Buhay Mommy Im-bento Creations

I remember when I was a child, my Auntie don’t give us packed lunch or baon. She only gave us money to buy our food which costs P1.00, a choice of bread or puto. And I felt sad, but now I understand why. Preparing breakfast, lunch or snack is really time-consuming. Especially making bento, but then I realized making bento doesn’t have to be complicated.

Having a picky eater child, makes me wonder, what else I can do to my make my son eat what I serve. As time goes by, I learned the basic of bento-ing.

  1. It should be healthy and balanced. Making bento is the best way to cut down veggies and fruits into small pieces that they won’t realize they ate it already. What I did, I always look into food pyramid.
  2. It should be delicious. I guess no one will eat what you have prepared if it’s not tasty. Kids taste buds is so sensitive and not easy to please.
  3. Quick and easy to prepare. We moms can’t stay longer preparing or putting design on the plate.
  4. Veggies and fruits these days are expensive, so make sure you’ll buy only what your family can eat.
  5. With the appetizing look. Kids are attracted to cartoon characters, colorful design. It’s like, “more than meets the eye.” Hehe My son is an ultimate fan of Optimus Prime.
  6. Plan ahead. This will help you what to prepare everyday, (checklist enthusiast 🙂
  7. Include love and inspiring notes.
  8. For veggies and fruits, you can grind them into smallest pieces so you can mix them along with the main meal.

Sharing below are the creations I made to the best I can:


















I hope you like my creations 🙂 These are all made with love. The best part of this bento- making is when my children appreciates all the effort, saying “Mom, thank you for the love and we finished our baon“,  even their classmates said, my kids baon are so cute and pretty.

Will update this post for more bento-creations 😉 Happy bento-making fellow moms and dad ♥

Facts on applying Persons with Disability (PWD) ID

We got Yvan’s PWD Identification card last year, September 2015. He was diagnosed with Bilateral Hearing Loss (both ears), stories to shared later.

The “Magna Carta for Persons with Disability” act entitles the person with disability privileges and here are some information implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act No. 7277 and 9442.

Person’s with Disability is entitled to at least 20% discount from all establishments by utilizing the services in hotels, and similar lodging establishments, restaurants, and recreation centers for the exclusive enjoyment of persons with disability. There is no discount shall be given to the companion.  All  drugstores, pharmacies are required to provide at least 20% discount and similar establishments selling medicines. The important thing when you purchase medicines, make sure you have the booklet ready, PWD ID, prescription and PTR number of the doctor. PTR number is different from the license number. You can always ask the doctor to indicate it upon giving the prescription. Shall be used in admission fees charged by cinema house, theaters, and concert halls, carnivals and leisure parks. Yvan used this in SkyRanch Tagaytay, SM rental cars, SM  Malls amusement centers, but please take note, some of the recreational centers don’t give 20% of discounts, some just give 5%. I’m not sure why. The most beneficial for PWD’s is the benefit of getting discounts on all medical, dental and rehabilitation services such as but not limited to Xray, blood tests, CT-scans, and including professional fees. Yvan’s therapy for OT and speech also entitled him for a discount. It also helped us buying Yvan’s hearing aid. 

We have a bad experience availing Yvan’s discounts. There is one fast food chain in Mall of Asia, who happens to give reasons why discounts can’t be applied to my son’s ID. Alright, I gave them time to fix it  and the manager said, all systems are not accepting your son’s ID. I replied, “as in lahat? Wait, seryoso? Sige, give me back my money, id and will report this to NCDA. Then suddenly, one manager said, “Ma’am we can give your son discount na lang, and at that moment, bigla gumana ang system for giving discounts. So, I think it’s not just the discount matters pero yung claim yung rights ng anak ko and it is under the law.



PWD ID and booklet of my son

Requirements for applying for a PWD Identification card:

  1. Application form for Person’s with disability (to be secured sa Municipal Office)
  2. Barangay clearance
  3. Medical Abstract/Certificate from your Physician
  4. 1×1 photo and 1 whole body
  5. Valid Id of the guardian or parent applying for the ID

In our case, we need to see their accredited Physician and gave recommendations even if our ENT gave us certification.

Types of Disability covered:

  1. Psychological Disability
  2. Mental disability
  3. Visual disability
  4. Chronic Illnesses
  5. Learning disability
  6. Speech Impairment
  7. Orthopedic disability
  8. Multiple disabilities

How long is the process?

