks don’t always mean sandwiches. It doesn’t have to be plain ‘ol boring bread and jam. You can experiment, consider how colors and textures also influence your child’s eating habits.

Moderation is Key
Yes, our aim as parents is to always go for the healthy variety, but it wouldn’t hurt to squeeze in a sweet treat or two within the school week. Ask your child what store-bought item he would like to find inside his lunch box? It could be a doughnut, a sugary juice brick or a box of cookies. As long as most of your food choices for your kids are healthy ones, they can occasionally enjoy a nice dessert.


Recess baon suggestions: Doughnuts, Elledi wafers, Elledi roll breaks, cupcakes, ChipNChips Potato Chips, brownies, Elledi Frollkao, Ube hopia and apple pie.

Don’t sweat it, Mom and Dad!

The good thing about grab-and-go treats is you can simply stow them inside the lunch box real quick, you get the baon prep done just before the school service arrives.

Overall, parents are not given their due when it comes to getting lunchboxes done. It’s hard work. It is. And you’ll be doing it ’til your kid graduates or until he decides he is big enough to make his own. And on certain days, some school lunches maybe more meticulously prepared than others, and some baons maybe are just simple store-bought snacks, but the important thing here, is that your kid know that mom and dad prep their baon out of love.

NanKid Optipro: Give your child the ride of his life by winning his first luxurious supercar!