Well according to the social services staff here in Barangay, it will take 2 weeks and they will prioritize the application since it is a child who needs it. It takes 3 weeks for them to release it despite regular follow-up. But i think that depends on your location.

How can you apply for PWD ID?

  1. Go to your barangay office and a social services staff can accompany you and help you process it.
  2. You may directly go to Municipal Office and submit all the documents required. Incomplete requirements will not be process timely.

Is there a fee for this application?

No, this is free. No government employee shall ask any payment for your application.

How long is the validity of this PWD ID?

PWD ID is valid for three years and should renew it to the Municipal office.

Important notes to remember:

  1. Always bring the booklet with the PWD ID when purchasing prime commodities.  Most of the stores don’t allow just the PWD ID.
  2. When we are purchasing milk supplements for Yvan, 5% discount is given.
  3. Vitamins don’t have discounts for PWD because it’s a supplement according to our Physician even if it is prescribed.
  4. Active Hearing Center also gives us 20% discount for Yvan’s hearing aid which costs P45,000/each.
  5. Municipal’s accredited Physician needs to see the child in person for checking purposes.
  6. PTR number is required during purchases in drugstores (ask your doctor about it).

I remember, I saw a group of people mocking a person with a disability and yet that person don’t know how to react, but I guess he is aware of his rights under ” Rule V, Section 7. Chapter 1; Deliverance from Public Ridicule. Public ridicule shall be defined as an act of making fun or contemptuous imitating or making mockery of persons with disability whether in writing or in words or in action due to their impairments.

“Approved on March 23, 2016 Under the Republic Act No. 10754, our Philippine government expanded the Benefits and Privileges of Persons with Disability (PWD) 1. And amended in Section 33 of Republic Act No. 7277,  that for those who give care and living with a person with disability shall be granted with incentives:

“(a) PWD, who are within the fourth civil degree of consanguinity or affinity to the taxpayer, regardless of age, who are not gainfully employed and chiefly dependent upon the taxpayer, shall be treated as dependents under Section 35(b) of the NIRC of 1997, as amended, and as such, individual taxpayers caring for them shall be accorded the privileges granted by the Code insofar as having dependents under the same section are concerned; “

For Preferences for PWD information: PWD Booklet, PH Government,

Why Children’s Daily Routine matters?

Some people are asking me, how do I manage my time, working part time at home, blogging on the side, making bento snack and a lot more if I don’t have any helper at home? Well, I know many moms can relate to my situation, it’s really quite hard to manage my own time especially I have one child who is physically challenged. This is why I need to teach my children how to manage our families’ time. Truly keeping a routine is not that easy to maintain because they are children. There is a less argument and they know what they should do.


Why this matters?

  1. Children can learn how to take charge of their own duty. They organize their own things in school, preparing their clothes and taking a bath on their own.
  2. Routines reduces fight. Nagging is substantially reduced. Before, since my children don’t just listen to my one call, now, they know what they should do.
  3. Children look forward to the activities that they enjoy. When children know what to expect, they become confident with themselves and every person around them. They have time to play, watch television (limited time only)
  4. It gives safety and sense of security. When we provide a safer environment to our children, they can also trust others to meet their needs and explore their world on their own.
  5. Routines build connections and bond with the family. We all need to connect with our children every day while young we should bond with them, but if we are focus on telling them to go to bed every night, we are losing the opportunity to bond. It can become a habit if we have a little bond like hugging them and praising each child every morning we see them.
  6. Routines can teach children of some task knowing it’s a chore already. In their routine, they have to water the plants, feed the dog, prepare the table for breakfast or dinner and organizing their toys.
  7. Following routines help children establish healthy habits. I have included in their list having an exercise every morning, brushing teeth three times a day, washing hands before and after eating, things like these reduces my children getting sick. Believe me, this really works.
  8. Routines can help children understand the concept of time.
  9. Routines can help children to get on their schedule. I’m just so proud to say, kids go to bed easily even nap time and they remind me every time. 🙂 Good sleeping schedule and studying time helps them stay focus and a chance for learning as well.
  10. Routines allows me to reduce the use of gadgets and watching television. And because we now allow them for a limited time only, they are not spending too much time playing games in their gadget.


This is part of their routine, studying time

Routines take a lot of your time to start but when your family is used to it, it makes life easier and beneficial for all. When schedule/ things are  too busy, routines helps you adjust and organized things and reduce rush. I am almost completing my chores every day because I know what exactly what to do.

But routines are just for our guide, and it doesn’t have to be boring and it should be flexible. Every Saturday, we let the children play and have fun. We go out some time on a family date, play outdoor games and movie time. This is how I managed my time and it really works.

 How about you fellow moms? 🙂 Please share your thoughts ♥

Bubi Trampolines: Bring Happiness with Every Bounce

Most mom’s dilemma are for those children who don’t exercise and spending hours watching television and using gadget. How do you get your kid’s off for a healthy exercise? Mine, I encourage them every morning to jog and go for a walk, just as I thought if you can afford trampoline, why not. Trampoline jumping is an aerobic type of exercise which is proven to improve balance, agility, coordination, and stamina. Great news that you can let your kids play and bounce to Bubi Trampoline. 

Bubi Trampolines was established in the Philippines in 2011. It began to operate under SMAI (Sia & Mak Amsement Inc.) in December of 2013. SMAI has more than 12 years of experience in the quality production and distribution of trampolines all over Europe. What makes the difference with SMAI is the excellent after sales follow-up, high quality products and availability of stocks.


SMAI constantly checks and improves the production to keep the customers extremely satisfied and happy with our trampolines.

The technology and current design of Bubi Trampolines are the results of significant years of experience in the European market which caters the need of every customer whether for outdoor or indoor use.

Bubi Trampolines are not only for fun but it also has medical benefits for kids. It helps in developing their motor skills, teach persistence and improves their self- esteem and behavior. It also reduces restlessness and alleviate stress, stimulates internal organs and strengthens the immune system. It can also help weight loss and maintenance as well.


Mommies will definitely love Bubi Trampolines! Let every child bounce with happiness! An ounce of bounce brings a million joy to your kids!

Bubi Trampolines are situated at the following malls:

SM Malls
Baguio Taytay Cebu – Seaside
Valenzuela Tarlac Fairview
Novaliches San Lazaro Rosario
Baliwag Clark Bicutan
Marilao Angono Cebu – Consolacion
Palawan Muntinlupa San Pablo
Sta.Rosa Cebu – Mabolo Davao
Molino Calamba Cebu – Seaside

Robinsons Malls:

Metro East

Other Malls:

Starmall SJDM
Starmall Taguig
Farmer’s Plaza

Bubi Blocks and Bubi Sand Castles are also part of the Bubi Family!
For sales and rental inquiries, please contact us at 941.5708.

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Newest update from Pediasure Plus

My children are picky eaters. And we need to consult their Pediatrician of what we can give them aside from solid foods that we eat everyday. Yvan’s Pedia-Pulmonologist’s recommended Pediasure Plus, a good friend of mine refer me to their club and immediately they send me the card. It wast then really timely since this milk is a bit expensive. You can read my last reviews here.

What perks can we get being a member of the Pediasure Plus Segurista Mom Club?

  1. We can have free access to nutritional counseling from their Registered Nutritionist Dieticians.
  2. They will give you free Segurista Mom card and deliver it for free.
  3. Discounts from P60.00 to P175.00 per can.

What are the Participating Products?

Pediasure Plus Vanilla 400g (P60.00)
Pediasure Plus Vanilla 850g (P100.00)
Pediasure Plus Choco 850g  (P100.00)
Pediasure Plus Vanilla 1.6kg (P175.00)

Please take note that above is applicable for the first 60 days. And then after 60 days points per can would be:

Pediasure Plus Vanilla 400g–60 points
Pediasure Plus Vanilla 850g –125 points
Pediasure Plus Choco 850g –125 points
Pediasure Plus Vanilla 1.6kg–200 points

The new maximum limit per month – 2 cans (before it is 4)

Points to redeem: Accumulate a minimum of 400 points to redeem as cash discount on your next purchase. 1 point = P1.00

Terms and Conditions:

  1. By joining the Pediasure PLus Segurista Mom Club, you agree to all program terms and conditions and all future amendments hereto. These terms and conditions maybe amended by Abbott Nutrition from time to time, with or without prior notice.
  2. Your membership to the club is free and applicable until the program is actively running.
  3. As a member, you will be required to provide certain information like contact numbers, demographic information, be it phone, letter, email or sms or any other means to provide program updates, nutrition counseling, and helpful information on nutrition, products and services.
  4. The membership card should only be used for club related benefits, activities and transactions. Abbott Nutrition is not responsible for any card misuse by its members and non-members.
  5. Abbott Nutrition reserves the right to discontinue the program and the benefits attached to your membership anytime it is deemed necessary.
  6. The card is pre-activated and will automatically expire if left unused for 90 days after enrollment or last purchase

Privileges and Promotional Offers:

  1. The card bearer is entitled to OUTRIGHT DISCOUNT for purchase of Pediasure Plus within 60 days from card activation.
    1. Discounts are only applicable within maximum limit per month. Unconsumed allocated quantity per month cannot be rolled forward the succeeding months
    2. After 60 days, the card will only be qualified to earn points for rewards.

How can you avail the card?

Pediasure Plus Segurista Mom Club Hotline:
(02) 995-1555 or 1-800-10-995-1555 Monday to Saturdays 8am to 8pm.
Email: pediasuremoms.ph@Abbott.com for any member’s information, or to report lost/stolen card.

Is your child ready for Kindergarten?

And my daughter is very excited this coming Wednesday. #backtoschool na! Just because I want to make sure she is prepared we run through this Kindergarten Readiness Checklist. This checklist is designed to help moms to prepare for school. Readiness is a combination of age, growth, and experience. And parents involvement will promote readiness. Is my daughter #kinder2 ready? Find out the answer on my blog. #buhaymommychecklist #buhaymommysays #readinesschecklist #significantstep #cognitive #social #emotional #physical #mommybloggersph #southboundblogger #instagood #instalike #instadaily Credits to IUSD.org for the checklist

A photo posted by Mommy Heart (@preemiemommy) on

This checklist helped me check Yana’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development, which is important to my child’s success. Specifically for ages 4 to 5 years old.

Part 1 of the checklist shows the concept development of the child. Yana is able to recognize colors. She can participate in art and music activities in school. She always asks questions, understands the concepts of in/out, on/off, front/back, and up/down. She knows the body parts (from head to toe), she can draw a portrait as well. And one thing notice me she demonstrates curiosity behavior to everything around her. And this is because Yana can communicate clearly and engagement in any school activities helped.

Part 2 checks the physical development such as riding a tricycle, bouncing a ball, enjoys outdoor play like running, jumping but not climbing yet. She can also cut using scissors and even putting puzzles together.

Part 3 checks the physical health and safety of my child; Yana have a set of routine and schedule, good health habits, we visit her Pediatrician and dentist regularly, she can follow bit of safety rules (which we need to teach her more).

Part 4 checks if Yana can understand the passing of time (like morning, afternoon, night, yesterday,tomorrow, etc.) well, she can. She can correctly  count 2 to 10 objects, she understands the idea of grouping or arranging things into big and small, lighter or heavier, items that are the sam

Part 5 checks the language development; Yana can now talk in sentences, uses descriptive language, she can pretend, create, make up songs. She can even tell story of what she had experience for the day. And she asks a lot of things around her.

Part 6 is about reading development, she can read basic sight words,  and I think it really helped she always read labels here at home be it like cereal boxes, grocery items, routine chart that I made, street signs, memorizing bible verses. I think Yana can read longer sentences soon. She’s a fast learner.

Part 7 is about writing, at her age of 5, she can write her first and last name correctly and legibly. She loves writing love notes to us, (she is a sweet girl) it helped that she always see me writing reminders, notes and recipes on a paper.

Part 8 is the last but I think is important; social and emotional development, she can tell what and how she feels,she ask helps when necessary, but Yana is still a child, she cries when she’s upset, sometimes not following instructions (she tend not to listen), not complying with some house rules because she like to do it her way. But we understand this could really happen.

I believe we can help our children do well in every step they are taking. Below are the things helped and will help my child:

1. Writing notes to them more often. 🙂

2. In the home/school routine that we have, we limit the television watching, and use of gadget.

3. We read and discuss home works.

4. They love working with worksheets.

5. I gave them specific duties like watering the plants, feeding the dog, preparing the table.

6. When traveling, I encourage them to read road signs and explain to them what it means.

7. I do dance with them.

8.  We will have special reading time.

9. Will start making their scrapbook about their interests.

10. Look up words in dictionary with them.

11. More counting experiences with them.

12. Listen to my children.

13. More baking activity to help them read and understand measurements, instructions.

There’s a lot of things we can do to help our children excel, learn more things as they grow. We just need to give our 101% LOVE, SUPPORT, PATIENCE, TRUST to our children.

Credits and reference from IUSD.org